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Teeoff - Make mad

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Teeoff - Make mad Teeoff - Irritate Teeoff - Start a round Teeoff - Incense Teeoff - Start a drive Teeoff - Start on the links Teeoff - Get started Teeoff - Start the eighteenth hole, e.g Teeoff - Start a golf hole Teeoff - Strike golf ball at beginning of each hole Teeoff - Play the golf ball from starting point Teeoff - Play opening shot in golf match Teeoff - Make first move, like golfer Teeoff - Play first ball of hole in golf Teeoff - Start 18 holes Teeoff - Start golfing Teeoff - Begin (a hole) Teeoff - Drive Teeoff - Make really mad Teeoff - Sounds like there's something wrong with the brew for drive of course Teeoff - Good sort including east european in drive Teeoff - Drive opponent over into grass Teeoff - Start golf round Teeoff - Drive cancelled after drink, we hear Teeoff - Start (golf) Teeoff - Having removed shirt, start using iron Teeoff - Start a game of golf Teeoff - Drive away, perhaps Teeoff - Begin a round of golf Teeoff - Begin game with 11 dn Teeoff - Start play stripped to the waist? Teeoff - A start showing how to make a star! Teeoff - Begin a hole at golf Teeoff - Start a golf game Teeoff - Start driving, of course Teeoff - Start a round of golf Teeoff - Toffee (anag.) Teeoff - Produce the first shot and so cause anger Teeoff - Start playing golf Teeoff - Start letter poorly Teeoff - Start a hole Teeoff - Rub the wrong way Teeoff - Anger Teeoff - Start to annoy Teeoff - Strike golf ball Teeoff - Sounds like bad drink and, of course, it involves a club! Teeoff - Toffee fudge? of course, it's only for starters! Teeoff - Start a hole in golf Teeoff - Irk Teeoff - Irritate and then some Teeoff - Start driving on a course Teeoff - Drive, in golf Teeoff - Play the first stroke towards the green Teeoff - Start the first hole