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Lancet - Surgical instrument

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Lancet - Surgical instrument Lancet - Surgical incision maker Lancet - English medical journal, with the Lancet - Sharp surgical instrument Lancet - Surgical knife Lancet - British medical journal, with 'the' Lancet - Incision maker Lancet - Surgeon's tool Lancet - Surgeon's blade Lancet - Surgical tool Lancet - British medical journal, with "the" Lancet - Small surgical knife Lancet - Surgeon's implement Lancet - Incision implement Lancet - Scalpel's kin Lancet - Surgeon's knife Lancet - Might one clean this with a little tea for the doctor's use? Lancet - This can let the matter get out Lancet - To start with it's too long to come to the boil (6) Lancet - What to do with the boil, by the sound of it, for the doctor Lancet - Pointed two-edged knife used by surgeon Lancet - Pointed two-edged knife for surgeon Lancet - A surgeon's two-edged knife Lancet - Cutter for a surgeon Lancet - A surgeon's knife Lancet - Surgeon's two-edged knife Lancet - Surgeon's instrument and journal Lancet - Allow it to be about a broken can for a doctor Lancet - Surgical implement Lancet - The french fabric for covering cold window Lancet - The exotic part of the bible depicted around church arch Lancet - Surgeon's paperknife? Lancet - Source of light that's used for opening in theatre Lancet - Pointed surgical knife Lancet - Medical knife Lancet - Give permission to hold african party in gothic arch Lancet - Surgical cutter Lancet - One making cuts keeps right away from central casting Lancet - Pointed arch, window Lancet - Medical journal; window opening Lancet - Journal provided cuttings Lancet - Be told what one may do to boil surgical instrument Lancet - Surgical blade Lancet - Before opening of theatre you must arrange clean knife Lancet - Sharp instrument found in magazine Lancet - Allowed to go round one chop initially using knife Lancet - Cut at last with a knife Lancet - Surgeon's paper knife? Lancet - Point employed by orderly number broaching secure unit's closure Lancet - Narrow window for publication of research Lancet - Glance towards part that's pointed Lancet - Line worker put around church window Lancet - Pick it up in the theatre for spike ford Lancet - Permit restricting polit­ical party's means of opening Lancet - Window that's needed for theatre opening Lancet - Surgeon's cutter Lancet - Maker of hospital cuts Lancet - Operator's instrument in window Lancet - Surgical knife with a pointed double-edged blade: pointed gothic arch