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Kale - Curly cabbage

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Kale - "superfood" veggie Kale - (curly?) cabbage Kale - A brassica Kale - A curly cabbage Kale - A lough in england wrongly produced this vegetable Kale - Beer wanted by king cole Kale - Bitter green Kale - Bok choy's kin Kale - Broccoli relative Kale - Cabbage Kale - Cabbage broth is starter in kinross feast Kale - Cabbage cousin Kale - Cabbage family member Kale - Cabbage in a lake Kale - Cabbage kin Kale - Cabbage king’s taken with beer Kale - Cabbage relative Kale - Cabbage type Kale - Cabbage variety Kale - Cabbage with curly leaves Kale - Cabbage's cousin Kale - Cabbagelike plant Kale - Cabbagelike plant in the mustard family Kale - Cabbagelike vegetable Kale - Cabbagelike veggie Kale - Calcium-rich green Kale - Calcium-rich side Kale - Cauliflower kin Kale - Close kin of cabbage Kale - Close kin of cauliflower Kale - Coarse cabbage Kale - Collard greens' kin Kale - Collard relative Kale - Collard-greens kin Kale - Could be a leak but never a leek Kale - Cousin of 15-across Kale - Cousin of collard greens Kale - Crinkle-leaf cabbage Kale - Crinkled-leaf cabbage Kale - Crinkly cabbage Kale - Crinkly green Kale - Crinkly vegetable Kale - Crinkly veggie Kale - Curly cabbage Kale - Curly green Kale - Curly leafed veggie Kale - Curly-leafed cabbage Kale - Curly-leafed greens Kale - Curly-leafed vegetable Kale - Deer about to eat a leafy plant Kale - Do-re-mi Kale - Dough Kale - Farmer's market veggie Kale - Farmers market veggie Kale - Farmers' market veggie Kale - Frilly green Kale - Frilly veggie Kale - Good source of beta carotene Kale - Good source of potassium and vitamin k Kale - Good source of vitamin k Kale - Green in the mustard family Kale - Green juice ingredient that was so popular last year there was a worldwide shortage Kale - Green smoothie veggie Kale - Green vegetable Kale - Green veggie Kale - Hardy cabbage Kale - Headless cabbage Kale - Healthy green vegetable Kale - Healthy smoothie ingredient Kale - Hear car the french call cabbage Kale - Hearty cabbage Kale - Ingredient in some green smoothies Kale - Iron-rich cabbage Kale - Iron-rich green vegetable Kale - Iron-rich green veggie Kale - Kay, one with the french cabbage Kale - Kind of cabbage Kale - Leafy green Kale - Leafy green that's high in vitamin k Kale - Leafy green vegetable Kale - Leafy greens Kale - Leafy vegetable Kale - Leafy veggie Kale - Leafy veggie baked for chips Kale - Long green Kale - Money, in slang Kale - Money, slangily Kale - Moola Kale - Moolah Kale - Moose comes up eating a vegetable Kale - Mustard family member Kale - Mustard family plant Kale - One of the brassicas Kale - Plant like cabbage Kale - Prepare lake for brassica Kale - Produce item Kale - Purple or green vegetable Kale - Purplish green, sometimes Kale - Salad green Kale - Scratch Kale - Slangy money Kale - Some salad greens Kale - Source of beta carotene Kale - Superfood salad ingredient Kale - Supposed "superfood" Kale - Supposed "superfood" Kale - The sort of brassica that becomes alcoholic in the end Kale - Trendy smoothie ingredient Kale - Trendy vegetable Kale - Trendy veggie Kale - Type of cabbage Kale - Variety of cabbage Kale - Vegetable for royal beer Kale - Vegetable in the soup caldo verde Kale - Vegetable kate and len eat for starters Kale - Vegetable rich in calcium and vitamin k Kale - Vegetable with curly leaves Kale - Veggie in a green smoothie Kale - Veggie in some smoothies Kale - Vitamin k-rich green Kale - Vitamin k-rich veggie Kale - Vitamin-rich green vegetable Kale - Weekend in the bar with one of the greens Kale - Wrinkly vegetable