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Cali - Cartel city

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Cali - Cartel city Cali - Infamous colombian city Cali - 1971 pan american games site Cali - Capital of valle del cauca department Cali - Santiago university town Cali - Colombian city Cali - City southwest of bogotá Cali - City in w colombia Cali - Home to a colombian drug cartel Cali - Western state, slangily Cali - Notorious colombia drug cartel Cali - South american city of 2 million Cali - Colombia cartel city Cali - Valle del cauca's capital Cali - District of colombia? Cali - City in colombia Cali - Colombian city since 1536 Cali - Major city of southwest colombia Cali - Notorious drug cartel Cali - Self-styled world salsa capital Cali - Avianca airlines destination Cali - City of colombia Cali - Colombian cartel city Cali - City known as "capital de la salsa" Cali - Cartel city of south america Cali - Colombian drug cartel city Cali - Andean city Cali - City sw of bogotã¡ Cali - City on the cauca river Cali - Colombia's second-largest city Cali - City known as colombia's sports capital Cali - "going back to ___" (ll cool j single) Cali - Colombian metropolis Cali - 'going back to ___' (ll cool j single) Cali - It's north of baja, informally Cali - Title locale in a 1998 notorious b.i.g. hit Cali - Valle del cauca capital Cali - City about 200 miles from medellín Cali - Ll cool j's 'going back to ___' Cali - West coast state, to denizens Cali - Metropolis in colombia Cali - Columbian capital Cali - West coast state, briefly Cali - Cocaine cartel city Cali - City sw of bogotá Cali - Frisco's state Cali - City of western colombia Cali - Western state, familiarly Cali - ___ cartel (former colombian drug ring) Cali - Colombian city of 2+ million Cali - Colombian town Cali - City known for its traffic violations Cali - Many a surfer's locale, informally Cali - Columbian city Cali - Southern hemisphere metropolis containing the plaza de caicedo Cali - City near colombia's coastline Cali - Colombian city considered the capital of salsa Cali - Where ll cool j is 'going back to,' according to a 1989 rap jam Cali - City famous for bad traffic? Cali - Infamous city of colombia Cali - Colombian city of two million Cali - Compton's state, to hip-hoppers Cali - Former colombian cartel city Cali - L.a. locale Cali - Left coast state, informally Cali - Left coast state, for short Cali - South american cartel city Cali - West coast state, informally Cali - State janis joplin got her start, for short Cali - Ll cool j "i'm going back to ___" Cali - Biggie was "going back to" here Cali - Biggie "going back to ___" Cali - State eagles are from, for short Cali - Ll cool j "going back to ___" Cali - Western state, for short Cali - Colombian cartel city, once Cali - City wsw of bogotá