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Ots - Exciting times in the n.i.t

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Ots - Nail-biters: abbr Ots - R.o.t.c. relative Ots - N.b.a. nail-biters Ots - Extra-play periods, for short Ots - Fifth quarters, so to speak: abbr Ots - Extra-play periods: abbr Ots - Nail-biting events: abbr Ots - Exciting times in the n.i.t Ots - Game finales: abbr Ots - Tiebreakers, briefly Ots - Some sports score notations Ots - Sports score notations Ots - Ends of some games, for short Ots - Extra nhl periods Ots - Fourth periods in the n.h.l Ots - Extra qtrs Ots - Extra periods in sports, briefly Ots - Nail-biting sports events, briefly Ots - Regulation followers Ots - Extra play periods (abbr.) Ots - Extra nfl periods Ots - Exciting periods in the n.b.a Ots - 5th qtrs Ots - Nba extra periods Ots - Extra periods, briefly Ots - It turns out lieuts Ots - Exciting periods, for short Ots - N.f.l. nail-biters Ots - Nfl tiebreakers Ots - Results of ties: abbr Ots - Tiebreaker periods: abbr Ots - Nba periods Ots - Extra nba periods Ots - Nba tiebreakers Ots - Sports fans' bonuses, briefly Ots - Extra play periods, for short Ots - Nfl tiebreaker periods Ots - Tie breakers: abbr Ots - Fourth qtr. followers Ots - Tie consequences, briefly Ots - Some score notations, for short Ots - Fifth qtrs Ots - Nfl extra periods Ots - Tie-game settlers, briefly Ots - Subjects of a 1974 nfl rules change Ots - Extra qtrs., e.g Ots - Very close nfl games sometimes require them Ots - Ties require them, briefly Ots - Bowl bonuses, briefly Ots - 4th-qtr. followers, sometimes Ots - Some nba endings Ots - 10th-inning counterparts, briefly Ots - Five-min. periods, maybe Ots - Its grads are lieuts Ots - Fifth qtrs., so to speak Ots - N.b.a. tiebreakers Ots - Some nfl endings Ots - See 27-acr Ots - Fifth quarters, briefly Ots - Nhl 4th periods, e.g Ots - Tie followers, briefly Ots - 5 down extras Ots - Dramatic nba endings Ots - Some espn highlights Ots - Nba regulation followers? Ots - They last five minutes in the nba Ots - N.f.l. tiebreakers Ots - Tiebreaking periods, briefly Ots - Tie-breaking periods: abbr Ots - Reasons some games run long: abbr Ots - Extended-play periods, for short Ots - Nfl fifth quarters Ots - Times for heroes Ots - What buzzer beaters may lead to, briefly Ots - Decisive periods, for short Ots - Nba nail-biters Ots - They occur when things are all tied up, briefly Ots - Tie settlers, for short Ots - Exciting periods, briefly Ots - They may end with 27-down Ots - Sudden-death periods (abbr.) Ots - Fifth quarters, in the nfl Ots - They may follow last periods, for short Ots - Notations on some game scores Ots - Tie-breaking play periods: abbr Ots - Fgs often end them Ots - Tense periods, for short Ots - Nfl's extra quarters Ots - Tiebreaker rds Ots - Periods of extra mins Ots - Decisive periods, briefly Ots - 26 down's 5th qtrs Ots - Some game enders, for short Ots - Tiebreaker rounds: abbr Ots - Extra mins. in games Ots - Nhl tiebreakers Ots - Nfl's extra periods Ots - Climaxes of some nhl games Ots - Exciting endings, often: abbr Ots - Some tiebreakers, briefly Ots - They may follow the 4th qtr Ots - Nail-biting nba periods Ots - Sudden death periods: abbr Ots - Sudden-death times: abbr Ots - Game extenders: abbr Ots - Tiebreakers, for short Ots - Nail-biting nfl periods Ots - Nba extras Ots - Ncaa tournament nail-biters Ots - Exciting nba periods: abbr Ots - Nfl fifth periods Ots - Periods prec. soccer shootouts Ots - Important source of commissions: abbr Ots - Some march madness finishes Ots - Extra periods in nhl games Ots - Where lts. are prepared Ots - They may decide some close games, briefly Ots - Usaf commissioning program Ots - There are two of them in each starred ans Ots - Nhl tiebreaker periods Ots - Nhl nail-biters Ots - Tds may end them Ots - Tenth-inning counterparts, briefly Ots - Some sudden-death situations, for short Ots - Extra periods of play, in brief Ots - Nfl tiebreakers hidden in this puzzle's nine longest answers Ots - Five-minute 88-down periods Ots - Five-min. nba periods Ots - 5-min. nhl periods Ots - They may resolve 59-acrosses, briefly Ots - Tie-breaking periods (abbr.) Ots - Extra-play qtrs Ots - Regulation followers, briefly Ots - Game extenders, briefly Ots - Nba extenders Ots - Soccer shootout preceders, briefly Ots - Exciting parts of games, for short Ots - Nhl extensions Ots - Tie settlers: abbr Ots - 'fifth qtrs.' Ots - Extra n.b.a. periods Ots - Causes of "60 minutes" delays, briefly Ots - Working as assigned Ots - Drawing preventers, briefly Ots - Tie-breaking sessions, for short Ots - Bowl expanders, for short Ots - Usaf commissioning prog Ots - Extra periods: abbr Ots - So-called 'fifth qtrs.' Ots - Sudden death periods (abbr.) Ots - Extra periods, for short Ots - Nba nail-biters (abbr.) Ots - When golden goals happen in the n.h.l Ots - Exciting periods in the nba Ots - They may end with golden goals, for short Ots - Decisive nfl periods Ots - Exciting march madness periods, briefly Ots - Brief game deciders? Ots - They draw out some ncaa contests Ots - Extra sessions, briefly Ots - Decisive parts of some nfl games Ots - Drinkers' delusions (abbr.) Ots - Certain game extensions, briefly Ots - Fifth quarters in the nfl Ots - Bonus sports periods, for short Ots - Some game enders, briefly Ots - Extra innings or fifth quarters, briefly Ots - Extra periods, in brief Ots - Tie-ending qtrs Ots - Rare occurrences at super bowls, briefly Ots - Tense times in the nfl Ots - Extra periods at td garden Ots - Periods that may decide 5-acrosses, briefly Ots - Nhl postscripts Ots - 10 min. nfl quarters Ots - Basketball tie-breakers: abbr Ots - Tense finishes in the nfl Ots - Some nhl endings Ots - They may follow buzzers, for short Ots - They may follow buzzers, for short