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Uncle - Last word in a wrestling match?

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Uncle - Cry of defeat Uncle - 'i give up!' Uncle - Remark heard at quitting time? Uncle - Last word in a wrestling match? Uncle - Tom or sam Uncle - Word of surrender Uncle - Cry of surrender Uncle - Donald, to dewey Uncle - 'that's enough!' Uncle - 'i give!' Uncle - Quitter's cry Uncle - Verbal white flag Uncle - Epithet for sam Uncle - Sam or vanya, notably Uncle - "i give!" Uncle - 'no more!' Uncle - Family man Uncle - 'i've had enough!' Uncle - Jeb, to jenna and barbara Uncle - "i give up!" Uncle - Popeye, to pipeye Uncle - Reunion attendee Uncle - Dad's brother Uncle - "okay, you win!" Uncle - Sam, for one Uncle - ___ arthur of 'bewitched' Uncle - Cry made with one's arm behind one's back Uncle - Family member Uncle - Aunt's mate Uncle - Poseidon, to athena Uncle - Thrush adversary of '60s tv Uncle - Word said with a hand behind one's back Uncle - Male relative Uncle - Kinsman Uncle - Monkey's ___ Uncle - ___ remus Uncle - "the man from __": 1960s spy series Uncle - Leo, to jerry, on "seinfeld" Uncle - 'i surrender!' Uncle - Concession word Uncle - Remus, e.g Uncle - Sam or ben Uncle - Fester, to morticia Uncle - Scrooge, to donald duck Uncle - Cecil b., to agnes Uncle - "no more!" Uncle - Theodore roosevelt, to eleanor Uncle - "no more!" (h,h) Uncle - Recruiter sam Uncle - "i surrender!" Uncle - Pawnbroker, in slang Uncle - Sam or buck, e.g Uncle - Word used to admit defeat Uncle - Family reunion attendee Uncle - Relative known for quitting? Uncle - Sam, vanya or buck Uncle - Donald duck, to huey, dewey and louie Uncle - Title for remus Uncle - See 56 across Uncle - Cry when you've had enough Uncle - Tom or vanya Uncle - 'i concede!' Uncle - 'i can't win!' Uncle - Giving word? Uncle - "you win!" Uncle - Org. in a '60s spy series Uncle - Mom's brother Uncle - Remus or sam Uncle - Napoleon solo's employer Uncle - "i concede!" Uncle - Word of capitulation Uncle - Defeated one's cry Uncle - Ted, to caroline Uncle - "that's enough!" Uncle - Cousin's dad Uncle - Surrendering cry Uncle - Sam or tom Uncle - Aunt's spouse Uncle - 16-down's husband Uncle - Epithet for sam or remus Uncle - With an addition, the old fellow is nasty Uncle - This, sam states Uncle - Might car b be just a little precious with him? Uncle - Under the car he would be only a coxcomb Uncle - An addition would have him without a wash Uncle - With an addition he would be a bit like 17 across Uncle - He might go with 28 across Uncle - With an addition, this relation might need a wash Uncle - With an addition he might get relatively dirty Uncle - He might become quite a coxcomb with a car Uncle - He's under the car for the cock (5) Uncle - He might go after the car for the comb Uncle - He might make a comb after a car Uncle - An addition would make him dirty Uncle - That's relatively the last of 11 across Uncle - An addition could make him relatively dirty Uncle - It makes him boil to get under car b Uncle - Under the fur he would come to the boil Uncle - He might have car b on the boil Uncle - If there were fur on him it would come to the boil Uncle - One might comb him to a relative extent under the car Uncle - Needs an addition to make him dirty Uncle - With an addition he could make it not 30 across Uncle - An addition would make the old fellow dirty Uncle - And 28 across, that's where the old man's berth is on board Uncle - Sam states Uncle - How one starts to be relatively unclean Uncle - Does he, by the sound of it, get anti his wife? Uncle - Might he get an old man that's dirty? Uncle - To a relative extent it might boil under his fur Uncle - Might be tom or sam, to a relative extent Uncle - He's related Uncle - Relative Uncle - He'll come to the boil under 21 down Uncle - Brother of a parent Uncle - . . . . . sam, the us government Uncle - An addition would make him a dirty old man Uncle - His wife might sound anti Uncle - Relatively like a coxcomb, by the sound of it, if under a car Uncle - With an addition he is relatively dirty Uncle - An addition is needed to make him a dirty old man Uncle - His wife sound anti Uncle - With fur on him he would come to the boil Uncle - Car b makes him a bit precious Uncle - Word of submission Uncle - Your dad's brother, to you Uncle - Vanya, in chekhov's play Uncle - Jermaine, to prince michael Uncle - Henry, to dorothy Uncle - Sam, vanya or buck, e.g Uncle - 'say ___!' Uncle - Francis ford coppola, to jason schwartzman and nicolas cage Uncle - You may pop in his shop Uncle - Dirty article taken away by broker Uncle - My stuff is redeemable, or i"m a dutchman Uncle - Cryptic clue about new relative Uncle - Cryptic clue about northern relative Uncle - Relative awaiting