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Artesian - Like some wells

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Artesian - Like some wells Artesian - Kind of well Artesian - Type of well Artesian - Well, it's like this. there's water coming up there Artesian - This well is bored vertically into the ground Artesian - A nastier sort of well Artesian - Type of well made from a sea train Artesian - Well, there's water rising in this sort Artesian - Australia's great ___ basin Artesian - A stainer composition? well, possibly Artesian - A nastier form of water supply Artesian - This area isn't developed well Artesian - New area isn't? well, it could be? Artesian - A nastier sort of well, oddly Artesian - (well) fed by pressure Artesian - Oriental concealing route? well, sort of Artesian - (well) flowing under natural pressure Artesian - Sort of well! of a philosopher caught out Artesian - Era loosely associated with saint? well, sort of Artesian - Retsina flowing by a well? Artesian - Isn't area to be developed? well, sort of Artesian - Nigerian ready to admit set-back, operating under pressure Artesian - Type of deep well Artesian - Its arena is constructed well Artesian - Well made by eccentric english artisan Artesian - A nastier development at the well Artesian - It's arena is shaped like a sort of well Artesian - Following descartes, first to go off as well Artesian - & 26 gushing wateriness -- all as a result of these? Artesian - The area isn't developed as well Artesian - It pushes up water rates in a reorganisation Artesian - Area isn't for development as well Artesian - Inhabitant of no.15 receives irish radio and television kind of well Artesian - Borehole (well) Artesian - Retains a different sort of well Artesian - Area isn't developed well? Artesian - Pumpless, in a way