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Input - Concerns, criticisms, etc

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Input - 'you, in short, will be found in one pint of what is introduced (5)' Input - (a person's) contribution Input - (person's) contribution Input - A person�s contribution at home, say Input - Addition to the conversation Input - Adopting principle at first, one head gives advice Input - Advice Input - As contribution, i kick first two into the middle Input - At home, united in exercise process Input - Backward south american language receives new contribution Input - Brainstorming session ideas, e.g Input - Comment, contribution Input - Computer "food" Input - Computer data Input - Computer fodder Input - Computer fodder? Input - Computer material Input - Computer need Input - Concerns, criticisms, etc Input - Contributed suggestion, e.g Input - Contribution Input - Contribution - data fed to computer Input - Contribution from russian leader with part exchange Input - Contribution made by computing where successors to mot involved Input - Contribution made by one eccentric, about a penny Input - Contribution of a player Input - Contribution of ideas Input - Contribution of ideas, e.g Input - Contribution of one page accepted by head Input - Contribution of russian pm the wrong way round Input - Contribution of work or information Input - Contribution one wild enthusiast keeps quiet Input - Contribution that, on reflection, sounds of little value? Input - Contribution upsets putin Input - Contribution upsets putin? Input - Contribution, as of ideas Input - Contribution; a signal Input - Contribution; enter (data) Input - Contributions Input - Criticisms, suggestions, concerns, etc Input - Current contribution Input - Cycling russian politician in supply of data? Input - Data Input - Data contributed Input - Data entered Input - Data entered the wrong way round Input - Data entered to computer Input - Data etc supplied to computer Input - Data fed into a computer Input - Data fed into computer Input - Data fed to a computer Input - Data fed to computer Input - Data for a database Input - Data for computer Input - Data for processing Input - Data is not proven under trial, for starters Input - Data provided by modish set Input - Data supplied to computer Input - Data supplied to computer system Input - Data to be entered Input - Data to be processed Input - Data, often Input - Database fodder Input - Discussion addition Input - Discussion contribution Input - Energy needed for turning heat up nightly Input - Enter Input - Enter (data) Input - Enter data Input - Enter russian leader, cycling Input - Enter russian leader, governing at the top Input - Enter via keyboard Input - Enter, as computer data Input - Enter, as data Input - Enter, as information Input - Enter, in a way Input - Fashionable place making contribution Input - Feed data into a computer Input - Feed data into computer Input - Feed in data Input - Feed with soft kernel the minimum for squirrel? Input - Feedback Input - Helpful advice Input - Ideas and suggestions Input - Ideas offered Input - Ideas, suggestions, etc Input - Insertion of data is not out of place Input - Johnny five's need Input - Keypad's function Input - Load carried north in boat up nile Input - Load data from trendy place Input - Might you, in short, be what goes into the computer Input - One crazy to receive president's contribution Input - One fanatic accepting penny contribution Input - One fanatic seizing power supply Input - One new place for computer data Input - One's contribution at home, say Input - One's contribution to get putin out Input - Opinion Input - Opinion, as it were Input - Opinions Input - Opinions offered Input - Opinions, e.g Input - Person's contribution Input - Person's contribution (to activity); electrical signal Input - Popular place for data Input - Popular place for electrical signal Input - Popular place getting contribution Input - Popular place to keep stored information Input - Popular set's ideas Input - Power to stop one fanatic's contribution Input - Provision of data Input - Putin may produce new data Input - Putin ordered data Input - Putin ordered data insertion Input - Raw data, e.g Input - Raw data, often Input - Resource Input - Signal entering a circuit Input - Signal fed to equipment Input - Signal feeding a circuit Input - Signal supplied to a device Input - Simple, without artifice Input - So it might be up to the doctor and relatively little more to get through the membrane with it Input - Spreadsheet entries Input - Suggestion box contents Input - Suggestion box data Input - Suggestions Input - Suggestions, e.g Input - That's not what comes out of the computer Input - The process of feeding data into a computer Input - The process of feeding data into a computer Input - Trendy place for computer figures Input - Trendy place to feed Input - Trendy set's contribution Input - Two cents Input - Two cents worth Input - Two cents' worth Input - Two cents, so to speak Input - Type, as computer data