redemption? Uncle - One in 28 7 is one lending watch chain Uncle - Paul mccartney's albert, e.g Uncle - Relation sometimes of use to the penniless Uncle - Pawnbroker - a relative Uncle - Male relative - pawnbroker Uncle - Pawnbroker's nickname Uncle - Slang for pawnbroker Uncle - Slang name for pawnbroker Uncle - Brother of one's parent Uncle - Pawnbroker - relative Uncle - Pawnbroker (slang) Uncle - "enough already!" Uncle - Man in a tree? Uncle - What your dad's brother is to you Uncle - With the dutch giving good advice it's relatively close Uncle - Relatively close a french shelters 150 Uncle - 1960s tv spy org Uncle - Relative to united nations chapter on the french Uncle - With 116-across, noted finger-pointer Uncle - Relative of peacekeeper with labour leader in clare Uncle - ... sam, the us government Uncle - With 38 across, 1897 play by anton chekhov Uncle - Godfather, sometimes Uncle - Cry of concession Uncle - Looking back, the spanish copper admits central part in detention of family member Uncle - "ok, i give up!" Uncle - Obscure arab ignored 1 of 9 Uncle - Relation, about fifty, taken in by a french female Uncle - Grandfather's son Uncle - It's taboo to drop an older relative Uncle - Relative; pawnbroker Uncle - Spotted article dropped off for relative Uncle - Harry redknapp to frank lampard junior, relatively speaking Uncle - For example, tom cobbleigh's pawnbroker Uncle - Is harry redknapp frank lampard's favourite one? Uncle - Relative idiot at school loses head around start of lesson Uncle - Who's taken the pledge? sam, perhaps Uncle - The one in sheridan's book was ? villainous Uncle - Relative left in clutches of fool, losing head Uncle - Parent's brother Uncle - Dorothy dunnett's hero's yacht's mistaken insurers? Uncle - A parent's brother Uncle - Pawnbroker's immoral giving away article Uncle - Contaminated, having lost an older (usually) relative Uncle - Start off christmas entertaining extremely neurotic relative Uncle - Pop in here? no, his brother Uncle - Family relative Uncle - Relative idiot, surrendering diamonds, receiving pound Uncle - One receiving pawn spotted sacrificing a knight Uncle - A woman finally leaves dirty old man's brother Uncle - Relative's corrupt, abandoning one Uncle - Relative's spotted dropping off a note Uncle - Relation who takes the pledge Uncle - Jesse on 'the dukes of hazzard,' for one Uncle - Jesse on "the dukes of hazzard," for one Uncle - Ben or sam Uncle - Word from the latin for "little grandfather" Uncle - Family man? Uncle - Title for sam or ben Uncle - A right to be dissociated from dim relative Uncle - Certain relative Uncle - Bob is a pawnbroker Uncle - Relation Uncle - Title used by some children for male friends of their parents Uncle - Pawnbroker Uncle - Pawnbroker (sl.) Uncle - Male relation Uncle - Male family member Uncle - Pawnbroker in the family Uncle - Pawnbroker; male relative Uncle - He takes the pledge Uncle - Relative connected with pop in two ways Uncle - - - sam (=us) Uncle - People pop in his shop Uncle - Cried when losing relative Uncle - Pawnbroker having soiled article taken away Uncle - Title used by some children for adult male friends Uncle - Member of family has dirty article thrown away Uncle - Relative's confused when a right is disregarded Uncle - Relation isn't 100% fun, clearly Uncle - Brother of parent Uncle - Article taken from dirty relative Uncle - Going back, the spanish copper admits central part in detention of family member Uncle - Aunt's husband Uncle - Relative pronoun cleverly concealed Uncle - Two french articles about to be accepted -- by this moneylender? Uncle - "i give up!" relative? Uncle - A french feminine type entertains 150 from the family Uncle - Drunk ___ (bobby moynihan 'snl' character) Uncle - Relative cried for in defeat Uncle - Brother of your father Uncle - Prince harry, to princess charlotte Uncle - Article taken from grubby relative Uncle - 'you win!' Uncle - Claudius, to caligula Uncle - See 24-across Uncle - Napoleon solo's org Uncle - Family relation Uncle - Scrooge, to donald Uncle - Shout of submission Uncle - One who might call you his niece Uncle - Guy in the family Uncle - "no more, please" Uncle - Quitter's yell Uncle - Donald, to huey or louie Uncle - ___ sam Uncle - Vanya, for example, regularly called on one in paris Uncle - Relative your dad grew up with Uncle - Concessionary cry Uncle - Donald, to huey, dewey and louie Uncle - Sam, e.g Uncle - Fester, e.g Uncle - Spy org. of 1960s tv Uncle - Brother of 52-across Uncle - "enough!" cry Uncle - '___ nutsy's clubhouse' (kids' show in 'uhf') Uncle - Article removed from dirty relative Uncle - A relative Uncle - Dirty article cut out for one taking pledge Uncle - Leo or fester, on tv Uncle - Relative giving vague directions, perhaps, losing last two