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Opera - La scala offering

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Opera - 'otello,' e.g Opera - 'don giovanni,' for one Opera - Kind of hat or house Opera - 'la bohème,' e.g Opera - Field of buffos Opera - Aria area Opera - Paris landmark, with 'l" Opera - Work for moffo or a buffo Opera - 'falstaff' or 'fidelio' Opera - 'the barber of seville,' e.g Opera - La scala offering Opera - Word after grand or soap Opera - Part of mozart's art Opera - 'hänsel und gretel,' e.g Opera - 'lohengrin,' e.g Opera - 'carmen,' e.g Opera - 'don giovanni,' for example Opera - 'faust,' e.g Opera - Field of battle Opera - Met score Opera - Te kanawa milieu Opera - Rameau work Opera - 'pagliacci,' e.g Opera - Pavarotti milieu Opera - 14-across, e.g Opera - "faust," e.g Opera - Covent garden offering Opera - Collected works Opera - "die walkure," e.g Opera - "turandot," for one Opera - "ernani" or "orfeo" Opera - Musical drama Opera - "nixon in china," for example Opera - Where to hear an aria Opera - "pagliacci," e.g Opera - Musical melodrama Opera - "the barber of seville," e.g Opera - Kiri te kanawa's milieu Opera - Ring part Opera - "aida" or "tosca" Opera - Works Opera - "billy budd" for one Opera - Word with horse or soap Opera - "norma" or "tosca" Opera - "carmen" for one Opera - Puccini specialty Opera - 'norma,' for one Opera - Flagstad's field Opera - Wagner work Opera - Setting for a 1935 marx brothers farce Opera - Word with light or horse Opera - Drama at la scala Opera - "lulu" or "norma" Opera - "don giovanni," for one Opera - 'william tell,' e.g Opera - Verdi forte Opera - 'tosca,' e.g Opera - Horse trailer Opera - "fidelio" for one Opera - What the fat lady sings Opera - It may be light or grand Opera - "fidelio" is one Opera - Giacomo puccini's work Opera - 'nixon in china,' for one Opera - Massenet offering Opera - Kathleen battle's bag Opera - Butterfly locale? Opera - Covent garden event Opera - Beethoven wrote one Opera - "faust," for one Opera - Gig for domingo Opera - Phantom's locale Opera - Juilliard major Opera - "the magic flute," e.g Opera - "die walküre," e.g Opera - Sydney ___ house Opera - "carmen" or "aida" Opera - Janacek work Opera - 'il trovatore,' e.g Opera - "falstaff," for one Opera - Giacomo puccini specialty Opera - It might end on a high note Opera - Wagner creation Opera - Lincoln center presentation Opera - Bizet creation Opera - Mozart specialty Opera - "william tell," e.g Opera - Word with buff or buffa Opera - Met offering Opera - Where you might take a lorgnette Opera - "carmen," for one Opera - Dvorak's "rusalka," e.g Opera - Horse follower Opera - Gounod production Opera - Threepenny entertainment? Opera - "tommy," e.g Opera - Type of house or glasses Opera - Where some divas get a hearing? Opera - Place to take your glasses Opera - Lincoln center show Opera - Met performance Opera - Wagner specialty Opera - Passion of a noted phantom Opera - Covent garden fare Opera - Reason to buy met tickets, perhaps Opera - Highbrow musical form Opera - Bizet work Opera - Word before glass or hat Opera - Word with soap or grand Opera - House where some wear glasses Opera - Price performance? Opera - Where airs are aired Opera - 'martha' or 'norma' Opera - 'manon' or 'mignon' Opera - "fidelio," e.g Opera - Type of glasses Opera - "carmen" or "norma" Opera - Phantom's haunt Opera - "il trovatore," for one Opera - Word with soap or horse Opera - Met piece Opera - Kathleen battle's field Opera - See 17-across Opera - What some see with met tickets Opera - Lincoln center attraction Opera - Verdi work Opera - Met production Opera - 'fidelio,' for one Opera - Something to see at the met Opera - Puccini genre Opera - "carmen," e.g Opera - Comic __ Opera - Menotti's 'the consul,' e.g Opera - La scala production Opera - Phantom's passion Opera - Kind of house or glasses Opera - Domingo's domain Opera - "fidelio" was beethoven's only one Opera - "nixon in china", e.g Opera - Handel's "lotario," e.g Opera - Haunt of a certain phantom Opera - 6-across, e.g Opera - Work with a libretto Opera - Donizetti offering Opera - Puccini presentation Opera - Performance at the met Opera - Musical work featuring 3-down Opera - Word with space or soap Opera - Puccini performance Opera - "the marriage of figaro," e.g Opera - Dramatic musical work Opera - "ada", for one Opera - "otello", for one Opera - "don giovanni", for one Opera - 'dido and aeneas,' for an early english example Opera - "norma" for one Opera - "porgy and bess," for one Opera - Verdi genre Opera - Mezzo-soprano's gig Opera - Activity for some season ticket holders Opera - Word with light or rock Opera - Bloch's "macbeth," e.g Opera - "the pirates of penzance," notably Opera - Met work Opera - Plural of 21-across Opera - Impresario's presentation Opera - Drama set to music Opera - House type Opera - Drama with music Opera - Word after horse or soap Opera - Paris landmark (with "l"') Opera - 'faust' or 'don giovanni' Opera - Numbered works Opera - 'falstaff', for example Opera - Offenbach offering Opera - Covent garden presentation Opera - Bizet offering Opera - "rigoletto", for one Opera - Met staple Opera - 'idomeneo,' e.g Opera - Lincoln center offering Opera - Carmen, for instance Opera - __ glasses Opera - Beethoven wrote only one Opera - 'cavalleria rusticana', e.g Opera - Puccini's forte Opera - Gig for a soprano Opera - Comic work, perhaps Opera - Paris métro station next to a music center Opera - Mozart's "idomeneo," e.g Opera - Verdi specialty Opera - Soprano's gig Opera - One of four in wagner's ring cycle Opera - Puccini's province Opera - "the marriage of figaro," for one Opera - See 29-down Opera - Soap __ Opera - 'la traviata,' e.g Opera - Pavarotti performance Opera - Met tragedy, maybe? Opera - Bizet's "carmen," e.g Opera - 'nixon in china', for instance Opera - Mozart genre Opera - Ponchielli's "la gioconda," e.g Opera - Place to find a c-note? Opera - Price performance Opera - La scala performance Opera - Word after horse or before house Opera - Focus of some buffs Opera - Music with arias Opera - Glass work Opera - Where glasses may be raised? Opera - "carmen" or "tosca" Opera - "ernani," e.g Opera - "fidelio," for one Opera - "faust" or "don giovanni" Opera - Soap or horse follower Opera - Musical genre with its own glasses Opera - "a night at the ___" Opera - "tosca," e.g Opera - "einstein on the beach," e.g Opera - Word with glasses or buff Opera - Event at l.a.'s dorothy chandler pavilion Opera - 'tosca' or 'thaïs' Opera - La scala show Opera - Work at the met Opera - Concert performance Opera - Where the marx brothers spent the night Opera - Light __ Opera - "norma" or "fidelio" Opera - 20-across, for one Opera - Puccini production Opera - P.d.q. bach's "the stoned guest," e.g Opera - Work with choruses Opera - Rossini genre Opera - Price production Opera - Firefox alternative Opera - 77-across is one Opera - Marx brothers setting Opera - Wagnerian production Opera - Word with "soap" or "grand" Opera - 33-down's field Opera - Puccini work Opera - "orfeo," e.g Opera - Carmen or aida Opera - Wagner composition Opera - "la boheme," e.g Opera - "la boheme," for one Opera - Horse ____ Opera - Rock or soap follower Opera - Where the marx bros. spent the night Opera - Musical work that's often not in english Opera - "otello", for example Opera - John adams production Opera - Handel's "deidamia," for one Opera - 'tosca,' for one Opera - Covent garden staging Opera - Drama with divas Opera - 'i like every kind of music except rap, country, and ___' Opera - Literally, "works". . Opera - Type of hat or glasses Opera - The who's "tommy," for one Opera - "nixon in china "is one Opera - Verdi's thing Opera - What the fat lady sings? Opera - "peter grimes," for one Opera - Setting for an aria Opera - Venue for moffo or a buffo Opera - 'palais garnier' event Opera - "grand" music Opera - "die fledermaus," for one Opera - Met fare Opera - "tosca" or "thais," e.g Opera - Teatro la fenice offering Opera - Luciano's