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Penpal - Letter getter, maybe

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  • Penpal - Letter on P
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Penpal - A friend who communicates through correspondence Penpal - A friendly correspondent Penpal - Buddy you write to regularly Penpal - Child's correspondent Penpal - Childhood correspondent Penpal - Childish correspondent has post in nepal building Penpal - Cooked apple around noon for letter-writing friend Penpal - Correspondence chum Penpal - Correspondent Penpal - Correspondent trained with oriya to become piano player Penpal - Correspondent very severe in closing page Penpal - Corresponding partner Penpal - Distant communicator Penpal - Epistolary buddy Penpal - Far and away one's favorite writer? Penpal - Faraway friend who likes to write Penpal - First three characters from 14 across and from the office left young man of letters Penpal - For punishment has priest confined regular communicant? Penpal - Foreign correspondent Penpal - Foreign correspondent not available for meeting? Penpal - Foreign correspondent perhaps having little power over troubled nepal Penpal - Foreign correspondent, maybe Penpal - Foreign correspondent, perhaps Penpal - Foreign correspondent, perhaps, engaged in friendly exchanges Penpal - Foreign correspondent, perhaps? Penpal - Foreign correspondent? Penpal - Foreign friend, perhaps Penpal - Friend by correspondence Penpal - Friend from afar Penpal - Friend of note? Penpal - Friend overseas, perhaps Penpal - Friend who communicates by correspondence Penpal - Friend who communicates in letters Penpal - Friend who communicates in writing Penpal - Friend who communicates through letters Penpal - Friend who keeps you posted? Penpal - Friend you know only through correspondence Penpal - Friend you may never have met Penpal - Friend you probably never met Penpal - Friendly correspondent Penpal - Friendly foreign correspondent? Penpal - Letter buddy Penpal - Letter getter, maybe Penpal - Letter sender from afar Penpal - Letter writer, of a sort Penpal - Letter-writer vindictive about paper's leader Penpal - Letter-writing buddy Penpal - Letter-writing friend Penpal - Letter-writing friend from far away Penpal - Letter-writing prisoner, perhaps Penpal - Long-distance friend Penpal - Man of letters? Penpal - Mate via mail Penpal - Most of 23 down get a reputation for being friendly with childish correspondent Penpal - One addresses one's remarks to him (or her) Penpal - One corresponds on punishment - 'clamping' sign on road Penpal - One involved in foreign exchange? Penpal - One who might have a collection of foreign stamps Penpal - Overseas correspondent Penpal - Participant in a foreign exchange Penpal - Person of letters? Penpal - Place restriction on china's foreign correspondent Penpal - Prison buddy? Penpal - Receiver of exotic stamps, perhaps Penpal - Regular correspondent Penpal - Regular overseas correspondent Penpal - Snail mail buddy Penpal - Someone from whom you might collect exotic stamps Penpal - Special correspondent Penpal - Writer has friend obsessed with writing letters to someone he rarely sees Penpal - Writer takes part of journey over following enclosure Penpal - Writing friend