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Tags - Yard sale staples Tags - Places for prices Tags - Makes 'it' Tags - Some id's Tags - Makes it? Tags - Makes it Tags - License plates Tags - Basemen may apply them Tags - New car necessities Tags - Scores on a fly Tags - Plates that travel Tags - Price indicators Tags - Puts out, say Tags - Dog ___ (g.i. identifiers) Tags - Marks Tags - Makes “it” Tags - Readies for sale Tags - Yard sale need Tags - Puts out? Tags - Plates Tags - Gives a ticket Tags - Clothing accessories? Tags - Labels Tags - Does it's job Tags - They may be applied in baseball Tags - They're marked for markdowns Tags - Yard sale needs Tags - Touches with a baseball Tags - Plates in motion? Tags - Car owners need them Tags - Price stickers Tags - Sale labels Tags - Auto needs Tags - Gets to "it" Tags - Touches an angel Tags - Luggage ids Tags - Price markers Tags - They can put you out Tags - Puts one's mark on, in a way Tags - Plates that move Tags - Luggage attachments Tags - Baggage labels Tags - Graffitists' scrawls Tags - Writes graffiti on Tags - They may be applied near bases Tags - Where prices are seen Tags - They hang out in stores Tags - They may be itchy in sweaters Tags - Ids Tags - Slaps the ball on Tags - Price holders Tags - Marks with graffiti Tags - Product identifiers Tags - Store-clothes attachments Tags - Bombs a train car, slangily Tags - Merchandise attachments Tags - Catchers may apply them Tags - Story morals, e.g Tags - Baggage attachments Tags - Uses spray paint, in a way Tags - They may put players out Tags - Some graffiti signatures (which were used to form this puzzle's four longest answers) Tags - Gift attachments Tags - Luggage parts Tags - Luggage accessories Tags - Luggage hangers Tags - Car owner's needs Tags - 'price is right' decorations Tags - Sometimes they say 'hello' Tags - Catches a base runner Tags - Nails a base runner Tags - 'price is right' props Tags - 'the price is right' props Tags - Urban artists' signatures Tags - They provide identification Tags - Puts out, in a way Tags - Yard sale labels Tags - Car identifiers Tags - Identifies, as in a facebook photo Tags - Search keywords Tags - Garment labels Tags - Catches in a rundown Tags - Erases from the bases Tags - Ids on a carousel Tags - Gift labels Tags - Graffiti signatures Tags - Auto plates Tags - Labels on clothes Tags - Puts (out) Tags - Identifies in a facebook photo Tags - Carousel identifiers Tags - Gift add-ons Tags - Identifies, on facebook Tags - Auto necessities Tags - Stickers Tags - Diamond thieves' undoings? Tags - Follows (along) Tags - Issues of the dmv Tags - Sale sights Tags - New-garment attachments Tags - Facebook photo labels Tags - Nicknames Tags - Price-bearing flaps Tags - Goes along with, to identify the belongings Tags - Follows speculator, heading south Tags - Marks silver in case of thieves Tags - They are able to identify trite latin quotations Tags - Names dogs Tags - Nominal attachments for the present Tags - Plates on the road Tags - Dogs' jinglers Tags - "it came without ribbons. it came without __": the grinch Tags - They identify trite latin quotations Tags - Facebook links Tags - Clothing labels Tags - Earmarks tickets Tags - Present attachments Tags - Follows men's cycling Tags - Makes "it," in a game Tags - What all of the theme answers have Tags - Luggage danglers Tags - Labels those of assistance for monitoring Tags - Clothes-info locales Tags - Puts out, in baseball Tags - Little things that say 'to' and 'from' Tags - Catches off base Tags - G.i.'s wear Tags - Ids on luggage Tags - Labels, as a facebook photo Tags - Clothing price sites Tags - Puts out on the diamond Tags - Dog id sites Tags - Identifies on facebook Tags - The many at a yard sale