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Adopt - Assume

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Adopt - Emulate mia Adopt - Vote to accept Adopt - Take for one's own Adopt - Embrace Adopt - Assume Adopt - Take as one's own Adopt - Take in Adopt - Take under one's wing Adopt - Rear as one's own Adopt - Ratify Adopt - Sure way to fatherhood Adopt - Take in or on Adopt - Take as your own Adopt - Vote into law Adopt - Accept formally Adopt - Begin using Adopt - Make one's own Adopt - One way to become a parent Adopt - Take on Adopt - Put into effect, as a proposal Adopt - One way to become a father Adopt - Take in, as a stray Adopt - Take in, as a child Adopt - Pass Adopt - Take up Adopt - Espouse Adopt - Take a kid, legally Adopt - Emulate madonna Adopt - Expand the family, in a way Adopt - Put into effect Adopt - Decide to use, as a policy Adopt - Pass, as a resolution Adopt - Get from the aspca Adopt - Start a family, perhaps Adopt - Opposite of reject Adopt - One way to enlarge a family Adopt - Get from a shelter Adopt - Become a new father, in a way Adopt - Settle on, as a plan Adopt - One of the aspca's "ways to help" Adopt - Emulate angelina jolie and madonna Adopt - Decide to use Adopt - Start using Adopt - Take into one's home Adopt - Get from the aspca, maybe Adopt - Become parents to Adopt - Appropriate, as an idea Adopt - Take in a stray Adopt - Take in from a pet shelter Adopt - Take in by choice Adopt - Take into one's family Adopt - Assume as one's own Adopt - One way to become parents Adopt - Make one's own pint after a party Adopt - Assume fusspot overlooking nothing Adopt - Support expert capturing cheat Adopt - Choose as one's own Adopt - Take up, as a cause Adopt - Add to the family, in a way Adopt - Get a pound pooch, say Adopt - Take in or take on Adopt - Take responsibility for fuss over gymnastics Adopt - Take into custody? Adopt - One way to motherhood Adopt - One way to fatherhood Adopt - Assume a party has piano to accompany tenor Adopt - Formally approve Adopt - Accept a parking spot outside Adopt - Assume (attitude) Adopt - Suitable party's introduced to choose as candidate Adopt - Assume (an attitude) Adopt - Accept a point gone into by party Adopt - Assume notice has no point Adopt - Start to wear and make fitting clothes Adopt - Take on (another's child) Adopt - Pleasure at introducing twentyfour people Adopt - Accept a pint at party Adopt - Take up, follow Adopt - Assume there will be fuss over children taking exercise? Adopt - Shelter exhortation Adopt - Become a mother, maybe Adopt - Get a pet from the pound, say Adopt - Bring into the family Adopt - Take in, as a new pet Adopt - Take into family Adopt - Assume party is in suitable surroundings Adopt - Assume there'll be a day to make a choice Adopt - Choose a parking spot outside Adopt - Take over Adopt - Assume trouble before drills Adopt - Foster Adopt - Accept trouble with physical training Adopt - Take on oxygen in publicity exercise Adopt - Endorse party that gets stuck in ready to learn Adopt - Take up song and dance exercise Adopt - Take over training with fuss at the front Adopt - Stir pint to make one's own Adopt - Get a pet from a pound Adopt - Take up and use Adopt - Commercial to choose to take on Adopt - Take on party in suitable surroundings Adopt - Add to the family Adopt - Take home from the pound Adopt - Bring home from the shelter Adopt - Become a parent, perhaps Adopt - Take from a pet shelter Adopt - Take in, as a stray cat Adopt - Take in a pint to house party Adopt - Take home from a shelter Adopt - Rescue from a shelter Adopt - Take up, as a strategy Adopt - Accept as one's own Adopt - Take responsibility for Adopt - Take in, take on or take up Adopt - Take on as one's own Adopt - Take home a shelter animal Adopt - Take on a party? parliament’s gutted