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Hugo - Victor who wrote 'les misérables'

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Hugo - "les contemplations" poet Hugo - "les misã©rables" author Hugo - "les miserables" author Hugo - "les misérables" author Hugo - "les misérables" author victor Hugo - "les miserables" author victor Hugo - "les misérables" novelist Hugo - "les miserables" novelist victor ___ Hugo - "les miserables" writer Hugo - "les misŽrables" author Hugo - "les misŽrables" novelist Hugo - "les miz" source Hugo - "rigoletto" inspiration Hugo - "the hunchback of notre dame" novelist Hugo - 'la légende des siècles' poet Hugo - 'les miserables' author Hugo - 'les misérables' author Hugo - 'les misérables' novelist Hugo - 'les miserables' writer Hugo - 'les misrables' author Hugo - 'les misŽrables' author Hugo - 'notre-dame de paris' author Hugo - 'the hunchback of notre dame' author Hugo - 'the hunchback of notre-dame' author Hugo - -- horton, role played by james fleet in 'the vicar of dibley' Hugo - 2011 martin scorsese film Hugo - 2011 title character who lives in a paris train station Hugo - Author of "les miserables" Hugo - Author victor Hugo - Award for asimov or zelazny Hugo - Award for isaac asimov Hugo - Award for science-fiction writing Hugo - Black on the supreme court Hugo - Boss for fashionable men Hugo - Boss of a fashion company Hugo - Boss of fashion Hugo - Boss of the fashion business Hugo - Boss of the fashion industry Hugo - Boy needing cuddle and love Hugo - Carolinas clobberer of 1989 Hugo - Chap to embrace with love Hugo - Closely follow old french writer Hugo - Closely follow old writer Hugo - Designer boss Hugo - Embrace nothing as french author Hugo - Embrace old writer Hugo - Fantine creator Hugo - Fashionable boss Hugo - Fr. author; sci-fi award Hugo - French author of 'les miserables' Hugo - French romantic writer, victor, d. 1885 Hugo - Get good grasp of old author Hugo - Grand écrivain français Hugo - Grasp the space is for a name Hugo - Jargon used by a particular group Hugo - Jurist black Hugo - Justice black Hugo - Les miserables writer Hugo - Les miserables writer Hugo - Literary award shaped like a rocket Hugo - Man's name; sci-fi award Hugo - Memorable 1989 hurricane Hugo - Monster hurricane of 1989 Hugo - Novelist victor Hugo - Of writers he's the victor to make the boy leave, by the sound of it Hugo - Prize for asimov Hugo - Quasimodo creator Hugo - Quasimodo's creator Hugo - Quasimodo's creator victor Hugo - Sci-fi award Hugo - Sci-fi writer's award Hugo - Sci-fi writing award Hugo - Science fiction achievement award name Hugo - Science fiction award Hugo - Science fiction prize Hugo - Science-fiction writing award Hugo - Supreme court justice black Hugo - Supreme court justice black, 1937-71 Hugo - Two ways to express love for author Hugo - Valjean creator Hugo - Valjean's creator Hugo - Venezuela's chávez Hugo - Venezuelan president chavez Hugo - Victor -, french author Hugo - Victor -, french writer Hugo - Victor --, french poet Hugo - Victor --, french poet, novelist, and dramatist (1802-85) Hugo - Victor --, french writer Hugo - Victor ---, fr. poet, novelist Hugo - Victor ---; --- wolf Hugo - Victor -; french author (les miserables) Hugo - Victor .... wrote "les miserables" Hugo - Victor gets a show of affection before the round ends Hugo - Victor gets embrace with love Hugo - Victor is over to undergo embrace Hugo - Victor maybe gets to hold nothing Hugo - Victor maybe to clasp oscar Hugo - Victor who created jean valjean Hugo - Victor who wrote "les miserables" Hugo - Victor who wrote 'les misérables' Hugo - Victor's skirt -- ordinary? Hugo - Victor, french writer Hugo - Writer needing some indication of affection and love Hugo - Writer victor Hugo - Writer who was a source for verdi's 'rigoletto' Hugo - Writer's involvement with arms embargo's ending