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Icier - Slicker in the winter

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  • Icier - Letter on I
  • 1 - st. word I
  • 2 - st. word C
  • 3 - st. word I
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  • 5 - st. word R

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Icier - With increased reserve Icier - More remote Icier - More slippery Icier - Less welcoming Icier - Slicker in the winter Icier - Slicker Icier - Worse for winter driving Icier - Less congenial Icier - Less emotional Icier - Less friendly Icier - More gelid Icier - Less cordial Icier - More slippery, as winter roads Icier - Harder to travel, in a way Icier - More slippery, perhaps Icier - Less hospitable Icier - More standoffish Icier - More hazardous, as winter roads Icier - Not as friendly Icier - Less approachable Icier - More likely to cause a skid Icier - Not so cordial Icier - More wintry Icier - Not nearly as emotional Icier - More aloof Icier - Not so congenial Icier - More dispassionate Icier - More frost-covered Icier - More slippery, in winter Icier - Not nearly as cordial Icier - More unfriendly Icier - More frigid Icier - Not so genial Icier - More frosty Icier - More treacherous in the winter Icier - More slick Icier - More hazardous, in a way Icier - Less receptive Icier - More slippery, probably Icier - More distant Icier - Far less cordial Icier - Not so friendly Icier - Less chummy Icier - More likely to cause slipping Icier - Relatively remote Icier - Apter for polar bears Icier - Not so welcoming Icier - Not as cordial Icier - More slippery, in a way Icier - Slicker, in a way Icier - Far less friendly Icier - Not as congenial Icier - More chilly Icier - More hazardous, in winter Icier - More polar Icier - Get colder Icier - More cold - really freezing Icier - More cold or frozen Icier - Colder even than 31 across Icier - Even less warm when i catch sight of 'er so soundly Icier - More slippery, as a road Icier - Comparatively cold Icier - More wintry when one's cold? that is right Icier - Here in paris leading lady is more slippery Icier - Covered with more frost Icier - Far less friendly and more of a gamble without 500 to start Icier - Not as warm Icier - More slippery, as roads Icier - Much less chummy Icier - Relatively distant Icier - Comparatively unfriendly Icier - More slick, in a way Icier - *less welcoming Icier - More aloof king of galway returns back across old transport system Icier - Less safe for driving Icier - More aloof outside the channel islands - that's right Icier - I tucked into dessert, beginning to relish what's colder Icier - Colder here in france, escorting the queen Icier - Here in france her majesty appears more frigid Icier - Here in france a monarch is comparatively aloof Icier - With more hostility it's more risky losing face Icier - More slippery circuit oddly omitted with some hesitation Icier - More glacial Icier - Even colder here in paris, monarch found Icier - One apple drink lacking depth is rather cold Icier - Here on foreign trip, monarch is much less friendly Icier - Comparatively frosty Icier - I run to secure french company, adopting extra formality Icier - Colder Icier - One that's in credit could be colder Icier - Colder and riskier, apart from the start Icier - Less friendly pair dismissed from 11 Icier - More wintry with greater risk not starting Icier - One centigrade? that's right -- or even more freezing Icier - More treacherous in command? that is republican Icier - Trickier to drive on Icier - More hazardous, as winter driving conditions Icier - More likely to cool off Icier - Not as welcoming Icier - More frigid and slippery Icier - More dangerous in the winter, say Icier - More frosty and slippery Icier - Like the arctic ocean vis-à-vis the atlantic Icier - Riskier losing head getting more hostile Icier - I drink when disheartened, as more aloof Icier - Chillier Icier - Needing more salt, say Icier - Hollande's here - the queen becomes less cordial Icier - Not nearly as congenial Icier - Less genial Icier - Even less given to emotion Icier - More slippery in winter Icier - More wintry, in a way, and more dangerous if losing head Icier - Even more frozen