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Kick - Gun's recoil

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Kick - "love is on the way" saigon ___ Kick - 'get some fun from this, to boot (4)' Kick - 'i get a __ out of you' Kick - Apply foot to Kick - Bandy, as ideas Kick - Beef Kick - Bit of excitement Kick - Boot Kick - Boot, thrill of pleasure Kick - Boot; stimulant effect Kick - Bowl-game start Kick - Break (a habit) Kick - Buzz Kick - Caffeine's effect Kick - Cast aside excitement involved with the girl astride a horse (said right?) Kick - Chorus line maneuver Kick - Excitement to be fatal with 18 Kick - Extra spurt of speed in punt Kick - Field goal attempt Kick - Field-goal attempt, e.g Kick - Football action giving us a thrill Kick - Fourth-down call Kick - Fourth-down option Kick - Give up Kick - Give up excitement Kick - Give up power Kick - Give up, as a habit Kick - Go for a field goal Kick - Gun's recoil Kick - Hit with foot Kick - It comes with a high proof Kick - It takes only one foot of this to give one a thrill Kick - It's what one gets from dirty player in all the excitement Kick - It's what you get from dirty player in all the excitement Kick - Judo move Kick - Keep it clean for starters on the weekend, as striker is expecting it from defender! Kick - Keep it clean primarily for kay? give up! Kick - Pass in soccer but not in football Kick - Pregnant mother's sensation Kick - Promote in order to get out of he way Kick - Propel with the foot Kick - Protest about and get the boot Kick - Punt Kick - Punt or field goal Kick - Punt, say Kick - Put the boot in? Kick - Recoil Kick - Recoil can lead off, start, turn and back Kick - Recoil from such a thrill Kick - Recoil of gun Kick - Respond well to a reflex test Kick - Rifle recoil Kick - Rifle's recoil Kick - Rockette trademark Kick - See 13 across, to boot Kick - Shaw's after this for delicacy with his boot Kick - Small thrill Kick - Soccer move Kick - Strike with foot Kick - Strike with the foot Kick - Such excitement comes by the foot Kick - Sudden jolt Kick - The thrill one may get playing football Kick - This gives one quite a thrill, to boot Kick - Thrill Kick - Thrill to be a footballer? Kick - Thrill; boot Kick - Try for a goal Kick - Try for three points Kick - What a spiked drink has Kick - What the four groups in this puzzle do