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Lead - Detective's need

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Lead - Pencil's innards Lead - One of a ballroom couple Lead - Kind of balloon Lead - Actor's goal Lead - Helpful information Lead - Pencil filler Lead - Best part Lead - Detective's need Lead - One of a pair of dancers Lead - Sinker material Lead - Front-runner's edge Lead - Balloon variety Lead - Heavy metal Lead - One of two ballroom dancers Lead - Pb Lead - Starring role Lead - X-ray blocker Lead - Conduct Lead - Be in charge of Lead - Guide Lead - Bullets Lead - Get ahead Lead - Help for a sales rep Lead - Make the first moves, in dancing Lead - Set the pace Lead - Certain movie role Lead - Dream of aspiring actors Lead - Its symbol is pb Lead - Word with foot or weight Lead - Detective’s need Lead - Metal that superman can't see through Lead - Show the way Lead - Extraction from galena ore Lead - Tip Lead - Get it out and you'll move faster Lead - Go first Lead - Role for hanks Lead - Desired role Lead - Direct Lead - Get it out to go faster Lead - What a detective follows Lead - Enviable position Lead - Take charge on the dance floor Lead - One lap, maybe, in a race Lead - Promising clue Lead - __ poisoning Lead - New brunswick mineral resource Lead - Galena extract Lead - Primary role Lead - X-ray vision can't penetrate it Lead - Big part Lead - Wield a baton Lead - Principal role Lead - Essential for an investigator Lead - Type of balloon Lead - Be in front Lead - Cause of painter's colic Lead - Base metal Lead - Main role Lead - Call the shots Lead - Distance from a base Lead - Aid for a detective Lead - Blaze a trail Lead - Detective's find Lead - Barrier for superman's x-ray vision Lead - "get the ___ out!" Lead - What a salesperson may follow Lead - Role for a star Lead - Principal Lead - Be first Lead - Play first Lead - Makeup of a heavy balloon? Lead - Plum role Lead - Be in charge Lead - Chief Lead - First place Lead - Balloon material? Lead - Main character Lead - Spearhead Lead - A winning team may sit on one Lead - Major part Lead - Assume command Lead - Top part Lead - Take the point Lead - Use a baton Lead - Detective's aid Lead - Element whose symbol is pb Lead - Buckshot's makeup Lead - Promising clue, to a detective Lead - Be in first place Lead - Pb, in chemistry Lead - What u-238 ultimately becomes Lead - X-ray vision thwarter Lead - X-ray vision blocker Lead - Be in command Lead - Clue for kojak Lead - Coveted role Lead - Take first steps? Lead - Be the bellwether Lead - Take charge Lead - Clue Lead - Star's part Lead - Be a star Lead - Male ballroom dancer, traditionally Lead - Chair, say Lead - With 34-across, slag furnace input Lead - Act as a guide Lead - Sleuth's quest Lead - Solder component Lead - Hold first place Lead - Biggest part Lead - Set an example Lead - Inspire, in a way Lead - Clue in a case Lead - Go ahead Lead - Pencil part Lead - Plumbum Lead - Get the ball rolling Lead - Graphite Lead - Begin Lead - Star's role Lead - Graphite, so to speak Lead - Start Lead - Like a -- balloon Lead - Start off Lead - Be a pioneer Lead - Be winning Lead - It's no light matter to be in the van Lead - Precede into dale Lead - It sounds little enough to turn one's stomach over the editor Lead - Sounds as if one may wait to be in command Lead - Wait for it, by the sound of it Lead - So to be in command is no light matter Lead - It's no light matter to be at the front Lead - It's no light matter to be the boss Lead - It's heavy to be in the van Lead - It's no light matter to have to show the way Lead - It's a heavy responsibility to be in command Lead - It's a heavy responsibility to have to do this Lead - Bear heavy responsibility to be the boss Lead - Be the heavy boss Lead - To be boss is a weighty matter Lead - Guide, direct Lead - Toxic, malleable, metallic element Lead - Enough weight to be in the van Lead - Have heavy responsibility Lead - Take a position in front Lead - Travel in front of Lead - Go in front with heavy metal Lead - Guide,direct Lead - Go ahead of Lead - Take the van with heavy metal Lead - Metal to take the van Lead - Guide, conduct Lead - Actor playing the principal role Lead - Go first, but not in the light of this, it seems Lead - To have been in charge about a heavy matter Lead - No light matter to be in command (4) Lead - A heavy responsibility to have to be in charge Lead - To be in charge is no light matter Lead - It's a heavy responsibility to be at the head Lead - It's no light matter to be out in front Lead - 'met al to be the chief, however heavy (4)' Lead - Even 21 across might be heavy on this Lead - It's a weighty matter to be in charge Lead - Frontrunner's position Lead - First stone thrower? Lead - Alchemy material Lead - Fat part Lead - Barrier for x-ray vision Lead - Open a card game Lead - Guide to the first card Lead - Heavy metal star player Lead - 8 intends to get a bullet out of the heart Lead - Clue found in a drawer