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Yodel - Tyrolean refrain

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Yodel - "cliff hangers" theme music on "the price is right," e.g Yodel - 'shout, due to being swiss (5)' Yodel - (alpine) call, song Yodel - 42-down, at higher altitudes Yodel - Alpine air Yodel - Alpine air? Yodel - Alpine aria Yodel - Alpine call Yodel - Alpine echo Yodel - Alpine falsetto Yodel - Alpine melody Yodel - Alpine mountain call Yodel - Alpine refrain Yodel - Alpine song Yodel - Alpine song or call Yodel - Alpine sound Yodel - Alpine trill Yodel - Alpine tune Yodel - Alpine warble Yodel - Alps song Yodel - An off-peak call? Yodel - At last this led one back to switzerland, by the sound of it Yodel - Attract someone's attention as escorted back in mountain air Yodel - Broadcast melody off mountain-top? Yodel - Call across vales Yodel - Call from switzerland Yodel - Call from the mountains Yodel - Call in the alps Yodel - Call pickled oyster bottles back Yodel - Call that might result in a 27-across Yodel - Call when in range Yodel - Climber's calling? Yodel - De ye get a pound of this in switzerland, by the sound of it? Yodel - Demonstrate a wide range on a range? Yodel - Echo producer, maybe Yodel - Effect of swiss air? Yodel - Falsetto singing Yodel - Feature of bluegrass singing Yodel - Feature of some roy rogers numbers Yodel - Go up and down in the mountain air Yodel - Go up and down like a mountaineer? Yodel - Greeting of french student with swiss voice? Yodel - High air? Yodel - High notes in range Yodel - High-range song, in more ways than one Yodel - Holler in the hills Yodel - In switzerland, by the sound of it, one gets led back at last Yodel - It includes pitching changes Yodel - Kin of a ho-ho or a ring ding Yodel - Logger leaves lloyd george in the mountain air Yodel - Long-distance call? Yodel - Make an off-peak call in switzerland Yodel - Make an offpeak call? Yodel - Make like slim whitman Yodel - Make some mountain music Yodel - Make some music in interlaken Yodel - Mountain air Yodel - Mountain air? Yodel - Mountain music Yodel - Mountain song Yodel - Mountain warble Yodel - Mountaineer music Yodel - Mountaineer's refrain Yodel - No mark for melody transcribed for unusual singing Yodel - Off-peak call? Yodel - Off-peak call? (5) {3,6} Yodel - Peak call? Yodel - Peak performance? Yodel - Perform in meadow after climbing? Yodel - Poser with yen for maiden in the mountain air? Yodel - Practise alpine singing Yodel - Produce some cliff notes? Yodel - Refrain from the mountains Yodel - Rolled-up ring ding, essentially Yodel - Say why poetry student might sing high Yodel - Serenade heidi, maybe Yodel - Serenade heidi? Yodel - Sing "the lonely goatherd," say Yodel - Sing 'lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo' Yodel - Sing 'the lonely goatherd,' say Yodel - Sing (alpine folk music) Yodel - Sing (in the alps) Yodel - Sing across the alps Yodel - Sing alpine-appropriately Yodel - Sing alpine-appropriately Yodel - Sing alpine-style Yodel - Sing as swiss do Yodel - Sing at the top of one's range? Yodel - Sing by alternating between normal voice and falsetto Yodel - Sing by changing register Yodel - Sing composition in lullaby, only borders raised Yodel - Sing cowboy songs, maybe Yodel - Sing dufourspitze-style Yodel - Sing falsetto like swiss mountain people Yodel - Sing from the mountaintops Yodel - Sing high Yodel - Sing in a certain way Yodel - Sing in high pitch like swiss mountain dwellers Yodel - Sing in high trilling tone like swiss mountaineer Yodel - Sing in intermittent falsetto Yodel - Sing in the alps Yodel - Sing in the alps, say Yodel - Sing in the mountains - the same in grassland conversely Yodel - Sing in traditional swiss manner Yodel - Sing in tyrolean fashion Yodel - Sing like a mountaineer Yodel - Sing like an austrian, maybe Yodel - Sing like frank ifield? Yodel - Sing like slim clark Yodel - Sing like some cowboys Yodel - Sing like some tyroleans Yodel - Sing like swiss mountain dwellers Yodel - Sing of one's ups and downs? Yodel - Sing on a peak, maybe Yodel - Sing on dufourspitze Yodel - Sing on the slopes Yodel - Sing partly falsetto Yodel - Sing swiss-style Yodel - Sing the alpine way Yodel - Sing up high? Yodel - Sing using falsetto Yodel - Sing version with new opening Yodel - Sing warblingly Yodel - Sing way up high? Yodel - Sing, alpine-style Yodel - Singing cowboy's refrain Yodel - Some gentle doyen promoted song Yodel - Song accompanied by an alpenhorn Yodel - Song accompanied by an alpenhorn, perhaps Yodel - Song from on high? Yodel - Song in the alps Yodel - Song of the alps Yodel - Song often sung with an echo Yodel - Song sung on 57 down Yodel - Stunt in singing Yodel - Swiss air Yodel - Swiss air lines? Yodel - Swiss alps melody Yodel - Swiss alps refrain Yodel - Swiss song Yodel - Swiss trill Yodel - Swiss warble Yodel - The call of the hills Yodel - The type of sound you get from on high Yodel - There's poetry in it for the swiss, by the sound of it Yodel - There's poetry in the sound of it in the alps Yodel - This is not art, perhaps - and trained tyroleans do it Yodel - To sing while rapidly switching from natural to falsetto Yodel - Trill from a hill Yodel - Tune involving intermittent falsetto Yodel - Tune with many high notes Yodel - Tyrolean cry Yodel - Tyrolean melody Yodel - Tyrolean refrain Yodel - Tyrolean trill Yodel - Tyrolean tune Yodel - Tyrolean's tune Yodel - Unknown poem for student to warble Yodel - Unusual vocal styule Yodel - Vocalise part of birthday ode longfellow put together Yodel - Vocalise, making a mess of melody, missing start Yodel - Warble Yodel - Warbling voice