love Opera - Work on a grand scale Opera - It literally means "works" Opera - Setting for a marx brothers farce Opera - Work at la scala Opera - It may be watched with binoculars Opera - Puccini offering Opera - Gig for a tenor Opera - Certain company's concern Opera - Works in the music business Opera - Word with grand or soap Opera - Where the fat lady sings Opera - Mozart medium Opera - Wagner genre Opera - "falstaff," for example Opera - Battle field Opera - Lincoln center production Opera - La scala fare Opera - Workplace where there are many openings Opera - "what's __, doc?": classic "looney tunes" short Opera - Musical theatre Opera - Phantom's haunt, on broadway Opera - Subject of wayne koestenbaum's 'the queen's throat' Opera - Britten creation Opera - Met tragedy, perhaps? Opera - 'of all the noises known to man, ___ is the most expensive': molière Opera - "the magic flute," for one Opera - "tosca" or "pagliacci" Opera - "don giovanni," for example Opera - It may be comic Opera - 'the makropulos affair,' for one Opera - "falstaff" or "otello" Opera - Music drama Opera - Word with soap Opera - Oft-subtitled performance Opera - Word with "glasses" or "buff" Opera - Record store section Opera - "dido and aeneas," for one Opera - Tough "jeopardy!" category Opera - Met doings Opera - Verdi creation Opera - Met show Opera - Met show Opera - Pavarotti's field Opera - Met offering Opera - Sung drama Opera - Massenet creation Opera - Sung story Opera - Met activity Opera - 'carmen,' for one Opera - Puccini creation Opera - Met music Opera - Met business Opera - Verdi field Opera - Wagner forte Opera - 'tha•s,' e.g Opera - 'rigoletto,' for one Opera - Phantom's bailiwick Opera - Phantom's entertainment Opera - Phantom's place Opera - Sometimes it's grand Opera - 'a night at the --' Opera - Phantom's mecca Opera - Phantom's territory Opera - 'tosca' or 'turandot' Opera - Phantom's hangout Opera - Phantom's domain Opera - Beethoven's 'fidelio,' e.g Opera - 'fidelio' or 'faust' Opera - Musical show Opera - 'turandot' or 'tosca' Opera - 'turandot,' e.g Opera - Met staging Opera - 'aida' is one Opera - 'aida,' e.g Opera - 'no good ___ plot can be sensible ...': w. h. auden Opera - That would make a rope of music Opera - There's lots of time for the musical work Opera - The age to get work with music Opera - This invoice, perhaps, gives one time for work Opera - There's time for work for music Opera - Time for work, perhaps, in 30 across Opera - Time for work or play with music Opera - Time to work for music Opera - 25 down gives one time for work in the theatre Opera - Time for work with 29 down in it Opera - 'fidelio,' e.g Opera - Time for work and place for song Opera - Musical in which all the words are sung Opera - Musical play Opera - Let the singer work overtime for this Opera - Does this give time for a musical work? Opera - "billy budd," e.g Opera - Throw a rope for the musical Opera - Musical extravaganza Opera - Type of ticket Opera - Throw a rope for this show Opera - Horse trailer? Opera - Throw a rope for the show Opera - A rope of music in play Opera - 24 across has a part of this, just for show Opera - Men follow the car for one such Opera - Lots of time for the work of music Opera - Plenty of time for work and for music Opera - After such singing ted was in the theatre Opera - 'are up in the river, all for show (5)' Opera - Time for work and for show Opera - With 110-across, where divas deliver Opera - Verdi opus Opera - Adams's "nixon in china," for one Opera - Event to watch with binoculars Opera - "falstaff" or "fidelio" Opera - Spear-carrier's genre, sometimes Opera - 'fidelio' is one Opera - Verdi's forte Opera - 'no good ___ plot can be sensible': w.h. auden Opera - An aria is part of it Opera - Kind of glasses or hat Opera - "lohengrin," for one Opera - Literally, "works" Opera - Some improper academic works in latin Opera - Highbrow musical entertainment Opera - Verdi music Opera - Here caruso arrived at work on time Opera - Ring through with article