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Monkey - 60's dance

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Monkey - 11 across Monkey - 1960s dance, with 'the' Monkey - 60's dance Monkey - Animal with bars or business? Monkey - Araucaria - chile pine Monkey - Araucaria - evergreen conifer Monkey - Araucaria tree Monkey - Araucaria's day - important with a 9 Monkey - Baboon, e.g Monkey - Business beginner Monkey - Capuchin, e.g Monkey - Cash rex held is said to be five hundred pounds Monkey - Cash, about a grand and a half? Monkey - Chile pine Monkey - Chile pine (the araucaria tree) Monkey - Five hundred or one thousand in cash Monkey - Five hundred pounds (colloq.); imp Monkey - Five hundred pounds, or a thousand in cash Monkey - For a scotsman, vital to be a swinger! Monkey - For scotsman, vital to be a swinger! Monkey - It's less than human so to meddle with cash around potassium Monkey - Long-tailed primate Monkey - Mass being performed by essential primate Monkey - Medium-sized primate Monkey - Might a beastly scotsman fiddle with something to get the door open? Monkey - Mischievous child Monkey - Mischievous child; primate Monkey - Mischievous type has fool replaced at the start Monkey - My french locker is less than human Monkey - Naughty child - 500 pounds Monkey - Naughty child; primate Monkey - Organ grinder's aide Monkey - Organ grinder's pet Monkey - Primate Monkey - Primate and king embraced by sovereigns, for example Monkey - Primate keeping last of flock in bread Monkey - Primate with a long tail Monkey - Primate; five hundred (slang) Monkey - Saboteur, important bird poking my darling up the eiffel tower? Monkey - See 10 Monkey - Smart clobber from mike tyson: bruno's heartbroken Monkey - The beastly scotsman might turn it in the sound loch Monkey - Tree - araucaria Monkey - Trifle (with) Monkey - Type of wrench for a monkey Monkey - With 1-across, spend time frivolously Monkey - With 36- and 62-across, kids' ball game, and something this puzzle's four longest answers have in common Monkey - Would a scotsman mess around with it in the lock? Monkey - Zoo favorite Monkey - Zoo swinger Monkey - ____ business Monkey - £500 (sl.)