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Stds - F.c.c. concerns: abbr Stds - Norms: abbr Stds - Criteria: abbr Stds - Rules and regs Stds - Yardsticks: abbr Stds - Benchmarks: abbr Stds - Norms (abbr.) Stds - Censor's list: abbr Stds - Sex ed topic Stds - Sex ed. topics Stds - Regulations: abbr Stds - E.p.a. output: abbr Stds - Principles: abbr Stds - Reasons for a rubber check?: abbr Stds - What six of the across answers are harboring Stds - Problems in bed, briefly Stds - Benchmarks (abbr.) Stds - Things caught in the act? Stds - One-night stand souvenirs, sometimes: abbr Stds - The usual amts Stds - Guidelines: abbr Stds - They define normalcy: abbr Stds - Nos. to measure against Stds - Censors have them: abbr Stds - Avg. levels Stds - Fcc concerns Stds - Hookup derailers? Stds - Sex worker's occupational hazards: abbr Stds - Regs Stds - Epa output: abbr Stds - Govt. bodies may issue them Stds - Things to be screened for: abbr Stds - 'infections' inside this puzzle's theme entries Stds - Problems that may result from screwing studs without using some kind of barrier device: abbr Stds - Agreed-on guidelines: abbr Stds - They're normal: abbr Stds - Regular things: abbr Stds - Fed. agencies may issue them Stds - Regular set: abbr Stds - Bed bugs? Stds - Bad things to share in bed Stds - Norms, for short Stds - Some govt. issuances: abbr Stds - They should be mentioned before getting busy Stds - Conventions, for short Stds - Souvenirs from congress?: abbr Stds - Complaints initially a turn-off for sexually active males? Stds - Things to report to one's partner: abbr Stds - Mfg. guidelines Stds - Stylebook entries: abbr Stds - Bed intruders? Stds - E.p.a. issuances: abbr Stds - Junk accumulations, perhaps?: abbr Stds - Mpaa criteria, e.g Stds - The e.p.a. issues them: abbr Stds - Reasons for an exam after a hook-up: abbr Stds - Bureaucratic manual makeup, for short Stds - Touchstones: abbr Stds - Rule book contents: abbr Stds - Epa issuances Stds - Norm (abbr.) Stds - Guidelines (abbr.) Stds - Govt. guidelines Stds - Fda output Stds - Health clinic leaflet subjects, for short Stds - Factory regs Stds - Health clinic pamphlet subjects