on musical entertainment Opera - Work overtime to produce a show Opera - Gay work? Opera - ... works at the met Opera - Performance in the theatre season? Opera - Ring? perhaps get a representative to ring back Opera - Entertainment: 'the ring' for every one? Opera - It may be a soap works Opera - Work-time entertainment Opera - It's a drama getting to work on time Opera - Ring an agent up at covent garden? Opera - Action in theatre taking an age - dramatic entertainment Opera - 1 down, for example, has no quiet period Opera - A threepenny performance? Opera - Joy unconfined! theatre's brought back a typical 2 work Opera - Piano used in old-time musical entertainment Opera - Musical entertainment Opera - Musical 11 across Opera - Musical dramatic work Opera - Drama with singing Opera - 'rigoletto', for example Opera - Grand or comic entertainment Opera - Comic or grand entertainment? Opera - 'the magic flute', for example Opera - Music and drama production Opera - Drama set to music Opera - Strauss's 'die fledermaus,' for one Opera - La scala feature Opera - See 108-across Opera - 'william tell,' for one Opera - Meyerbeer's specialty Opera - "william tell" or "falstaff" Opera - Covent garden production Opera - The magic flute, for one Opera - Music with singing sopranos Opera - Singers and musicians in dramatic work are in the end with rising river Opera - One may be seen from a box Opera - 33 down, for instance Opera - Musical melodrama, often Opera - Britten's "billy budd," e.g Opera - Kind of glasses Opera - La scala production, perhaps Opera - Soprano gig Opera - High-culture work Opera - Reason to buy met tickets Opera - "la traviata," e.g Opera - The marx brothers spent a night there Opera - What met tickets might be for Opera - Verdi product Opera - Word with "light" or "horse" Opera - Grand or comic work? Opera - Bolshoi theatre offering Opera - "hansel und gretel," for one Opera - Each of this puzzle's long across answers sounds like one Opera - Setting for a 1935 marx brothers comedy Opera - Mozart's "cosi fan tutte," for example Opera - Beethoven made one Opera - Met field Opera - Philip glass's "waiting for the barbarians," e.g Opera - Palais garnier performance Opera - Palais garnier production Opera - Buffo's milieu Opera - "the barber of seville", for one Opera - Rock or horse follower Opera - Fedora is this kind of hat Opera - 'la bohème' or 'la traviata' Opera - 'the phantom of the --' Opera - - Opera - "the magic flute", for one Opera - Puccini piece Opera - Verdi's "otello," e.g Opera - 'l'africaine,' e.g Opera - 'nixon in china,' e.g Opera - "nixon in china," e.g Opera - "macbeth" or "otello" Opera - 'der rosenkavalier,' for one Opera - Grammy category Opera - Verdi production Opera - Boito's 'mefistofele,' e.g Opera - "the tempest" or "otello" Opera - 'orfeo,' e.g Opera - "aida," for one Opera - 25-down, for one Opera - Phantom's haunt? Opera - Horse __ Opera - Where workers may sing for their supper Opera - Gluck composition, e.g Opera - 32-across, e.g Opera - "tommy" or "tosca" Opera - Listens leaving personalities for diva Opera - Where to hear 'bravo!' and 'brava!' Opera - Smetana's "the bartered bride," e.g Opera - Dvorák's "rusalka," e.g Opera - Aida, for example Opera - Horse ___ Opera - One may be seen with glasses Opera - See 35-across Opera - Joan sutherland's field Opera - Sang out of parsonage to carmen Opera - 'ernani,' e.g Opera - Work a long time producing 10, for example Opera - E.g. macbeth, falstaff Opera - Theatre work by english artist Opera - E.g. falstaff, fidelio Opera - Queen spent a night there Opera - Macbeth, say, works in latin Opera - One with soap perhaps from co-operative Opera - Piano used in old-time musical performance Opera - Lohengrin, say Opera - A rope knotted by billy budd, for instance Opera - Work cycle for macbeth, perhaps Opera - Often heard during italia 90 Opera - Commander in military front from atlanta, georgia Opera - Eg, la forza del destino Opera - Musical theatre work Opera - Eg, carmen Opera - Work a