Lead - Principal boy embraces heroine at last Lead - Flex, though copper is the more likely material Lead - What's used for writing in space between lines of print Lead - Metal - van Lead - Soft, heavy metal Lead - Metal - van - go ahead Lead - Metal - van - important role Lead - Be ahead of - guide Lead - Element (pb) Lead - 1 down, symbol pb Lead - Wire - show the way Lead - Guide the heavy metal Lead - Headliner Lead - Period for preparation Lead - Guide one's dance partner Lead - Pipe material Lead - Assume command of Lead - Principal role in a play Lead - Element with the symbol pb Lead - Word before "singer" or "guitar" Lead - Pb is its symbol Lead - Metal - wire Lead - Live wire shot chief usher Lead - Take control Lead - Starring role - kind of pencil Lead - Pioneer Lead - Sinker metal Lead - Start putting one's cards on the table in corrupt deal Lead - Female __ Lead - Auditioner's hope Lead - Biggest role Lead - Chemical element, symbol pb Lead - Be atop the standings Lead - Something for the detective on the outskirts of leningrad Lead - Be at front Lead - Star needs writing material Lead - Show the way; soft metallic element Lead - Metal rather soft for spearhead Lead - Chief pilot shot Lead - It can be taken, held and lost Lead - Chemical element pb Lead - Chief part, element Lead - Be in charge of, element Lead - Metal star Lead - Metal; show the way Lead - In battle, a dragoon is shot Lead - Clue found in subtle admission Lead - Top actor is shot maybe Lead - Be in charge of; element Lead - Boy has injected drug - most important story Lead - Chief performer of heavy metal Lead - Precede; element Lead - Heavy metal star Lead - One with starring role is shot Lead - Command; metal Lead - Pub's exterior may be converted to this in the front Lead - On which a boxer may be chief performer Lead - Clue in first place Lead - Metal spearhead Lead - First put down spade, say, made of metal Lead - Be first to play heavy metal? doesn't sound like it Lead - Go before; element Lead - Go ahead; element Lead - Be in charge of; metal Lead - First news story Lead - Pewter component, sometimes Lead - See 36 across Lead - Show people the way Lead - Metal Lead - A clue in pencil Lead - First news item Lead - Star performer in his element? Lead - Metal for spearhead Lead - It writes the clue Lead - Star of heavy metal Lead - Go ahead, the meadow is over the first dune Lead - Heavy metal show Lead - Heavy metal; star Lead - Does it play a big part in a dog's life? Lead - Cause one to take to Lead - Star light it's not! Lead - Clue that's found in middle of drawer Lead - Big news story about a star? Lead - Metallic element Lead - Soft metal Lead - Metal guide Lead - Headline item, �put down first card� Lead - Star clue Lead - Take the van for heavy metal Lead - Leash dog's taken from proverb? Lead - Heavy metal's no. 1 performer Lead - Metal to conduct Lead - Metal rule Lead - Principal boy embraces dame at last Lead - Electric wire to act as a conductor Lead - Guide; metallic element Lead - Guide; precede Lead - Metal electrical wire Lead - Guide; graphite Lead - Heavy metal guitar accessory? Lead - Radiation shield material Lead - Principal performer in heavy metal? Lead - Pet controller Lead - Dancer fred astaire, to adele Lead - Main part Lead - With 42-down, literally, control completely Lead - 'pb' element Lead - A heavy metal Lead - Modern paint no-no Lead - Head or heart of a writer? Lead - Auditioner's dream Lead - Go ahead with the roof covering Lead - Indication of opportunity Lead - Star part Lead - It blocks superman's x-ray vision Lead - Gasoline additive, once Lead - It's not the pb you want in a pb&j Lead - Short wire used as jumper - pb Lead - Base of some paints Lead - Newspaper article's first paragraph Lead - Baserunner's steps off the bag Lead - Point the way Lead - Defeat secured by best original means to an end in 15 Lead - Clue recurring in puzzle, a debatable addition Lead - Top-billed performer Lead - Element below tin on the periodic table Lead - Pb, to a chemist Lead - X-ray vision stopper Lead - Guide on the dance floor Lead - Cardiogram connection Lead - Adelaide has no idea of principal role Lead - Pencil core Lead - Directed to accept a title tole Lead - Solo Lead - What the better guitarist takes Lead - Type of guitarist Lead - Taylor dayne "love will ___ you back" Lead - Chicago "all roads ___ to you" Lead - Heavy metal's starring role Lead - The periodic table's pb Lead - Primary part Lead - Metal attachment to dog? Lead - Gas additive of yore Lead - Heavy malleable metallic element Lead - Premier article in key write-up Lead - Accompany to show the way Lead - Toxic metal in old paint Lead - Top attraction for metal thieves? Lead - Pb, to chemists Lead - Top-billed role Lead - Blocker of superman's x-ray vision Lead - Principal means of linking computer Lead - Principal material for sinker Lead - Principal material for sinker Lead - Metal device for controlling dog Lead - Criminologist's clue