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Fold - Do a post-laundry job

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  • Fold - Letter on F
  • 1 - st. word F
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word D

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Fold - (sheep) pen Fold - A pen for sheep Fold - Bow out of a poker hand Fold - Call it quits Fold - Cave in community Fold - Cease playing Fold - Cease trading Fold - Choose not to call Fold - Church following with a long history? Fold - Church members go bankrupt, perhaps Fold - Close up Fold - Collapse Fold - Collapse in church Fold - Collapse in congregation? Fold - Collapse in the congregation Fold - Collapse; bend in half Fold - Congregation Fold - Congregation having fine vintage Fold - Congregation; (firm) go bankrupt Fold - Crease Fold - Decide not to call Fold - Do a laundry day task Fold - Do a post-laundry job Fold - Do origami Fold - Do origami, e.g Fold - Dog-ear Fold - Dog-ear, e.g Fold - Drop out of a hand Fold - Drop out, in poker Fold - Enclosure, and how to get one in an envelope? Fold - Fail in business Fold - Fellow, ancient, seeing wrinkle Fold - Female leading ancient church congregation Fold - Female with very mature bust Fold - Fine antique pen Fold - Finish the laundry Fold - For the sheep, there's nothing 17 across at the end of this Fold - Gather church to close Fold - Give up a poker hand Fold - Go belly up Fold - Go out Fold - Go out of business Fold - Help with the laundry Fold - Make a crease in Fold - Make a pleat Fold - Make fit in an envelope Fold - Make origami Fold - Make pleats Fold - Members of church following, long-established Fold - Paper crease Fold - Paper snowflake maker's action Fold - Pen for sheep Fold - Pen to stop functioning Fold - Pleat Fold - Pleat; pen Fold - Pleat; sheep pen Fold - Ply trade no more Fold - Practice origami Fold - Prepare pages to put in small envelope as enclosure Fold - Pull out, poker style Fold - Put a crease in Fold - Put down one's hand, say Fold - Put down pair of queens at mass? Fold - Quit, in poker Fold - Refuse a raise? Fold - Respond to a bluff, maybe Fold - Scottish _____ Fold - Scottish _______ Fold - Sheep pen Fold - Sheep pen; disintegrate Fold - Small pen for sheep Fold - Social group Fold - Soufflé recipe word Fold - Surrender one's hand Fold - There might be a turnover of sheep in there Fold - Throw in one's hand Fold - Tuck - pen Fold - Turn down a raise? Fold - Turn over one's hand Fold - What shepherd has to close down Fold - With pleasure, clasp pen