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Dahl - 'you only live twice' scriptwriter

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Dahl - Willy wonka creator Dahl - 'james and the giant peach' author Dahl - 'kiss, kiss' author Dahl - Willy wonka's creator Dahl - 'you only live twice' scriptwriter Dahl - 'fantastic mr. fox' author Dahl - Author roald Dahl - Children's author roald Dahl - Screenwriter/novelist roald Dahl - 'chitty chitty bang bang' screenwriter Dahl - Actress arlene Dahl - 'the gremlins' author Dahl - "matilda" author Dahl - Arlene of 'one life to live' Dahl - "james and the giant peach" author Dahl - Willie wonka's creator Dahl - "fantastic mr. fox" author Dahl - Writer roald Dahl - Roald who wrote 'charlie and the chocolate factory' Dahl - Arlene of 'here come the girls' Dahl - Wonka's creator Dahl - Wonka's creator roald __ Dahl - Charlie bucket's creator Dahl - Arlene or roald Dahl - Roald who created willy wonka Dahl - Willie wonka creator Dahl - Oompa-loompas' creator Dahl - 'the witches' author Dahl - 'fantastic mr. fox' author, 1970 Dahl - Wonka creator Dahl - "charlie and the chocolate factory" author Dahl - Roald who wrote 'james and the giant peach' Dahl - Giant peach creator Dahl - Novelist named for an explorer Dahl - He wrote of a giant peach Dahl - Veruca salt's creator Dahl - Gary who invented the pet rock Dahl - "james and the giant peach" author roald Dahl - Actress arlene or author roald Dahl - "fantastic mr. fox" author roald Dahl - "fantastic mr fox" author roald Dahl - Swedish eponymous botanist Dahl - "james and the giant peach" writer Dahl - "giant peach" creator Dahl - “fantastic mr. fox” author Dahl - Arlene of 'three little words' Dahl - Willie wonka creator roald Dahl - Willy wonka creator roald Dahl - 'matilda' author, 1988 Dahl - "fantastic mr fox" author Dahl - Wonka creator roald Dahl - Kiddie-lit author roald Dahl - Roald who wrote about oompa-loompas Dahl - Indian dish of legumes and spices Dahl - Roald who wrote "james and the giant peach" Dahl - 'roald ..., children's author (4)' Dahl - Novelist and wwii flying ace roald Dahl - ". . . giant peach" creator Dahl - 'matilda' author Dahl - 'the witches' author roald Dahl - Children's author had turned left Dahl - Writer offered money got rejected Dahl - Writer of the left had come up Dahl - Author of 'the blue dahlia' Dahl - Author held up one side Dahl - Roald, writer Dahl - British writer notably of children's books Dahl - Writer roald who created the oompa-loompas Dahl - 'matilda' author roald Dahl - Novelist roald Dahl - Lance leaves dance hall for indian food Dahl - Children's author who created miss trunchbull Dahl - He created willy wonka Dahl - 'the witches' writer Dahl - Charlie bucket creator roald Dahl - Roald the writer Dahl - 'james and the giant peach' author roald Dahl - Roald ---, children's author Dahl - Author held up novel at last Dahl - Roald -, br. author Dahl - Roald -, british writer Dahl - Roald -, children's author Dahl - Roald -, author Dahl - Had returned a pound for children's writer Dahl - Flower mainly used in indian food Dahl - Roald - - , children's author Dahl - Alternative spelling for the pigeon-pea Dahl - Roald - - (deviser of willy-wonka) Dahl - Herald cryptic evades pausing novelist Dahl - Roald or sophie? Dahl - Writer in death all oddly discovered Dahl - Author had retired before fifty Dahl - See 25 across Dahl - Roald -- (author) Dahl - "chitty chitty bang bang" screenwriter roald Dahl - Split pulses used in indian cooking Dahl - Roald who wrote 'fantastic mr. fox' Dahl - "chitty chitty bang bang" co-screenwriter Dahl - Children's author raised boy, capturing hearts Dahl - Roald ..., children's author Dahl - Charlie bucket creator Dahl - Oompa-loompas creator Dahl - 'the bfg' author Dahl - British writer of many children's books, d. 1990 Dahl - Author roald who scared the shit out of middle school me with 'the witches' Dahl - Kids' author from cardiff Dahl - Creator of the oompa-loompas and the bfg Dahl - 'james and the giant peach' writer roald Dahl - See 26 Dahl - 'the bfg' author roald Dahl - Children's writer Dahl - Boy standing to welcome hungary's first writer Dahl - Children's writer had turned left Dahl - Oompa-loompa creator Dahl - "george's marvelous medicine" author Dahl - 'george's marvelous medicine' author Dahl - Food for writer Dahl - "the bfg" author