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Sleep - Kind of cycle

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Sleep - "nature's soft nurse," to shakespeare Sleep - "no __ till brooklyn": beastie boys song Sleep - "talking in your ___" (the romantics) Sleep - "the best meditation," per the dalai lama Sleep - "to __: perchance to dream": hamlet Sleep - 'a gentle thing,' said coleridge Sleep - 'a hint of lovely oblivion,' per d. h. lawrence Sleep - 'go the fuck to ___' Sleep - 'silence is the ___ that nourishes wisdom': bacon Sleep - 'the sweetest gift of heaven' (virgil) Sleep - 'the sweetest gift of heaven': virgil Sleep - 'to ___—perchance to dream': hamlet Sleep - '___ that knits up the ravell'd sleave of care': macbeth Sleep - A bed habit Sleep - A buzzer may end it Sleep - An alarm stops it Sleep - Backs hull school from the beginning for dropping off children, for instance Sleep - Be dormant Sleep - Be dozing Sleep - Be off for the rest of the night Sleep - Be out Sleep - Be snoozing Sleep - Be under Sleep - Berth rite Sleep - Berth rite? Sleep - Bon jovi "i'll ___ when i'm dead" Sleep - Catch forty winks Sleep - Catch some z's Sleep - Chronotherapy aids it Sleep - Coleridge called it 'a gentle thing' Sleep - Computer mode Sleep - Conk out Sleep - Crash, so to speak Sleep - Daily ritual Sleep - Desire for an insomniac Sleep - Do a van winkle Sleep - Dormancy Sleep - Dormant state Sleep - Doze Sleep - Doze off Sleep - Doze, nap Sleep - Dream on? Sleep - Drop off Sleep - Drunken stupor recommended by james purdy? Sleep - Energy-saving computer mode Sleep - Energy-saving mode Sleep - Experience rem Sleep - Fail to stay awake Sleep - Forty winks Sleep - Get some shut-eye Sleep - Get some shuteye Sleep - Get some zs Sleep - Go under cover? Sleep - Go undercover? Sleep - Hamlet's word before 'perchance to dream' Sleep - Hibernation Sleep - Hit the hay Sleep - Hit the sack Sleep - How one gets the skin off the wrong way with one's eyes shut Sleep - Hypnos's realm Sleep - Hypnotist's command Sleep - Hypnotist's directive Sleep - Hypnotist's encouragement Sleep - Hypnotist's order Sleep - Hypnotist's word Sleep - Insomnia cure? Sleep - Insomniac's desire Sleep - Insomniac's lack Sleep - Insomniac's need Sleep - Insomniac's wish Sleep - Insomniacs want it Sleep - Insomniac’s need Sleep - It 'knits up the ravell'd sleave of care,' per macbeth Sleep - It may come after setting an alarm Sleep - It was azure-lidded, to keats Sleep - Keith richards-sung stones jam "___ tonight" Sleep - Kind of cycle Sleep - Lie dormant Sleep - Look over 50? to begin with, please rest Sleep - Looking back, removes skin to hit the hay Sleep - Midnight activity, often Sleep - Minimal-power computer mode Sleep - Nap Sleep - New parent's lack? Sleep - Nighttime acquisition Sleep - Nighttime activity Sleep - Nighttime refresher Sleep - Nocturnal ambition Sleep - Nod off Sleep - Old pm's turned up with the rest Sleep - Old prime minister's going up to rest Sleep - One takes the skin off the back of this with one's eyes shut Sleep - Opposite of "stay awake" Sleep - Peels backward? Sleep - Perform a nightly ritual Sleep - Perform a nightly ritual Sleep - Pm's upset for rest of dark period Sleep - Power-saving mode Sleep - Prime minister rises following second snooze Sleep - Prime minister's about to crash Sleep - Produced (egg) Sleep - Pull a van winkle Sleep - Raised strips drop off Sleep - Removes clothing, retiring for this Sleep - Rest period Sleep - Result of counting sheep Sleep - Result of counting sheep, perhaps Sleep - Retirement plan? Sleep - Romantics "talking in your ___" Sleep - Sack out Sleep - Sack time Sleep - See 28-down Sleep - Sheep counter's quest Sleep - Sheep-counter's quest Sleep - Shut-eye Sleep - Shuteye Sleep - Siesta Sleep - Skins Sleep - Skins reversed to show nap Sleep - Slumber Sleep - Snooze Sleep - Son starts to look extremely exhausted -- prompting this? Sleep - Sore labour's bath, to shakespeare Sleep - Spend some time out? Sleep - Stephen king's "doctor __" Sleep - Stop counting sheep? Sleep - Strips back to reveal nap Sleep - Strips going back for snooze Sleep - Strips, being about to get some rest Sleep - Student's about to dribble in repose Sleep - Take a 47 across Sleep - Take a nap Sleep - Take a siesta Sleep - Takes the hide off the back of this while unconscious Sleep - Takes the skin off up for lying Sleep - The smiths' debut hit Sleep - Time out? Sleep - Unconscious sleeve-knitter Sleep - Undercover activity? Sleep - Undresses going up for a rest Sleep - Virgil called it a gift of heaven Sleep - Visit dreamland Sleep - Visit the land of nod Sleep - Wayne --, english dancer and choreographer Sleep - Wayne _; former royal ballet principal dancer Sleep - Wets Sleep - What a new parent craves Sleep - What a new parent may crave Sleep - What a new parent may lack Sleep - What an alarm may end Sleep - What macbeth shall do no more Sleep - What new parents lose Sleep - What tryptophan is said to induce Sleep - What you'll do in the arms of morpheus Sleep - Yield to exhaustion