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Clamp - Carpenter's device

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  • Clamp - Letter on C
  • 1 - st. word C
  • 2 - st. word L
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word M
  • 5 - st. word P

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Clamp - Carpenter's device Clamp - Surgery need Clamp - Surgery aid Clamp - Workshop device Clamp - Gripping device Clamp - Jumper cable's end Clamp - Toolbox item Clamp - Surgeon's aid Clamp - Workshop gadget Clamp - It has quite a grip Clamp - Part of a vise Clamp - Tool in the or Clamp - Operating room request Clamp - Squeeze Clamp - Surgeon's order Clamp - Grip firmly Clamp - Surgical aid Clamp - Surgical tool Clamp - Paper holder Clamp - C-shaped gadget Clamp - Workshop holder Clamp - Sort of fastener Clamp - It’s a gripper Clamp - Workshop gripper Clamp - Shop holder Clamp - Board holder Clamp - Get a grip? Clamp - Work-bench attachment Clamp - Grip tightly Clamp - Vise Clamp - Get to grips with it and make light of it after a century Clamp - Get tight with the light by the hundred Clamp - Device for holding things tightly Clamp - Of car, render immobile for parking offence Clamp - Workbench gripper Clamp - 'c' in a toolbox Clamp - Holding device Clamp - Get to grips with illegal parking restriction Clamp - Murphy's pile? Clamp - Immobilisation of one that won't talk quietly Clamp - Immobilise car - potato store Clamp - Secure - store for potatoes Clamp - Prevent moving Clamp - Secure - potato pile Clamp - Strong fastener Clamp - Immobilise (wheels) Clamp - Vice Clamp - Securing device with movable jaws Clamp - Gripping tool Clamp - Workshop tool Clamp - Press gets copyright for exposing darkness Clamp - Brace for holding something in place Clamp - Workshop fastener Clamp - Vise device Clamp - Shop keeper? Clamp - Vise, essentially Clamp - Car immobiliser Clamp - Big, important Clamp - Pile of bricks left in lodging Clamp - Firmly hold a stack of bricks Clamp - Pile of bricks left in temporary accommodation Clamp - Millions enter to applaud band getting things together Clamp - Immobilise (parked car) Clamp - Immobilise (illegally parked car) Clamp - Heap of potatoes left in holiday accommodation Clamp - Cockerel at first light finds pile of turf Clamp - Make fast Clamp - Constant source of illumination in murphy's pile? Clamp - Hold tight, when sound of explosion engulfs motorway Clamp - Vice ring left with party Clamp - Grip a college lantern Clamp - Coal, primarily, perhaps davy's vice Clamp - Vice seen in cold light Clamp - Pile of potatoes left in military station Clamp - Fix firmly Clamp - Many a light grip Clamp - Cold light that stops one from driving? Clamp - Device for holding things firmly Clamp - Instrument for holding objects firmly Clamp - He refuses to comment on parking -- press seen as anti-motorist Clamp - Shop tool Clamp - Put in a vise Clamp - Murphy's pile Clamp - It's gripping Clamp - Woodworking aid Clamp - Woodworking device Clamp - Surgeon's tool Clamp - C-shaped carpentry gadget Clamp - C in shop class? Clamp - Workbench gadget Clamp - Wheel immobiliser Clamp - Squeeze puts pressure on silent type Clamp - Fix mouse and second of speakers Clamp - C-shaped workshop item Clamp - C-shaped shop item Clamp - Vise, for example