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Isotope - Element form

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Isotope - U-235 or c-14, e.g Isotope - Element form Isotope - Heavy hydrogen, e.g Isotope - Carbon-14, e.g Isotope - Carbon 13 or cobalt 60 Isotope - Chemist's study Isotope - Chemical relative Isotope - Elemental form Isotope - Physicist's atom Isotope - Uranium 238, e.g Isotope - Particular form of an element Isotope - Dating material? Isotope - Carbon 13, e.g Isotope - Chemical kin Isotope - Chemistry subject Isotope - Carbon-13 or cobalt-60 Isotope - Carbon-14, for one Isotope - Uranium-238, e.g Isotope - Atomic relative Isotope - Carbon-13, e.g Isotope - Helium-3, e.g Isotope - Springfield minor leaguer Isotope - Elemental variant Isotope - U-238, for one Isotope - Animated springfield minor leaguer Isotope - Member of a fictional springfield baseball team Isotope - Uranium 235, for example Isotope - U-235, e.g Isotope - Carbon 14 or uranium 235 Isotope - Thus i drink to such an extent in a similarly atomic sort of way Isotope - Would it make an atom of difference if i drink to this extent? Isotope - Does it make an atom of difference if i drink too much like this? Isotope - Even if i drink to such excess, does it make an atom of difference? Isotope - I'm such a drunkard, but that's all the same, atomically Isotope - Seems i drink to such an extent as to lead to a change of weight Isotope - I appear to be such a drunkard as to be similar, atomically (7) Isotope - If i drink to such an extent, it makes little difference to my weight Isotope - I drink so much too much as to have a change of particles Isotope - It makes little difference if i thus drink too much Isotope - Thus i drink too much - just an atom or so more Isotope - I drink to such an extent that it makes little difference Isotope - Thus i am a heavy drinker, though the weight is not the same Isotope - Seems i drink to such an extent as makes little difference Isotope - For me much the same sort of drink, seeing i drink so much Isotope - Atom with the same atomic number as another but with different numbers of neutrons Isotope - Oops, tie up the atom Isotope - Form of atomic nucleus Isotope - O, is poet involved in chemical element? Isotope - O, is poet a species of atom? Isotope - It's myself that's such a drunkard, chemically Isotope - Though i drink too much like this, i stay much the same weight Isotope - All the same, almost, i'm a drunkard Isotope - That's the way i drink too much, or something very like it Isotope - It's almost all the same if i drink too much like this Isotope - Thus i drink too much to the same atomic number Isotope - That's how i drink too much with the same numbers Isotope - Uranium 235, for one Isotope - Related element form Isotope - Tritium, to hydrogen Isotope - Basically similar thing suggesting i'm such an alcoholic! Isotope - Type of atom Isotope - One of various forms of an elemental atom Isotope - Type of atom, maybe radioactive Isotope - An elemental form of pies - too flaky Isotope - Deuterium, for one Isotope - Uranium 235, e.g Isotope - Fictional springfield minor leaguer Isotope - Deuterium, vis-à-vis hydrogen Isotope - Then beat bad grade after one term in chemistry Isotope - Variant form of element Isotope - Variant of element Isotope - I drink to such excess, there's elementary variation in it Isotope - One form of element, differing in its neutrons from another Isotope - One form of an element Isotope - Form of an element Isotope - Variant element form Isotope - Element in certain form – very first to fill in that is Isotope - Atom with same atomic number but different number of neutrons Isotope - Oo, spite! (anag.) Isotope - Atomic requirement that's protecting drunk before work Isotope - One's love to exercise is a small part of energy process Isotope - Poise to analyse physicist's concern Isotope - I really drink hard, needing elementary variety Isotope - Form of an atom Isotope - Type of atom is getting round with highest energy Isotope - Imogen's confession of alcoholism, in one of several forms Isotope - Protium, for one Isotope - Elemental form is uppermost in poet's heart Isotope - Carbon 13, for one Isotope - Distinct form of an element Isotope - Deuterium, e.g