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Merlin - 'the idylls of the king' character

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Merlin - "idylls of the king"character Merlin - 'camelot' role Merlin - 'excalibur' role Merlin - 'ma momma's from virginny, and ma daddy's from ___' Merlin - 'the idylls of the king' character Merlin - 'the once and future king' figure Merlin - A bird; a magician Merlin - A magic bird Merlin - A wizard of a bird Merlin - Arthur's adviser Merlin - Arthur's aide Merlin - Arthur's magician Merlin - Arthur's sorcerer Merlin - Arthur's wizard Merlin - Arthurian advisor Merlin - Arthurian magician Merlin - Arthurian sorcerer Merlin - Arthurian wizard Merlin - Bird migrating in summer - linnet? Merlin - Bird of prey - magician Merlin - Camelot"s magician Merlin - Camelot's magician Merlin - Camelot's magician or a kind of hawk Merlin - Camelot's magician or kind of falcon Merlin - Camelot's magician or kind of hawk Merlin - Charming falcon Merlin - Could his magic have turned nothing about a thousand? Merlin - Falcon - magician Merlin - Falcon - wizard Merlin - Falcon of the yellowhammer/linnet family Merlin - Falcon that could be relied on for a spell? Merlin - Falcon; magician Merlin - Flier for magician Merlin - Flighty type, one that cast a spell in arthur's court Merlin - Gremlin bad, not good, for magician Merlin - Hawk-like magician of camelot Merlin - How wizard to be no dove! Merlin - It's wizard to be so predatory on the air (6) Merlin - Kind of hawk or camelot's magician Merlin - King arthur's magician Merlin - King arthur's mentor Merlin - Legendary speller? Merlin - Literary character fathered by an incubus Merlin - Magician Merlin - Magician in arthurian legend Merlin - Magician in camelot Merlin - Magician of arthurian legend Merlin - Magician of camelot Merlin - Magician of legend - falcon Merlin - Magician of the round table Merlin - Magician; bird Merlin - Mythical magician Merlin - Noted wizard Merlin - Nothing about the thousand up there for the predator Merlin - Nye's raptor magus? Merlin - Pigeon hawk Merlin - Predatory magus Merlin - Rapt, or wizard in the air gets nothing back at last Merlin - Raptor - wizard Merlin - Said to have been a hawkish magician Merlin - Small falcon Merlin - Small falcon; arthur's friend Merlin - Small falcon; wizard Merlin - Tailless blackbird; popular falcon Merlin - There's nothing about me back there to make a magic hawk Merlin - Venerable magician in arthurian legend Merlin - Wand wielder Merlin - What a wizard sort of a hawk! Merlin - Wizard Merlin - Wizard flier Merlin - Wizard flyer Merlin - Wizard of camelot Merlin - Wizard often having a stoop Merlin - Wizard raptor Merlin - Wizard; bird of prey