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Addled - Confused

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Addled - Confused Addled - Muddleheaded Addled - In a fog Addled - Scatterbrained Addled - Bewildered Addled - Disconcerted Addled - Puzzled Addled - Perplexed Addled - Discombobulated Addled - Mixed up Addled - All mixed up Addled - Confounded Addled - Stoned, perhaps Addled - How 18 down was the leader and went to the bad Addled - Scatterbrained like bad egg Addled - How a holy doctor led to something bad Addled - If you do this to bob's, it sounds as if it might slay it Addled - It was no good when a cleric was the leader Addled - It was bad to have put on about another fifty Addled - Do this to b to have made it bloody - that's bad Addled - It was no good having had such a divine leader Addled - How a divine played the first card; it was no good Addled - A divine was the leader? that's bad Addled - Put on an extra about a pound? that's bad Addled - It's bad to put on led, it seems Addled - Although it's bad, if you do this to bob's he'll get you down on the ice Addled - It's no good for the egg to put led on it Addled - Might a divine have been leading with a 15 down? Addled - Put on about fifty more? that's bad Addled - It's bad for a divine to have led at last Addled - High churchman made bad leader Addled - No good having had a divine doctor in the lead Addled - Confused like infertile egg Addled - Confused like bad egg Addled - Confused and vague Addled - Mentally confused, muddled Addled - If a divine was the leader, that's bad Addled - Confused like rotten egg Addled - There was a divine leader, but still it was bad Addled - Of egg, rotten and producing no chick Addled - Confused, mixed up like bad egg Addled - Confused like a bad egg Addled - All mixed up like bad egg Addled - Thoroughly confused Addled - Of egg, rotten Addled - Foolish or confused like bad egg Addled - A doctor was divine in charge, but he was a bad egg Addled - Though a bad egg, a divine was the leader Addled - It all went bad when a divine was the leader Addled - 'bad when there was divine leadership, it seems (6)' Addled - 'divine as the leader was, it was all bad (6)' Addled - Bad for one so divine to have been in the lead Addled - A cleric was in the lead. that's bad Addled - How divine to have been such a bad leader Addled - Upset dad went in front for 20-down Addled - Slaphappy, say Addled - A theologian was the guide, which is bad Addled - Rotten theologian in crooked deal Addled - Total supervised at sea Addled - Confused tot given guidance Addled - A theologian was in front? that's bad Addled - Bad (egg) Addled - Confused - rotten Addled - Baffled - rotten Addled - (of egg) bad Addled - Gone bad (of eggs) Addled - Completely confused Addled - Tot was first to be spoilt Addled - Non compos mentis Addled - Like many a ditz Addled - Not calm Addled - Confused or rotten Addled - Punch-drunk Addled - Disorientated as a theologian set the pace Addled - Confused (wits); made rotten Addled - Reckoned about 50 turned bad Addled - Muddled Addled - Welshman holds theologian to be mixed-up Addled - Rotten area deranged extremists governed Addled - A theologian was first to be confused Addled - (of egg) rotten; confused Addled - Confused, put on light Addled - (of egg) rotten Addled - Lost? put on a little light Addled - Put on light that's off Addled - Confused there's no takeaway for the french director Addled - Notice about theologian, the parisian who was muddled Addled - Confused tot went ahead Addled - Dad led (anag.) Addled - Unable to think straight, which is bad Addled - A theologian went first despite being muddled Addled - Tot was first in a confused state Addled - Said, besides, student admitted being confused Addled - Having gone off thoroughly confused Addled - Befuddled Addled - Count governed in a daze Addled - Confused, said further coin should go in Addled - Spoiled tot to get taken in hand? Addled - Theologian into drink, delivery initially confused Addled - At sea Addled - Muddled when confused dad went first Addled - Encumbered without leader, and lost Addled - All confused Addled - Off Addled - Childhood disorder preceded getting confused Addled - Tot was in the van, confused Addled - Thoroughly mixed up Addled - Confused; muddled Addled - Join was first that became rotten Addled - (of an egg) rotten Addled - Made confused or muddled