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Teach - Instruct Teach - Show how Teach - Do schoolwork? Teach - Show Teach - Train Teach - Emulate mr. kotter Teach - Impart knowledge Teach - Show the way Teach - Be a mentor Teach - Conduct the class Teach - Work at eton Teach - Class instructor, informally Teach - Emulate a schoolmarm Teach - Impart Teach - Enlighten Teach - Demonstrate Teach - Show the ropes Teach - Educate Teach - Blackbeard's aka Teach - Show the ropes to Teach - Offer lessons Teach - Do school work Teach - Emulate mr. chips Teach - Instruct a class Teach - Share knowledge Teach - What some dons do Teach - Impart wisdom Teach - Is that what the pirate has to show everyone at last? Teach - Inform in form Teach - What to do with 25 down in every way after tea Teach - Convey knowledge to students Teach - Educate 4 across Teach - Instruct, enlighten Teach - Impart skills or 3 down Teach - Pass it on to everyone at last Teach - One needs to be in form to inform Teach - What to do to one in college? Teach - Beverage given to child in school Teach - To do it well takes time with every individual Teach - Coach Teach - Provide learning to Teach - Cheat (anag) Teach - Pass along learning Teach - Pass on knowledge Teach - Impart knowledge to Teach - Instruct char to go to church Teach - Instruct cheat to reform Teach - Work in school as a head after start of term Teach - What the golf club pro will do Teach - Quite a challenge, catching train Teach - Give instruction Teach - Blackbeard in train Teach - Finally got a head for school Teach - Give instruction to Teach - Work with pupils wanting top grade in college Teach - Emulate anne sullivan Teach - One at the head of the class, informally Teach - Train for which everyone is on time Teach - Show the original television to everyone Teach - Cheat (anag.) Teach - Start arithmetic in college Teach - Everybody individually starts trying first to instruct Teach - Time for everyone to pass on knowledge Teach - Instruct adult in college Teach - Act as a paid informer Teach - Give instruction to companion after a meal Teach - School Teach - Show or tell how Teach - Lecture, say Teach - Drill effectively Teach - Give lessons Teach - Help learners achieve top grade in college Teach - Tutor Teach - Give the mind lessons to the tiny people Teach - Work with pupils Teach - Work like mr. chips or mr. kotter Teach - Work with class Teach - Csny "___ your children" Teach - What a music class will do Teach - Serve as a tutor to Teach - Quite a character, keeping aboard train Teach - Train apprentices principally in college Teach - Model of car and every train Teach - Coach from margate, a charabanc Teach - Coach, instruct