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Soandso - Whoosis

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Soandso - Stinker Soandso - No-goodnik Soandso - What's-his-face Soandso - Whoosis Soandso - Scoundrel Soandso - Dirty rat Soandso - One who shall remain nameless Soandso - Skunk Soandso - Dirty dog, as it were Soandso - Son-of-a-gun Soandso - Nameless scoundrel Soandso - Blankety-blank type Soandso - Rat Soandso - What's-her-name Soandso - All-purpose moniker Soandso - Good-for-nothing Soandso - Despicable one Soandso - Enemy to remain nameless Soandso - Cur Soandso - Perhaps sos for whats-hisname Soandso - That confounded person may be one of 20 down Soandso - What the wretched 2 down keeps doing, by the sound of it Soandso - The whatsit for the sos? Soandso - An sos form whatshisname? Soandso - You've forgotten the name of 20 down, perhaps Soandso - Sounds as if 27 across comes at the double for whatshisname Soandso - Seems you don't care for the one that's forever needling, by the sound of it Soandso - So2? can't recall what you call it Soandso - Thus more than once the name of that unpleasant person escapes one Soandso - For this unpleasant one, see 27 across Soandso - So2 for whatsisname Soandso - Sos? Soandso - Forgotten his name, but thus he is doubly unpleasant (2-3-2) Soandso - Thus and thus - an unpleasant person Soandso - No sodas for this unpleasant person Soandso - One does not care for two such Soandso - Whatshisname is a dreadful fellow Soandso - Thus twice as unpleasant as this Soandso - Perhaps sos for such a such-and-such Soandso - Not like one like this Soandso - Unfinished georgian architect gets military award, the blighter! Soandso - Boy pocketing a medal is a little blighter Soandso - Don's a complicated and extremely unpleasant person Soandso - That one may turn sad soon Soandso - Someone unnamed and intrinsically average Soandso - Person unspecified or abjured Soandso - Unpleasant person - whose name has been forgotten! Soandso - Someone or other Soandso - Right little rascal! Soandso - Someone or other - unpleasant person! Soandso - Difficult person - nobody in particular Soandso - Person unknown or disapproved of Soandso - Difficult person Soandso - Overheard what seamstresses do in sweatshop for what's-his-name Soandso - Sounds like what taylor repeats for unpleasant person Soandso - An unpleasant person, but an unnamed one Soandso - Minced epithet Soandso - Unspecified person Soandso - What's-his-name; a nuisance Soandso - Indifferent and intrusive annoying individual Soandso - Person not remembered as a difficult customer Soandso - Young man receiving a medal is an unpopular person Soandso - Awkward character who's apparently mediocre? Soandso - Strange perch of mortimer character Soandso - Desert covering old, old, forgotten person Soandso - What's-his-name's two short calls for help Soandso - A mediocre build-up for what's-his-name Soandso - Disliked person Soandso - Two notes from awkward customer Soandso - What tireless seamstresses do, reportedly, for a despicable type? Soandso - What's-his-name could be seen as indifferent Soandso - This/that person/thing Soandso - Disfavoured person Soandso - Unnamed thing annoying chap Soandso - Difficult character's neither good nor bad? Soandso - This or that person Soandso - Rascal Soandso - Unpleasant person Soandso - Dirty rat or dirty dog Soandso - A nuisance, demonstrated in two ways? Soandso - Unnamed person as well in mediocre surroundings Soandso - That person produces two similar notes Soandso - Despicable individual as well in mediocre setting Soandso - I can't remember who wants standing orders Soandso - Unnamed person Soandso - The person found on a doss heap? Soandso - This person is indifferent and is trapped Soandso - Unspecified person also interrupting moderate Soandso - The blighter is average, covering a case of need Soandso - Beach on ostend's front shelters old thingamajig Soandso - Awkward type, apparently mediocre Soandso - Rascal thus meets another? Soandso - Difficult person not too bad, joiner in Soandso - What's-his-or-her-face Soandso - Nuisance gives needle repeatedly when talking Soandso - One who shall not be named Soandso - Report work in a sweatshop with vulgar type Soandso - Difficult person like this -- again! Soandso - Difficult person like this -- again!