long time at musical presentation Opera - Where queen once spent a night Opera - Lulu, say, has work a long time Opera - Eg, il trovatore Opera - Wickedly steal ode from the forlorn Opera - Eg, don giovanni Opera - Eg, the magic flute Opera - Eg, fidelio Opera - Musical stage work Opera - Manager's heading off to a glyndebourne production Opera - Entertainment of old a theatre company rejected Opera - Eg, rigoletto Opera - Work circle a traveller set up Opera - Stage work Opera - Boar's belly's eaten according to falstaff, maybe Opera - One at the met involved in improper arrest Opera - Norma is one, showing love for each area Opera - Time after work for entertainment Opera - Something round for each end of sauna could be soap Opera - Show ring to which a salesman returns Opera - Carmen, perhaps Opera - A little party-pooper attacking falstaff, say Opera - Staged event requires a certain amount of cooperation Opera - Musical work taking a long time? Opera - Some latin works Opera - Stage entertainment Opera - Eg, la traviata Opera - Fidelio for instance Opera - Old material served up, put on a drama Opera - Turn up some spare police work for the met? Opera - Singing phantom's haunt Opera - 'of mice and men' became one in 1970 Opera - Peter eötvös's 'angels in america,' for one Opera - Impresario's production, perhaps Opera - Sung in italian, for one, at the end of 6 down Opera - 'siegfried,' e.g Opera - Show with much singing Opera - Renée fleming's field Opera - Musical work with arias Opera - Are upset after reversing order of chamber music pieces Opera - "aida" or "carmen" Opera - Work with arias Opera - Where to hear high c's Opera - Mozart's "don giovanni," e.g Opera - Artist with common desire for cultural entertainment? Opera - Grammy award category Opera - Musical spectacle Opera - La scala presentation Opera - Beethoven wrote just one Opera - 'la bohme,' e.g Opera - Adams' "nixon in china," for one Opera - Inwardly copes with artists finding work in the theatre Opera - Musical work Opera - Ring each one prior to a performance Opera - Musical works Opera - Eg 'aida' Opera - Leaders of orchestra played erratically, ruining aida? Opera - Ring through to a house in milan Opera - Eg peter grimes Opera - Eg otello Opera - Form of theatre Opera - A drama set to music Opera - Eg fidelio Opera - Aida, e.g Opera - Ring exercises - oddly real drama Opera - Write up a report reviewing stage performance Opera - Love a theatre company coming up with tosca, maybe Opera - Work on stage right several years Opera - Turandot puccini initially penned in old age Opera - Closure of 'chicago' the prelude to quiet time for musical drama Opera - Don giovanni, for instance Opera - Staged work with some rare power on reflection Opera - Cooperative's revealing performance? Opera - Musical composition lifted from popular ep outrageously Opera - Drama (music) Opera - Piano included in old-time musical performance Opera - Musical work stocked in shop eradicated Opera - Works and plays to music Opera - Policeman getting tip off on her majesty -- a work for the met? Opera - Dramatic genre Opera - Word with "light" or "soap" Opera - 'bluebeard's castle,' e.g Opera - Met event Opera - Theatrical work Opera - Aida or carmen Opera - Musical work is on time Opera - Musical compositions are humourless in retrospect Opera - 31-down, for one Opera - La traviata or tosca, say Opera - It may be comic or grand Opera - Donizetti creation Opera - Barber's "vanessa," for one Opera - Hope rapper includes musical drama Opera - Diva's setting Opera - 'don giovanni' or 'don pasquale' Opera - 'cavalleria rusticana,' for one Opera - "otello" is one Opera - La boheme or rigoletto Opera - Word before house or after horse Opera - Met happening Opera - Alban berg's 'wozzeck,' e.g Opera - 'a night at the ___' (marx brothers film) Opera - Field for 10-across Opera - 'carmen' or 'norma' Opera - Ralph vaughan williams's 'the pilgrim's progress,' e.g Opera - 'what's ___, doc?' (classic bugs bunny short) Opera - 'otello', e.g