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Legume - Lentil, e.g

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Legume - 'a peanut isn't a nut, it's a ___' (technically true but annoying thing to say) Legume - 34-across, e.g Legume - A fruit that bears its seed in pods Legume - A pea jacket, for example? Legume - A plant of the kind that bears its seeds in pods Legume - A plant that bears its seeds in pods Legume - A vegetable for e.g. mule Legume - Bean Legume - Bean needs stick, in general Legume - Bean or pea Legume - Bean or pea, for example Legume - Bean or peanut Legume - Bean plant Legume - Bean say eaten by crazy mule Legume - Bean, for one Legume - Bean, pea etc Legume - Bird, posh girl, served up mangetout for instance Legume - Chickpea or soybean Legume - Clover, e.g Legume - Crop plant of pea family Legume - Crop plant such as pea Legume - Eg, pea, bean plant Legume - Fiber source Legume - Glue me (anag) - climbing bean or pea plant Legume - Lentil or bean Legume - Lentil or pea Legume - Lentil or pea, e.g Legume - Lentil, e.g Legume - Lentil, for one Legume - Mesquite or mimosa, e.g Legume - Paleolithic diet no-no Legume - Pea or bean Legume - Pea or bean pod Legume - Pea or bean, e.g Legume - Pea or peanut Legume - Pea or peanut, e.g Legume - Pea or pinto bean Legume - Pea plant perhaps requires stick, planted in sheltered area Legume - Pea, e.g Legume - Pea, for one Legume - Pea-family crop plant Legume - Peanut, e.g Legume - Peanut, for one Legume - Peanuts' family Legume - Plant of pea family Legume - Plant of pea or bean family Legume - Plant of the pea or bean family Legume - Plant pod around mouth in cork flower Legume - Plant such as pea, bean Legume - Plant such as the pea or peanut Legume - Plant that bears its seeds in a pod Legume - Plant that bears its seeds in pods Legume - Plant tree in shelter Legume - Pod Legume - Pulse on bird rising Legume - Shelter needed round sweet pea Legume - Sort of plant to stick in the shade Legume - Soybean or pea, e.g Legume - Soybean or sweet pea Legume - Soybean, e.g Legume - Soybean, for one Legume - The french stick with egyptian vegetable Legume - Veg as pea, bean Legume - Vegetable gum (ethically sourced) Legume - Vegetable in general is sticky stuff Legume - Vegetable of pea family Legume - Vegetable stick inside shelter Legume - Vegetable to stick inside shelter Legume - What might make bird stick up for a vegetable?