Opera - 'carmen', e.g Opera - Verdi musical genre Opera - Rimsky-korsakov's 'christmas eve,' e.g Opera - 'amahl and the night visitors,' e.g Opera - "norma" or "louise" Opera - 'lucrezia borgia,' for one Opera - Gig for sopranos Opera - 3 down, for example Opera - Fat lady's milieu Opera - Art form with buffa and seria styles Opera - Some coloratura reportedly uplifting in this Opera - 'carmen' or 'rigoletto' Opera - Phantom's place? Opera - Where to watch the sopranos? Opera - Show with sopranos Opera - Soap ___ Opera - 'tannhäuser,' for one Opera - Show with tunes Opera - 1-across, for one Opera - Aida perhaps to make work is on time Opera - Latin for 'works' Opera - 'rigoletto' or 'pagliacci' Opera - Space ___ Opera - The who's "tommy," e.g Opera - "grand" production Opera - Work in a theater Opera - Barber creation Opera - Dvorák's "rusalka," for one Opera - 'porgy and bess,' e.g Opera - Setting for yelling 'bravo!' and 'brava!' Opera - See 20 across Opera - 28-across set to music Opera - "tosca" or "carmen" Opera - 'macbeth' or 'otello' Opera - Wagnerian work Opera - Verdi offering Opera - Buffo's place Opera - Mozart en a écrit plus d'un Opera - "rigoletto" or "carmen" Opera - Only the best rockers could also sing this Opera - Where some metal singers could hang Opera - Queen: "a night at the ___" Opera - "quadrophenia": the who's other rock ___ Opera - "quadrophenia": the who's other rock __ Opera - The kinks "preservation act" was a rock one Opera - "tommy" was a rock one Opera - "tommy" is a rock one Opera - Australian band boom crash ___ Opera - Queen had a "night" at one Opera - "tommy" is rock one Opera - Musical with its own glasses? Opera - "nixon in china," for one Opera - Art form with singing Opera - Beethoven's "fidelio," for one Opera - Norma, say Opera - Purcell's "dido and aeneas," e.g Opera - Carmen lane isn't in aeroplane Opera - 'aïda,' for one Opera - House work? Opera - Rossini creation Opera - Oeuvre dramatique mise en musique Opera - Musical drama depicted by mostly well-known artist Opera - Drama with lots and lots of singing Opera - The marx brothers spent a night at one Opera - "don giovanni" is one Opera - Genre musical Opera - 'carmen' or 'elektra' Opera - Barber work Opera - Domingo domain Opera - Where you might catch a large-mouthed bass Opera - Philip glass' "einstein on the beach," e.g Opera - No gins in singapore for madama butterfly Opera - Drama with sopranos Opera - 'thaïs,' e.g Opera - Mozart en a composé plus d'un Opera - Dramatic stage production Opera - Broadway phantom's haunt Opera - Diva's gig Opera - 'einstein on the beach,' for one Opera - Spread out removing dust, as this can be dramatic for those singing while they're working Opera - Here's old piano - time for musical entertainment Opera - Word following "horse" or "soap" Opera - Given time, a small work becomes a major one Opera - 'ernani,' for one Opera - Soap __ (daytime drama) Opera - Performance with sopranos Opera - Mozart work Opera - Thing to see at la scala Opera - One's performance entails ruddy aria initially Opera - Maria callas milieu Opera - Eg, der rosenkavalier Opera - Puccini product Opera - Tippett's 'king priam,' for one Opera - Tippett's "king priam," for one Opera - No gins in singapore for the drinking song presumably in la traviata Opera - Area report's written up to include performance on stage Opera - With 84-down, bit of black attire Opera - Donizetti specialty Opera - You may watch it from a box Opera - Diva's realm Opera - In 2014, dylan played the sydney ___ house Opera - Donizetti work, e.g Opera - Word after rock or soap Opera - Many a wagner composition Opera - Word that can follow the first parts of 17- and 51-across and 11- and 25-down Opera - 'madama butterfly,' for one Opera - Carmen, for example Opera - A little co-operation works Opera - 'tommy' is one Opera - "tommy" is one Opera - "tommy" is one Opera - Venue for leroux's phantom Opera - Oeuvre dramatique Opera - Pope rarely catches musical drama Opera - Word with space or rock