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Stoic - One who grins and bears it

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Stoic - Zeno follower Stoic - Impassive Stoic - Zeno, notably Stoic - One who grins and bears it Stoic - Like zeno Stoic - Stiff-upper-lip type Stoic - Zeno was one Stoic - Unemotional Stoic - Unaffected by passion Stoic - Unemotional person Stoic - Dispassionate person Stoic - Follower of zeno Stoic - Unmoved one Stoic - Hardly emotional Stoic - Stiff-upper-lip sort Stoic - Hardly the screaming type Stoic - Hard to get to Stoic - Unflinching Stoic - Unruffled Stoic - Bite-the-bullet type Stoic - Far from demonstrative Stoic - Not very excitable Stoic - Unexcitable Stoic - Forbearing Stoic - Detached type Stoic - Emotionless Stoic - Imperturbable Stoic - Showing no emotion Stoic - Unmoved Stoic - Showing no pain Stoic - Unemotional to a fault Stoic - Indifferent to pleasure or pain Stoic - Like spock Stoic - Even-keeled Stoic - One who bites the bullet Stoic - Phlegmatic Stoic - Bullet-biting type Stoic - One who never cries 'ow!' Stoic - Immovable type Stoic - Undemonstrative to the max Stoic - Seneca, for one Stoic - Unemotional thinker Stoic - Devoid of emotion Stoic - Showing little emotion Stoic - Not easily flapped Stoic - Betraying no emotion Stoic - Giving nothing away, in a way Stoic - Uncomplaining sort Stoic - Follower of the philosopher epictetus Stoic - Having a stiff upper lip Stoic - Hard to move Stoic - Not overly emotional Stoic - Not moved much Stoic - Not reacting to pain, say Stoic - Epictetus, for one Stoic - Marcus aurelius was one Stoic - Displaying no emotion Stoic - Hard to stir Stoic - Unemotional sort Stoic - Impassive one Stoic - Unemo-tional Stoic - Indifferent individual Stoic - Student of zeno Stoic - To endures pain with sic Stoic - Zeno, e.g Stoic - Very cool Stoic - One who philosophically objects to beef Stoic - One tucked in bed's getting up - might he seem cold? Stoic - Uncomplaining disciple Stoic - One resigned when about to get endlessly ill Stoic - One patient under misfortune Stoic - Dispassionate Stoic - Resigned to finding one hidden by barman Stoic - Uninclined to complain Stoic - Unresponsive? Stoic - Long-suffering Stoic - One involved in outrageous cost was philosophical Stoic - Vulcan in demeanor Stoic - Uncomplaining Stoic - Unemotive Stoic - Unlikely to come unglued Stoic - Hardboiled Stoic - Unfeeling Stoic - Unflinching in the face of pain, say Stoic - Hard to startle Stoic - An indifferent philosopher Stoic - Not terminally ill, about to become indifferent to pain Stoic - Long-suffering type; follower of zeno Stoic - Philosopher thus holding the office, initially Stoic - Endless criticism written about old philosopher Stoic - With love at heart, good person in charge of a classical school Stoic - Philosopher resorts to iconoclasm in part Stoic - Philosopher to endure endlessly, hiding love? Stoic - One indifferent to fortune, pleasure and pain Stoic - Philosopher like marcus aurelius Stoic - Uncomplaining person Stoic - One who endures hardship uncomplainingly Stoic - His philosophy is enduring Stoic - Endless criticism about nothing? i'll show little emotion Stoic - One who endures pain with equanimity Stoic - Philosopher thus keeps book for reflection Stoic - Thus roman gets round to athenian philosopher Stoic - One who doesn't complain Stoic - Resigned, although second time round i came first! Stoic - Not bothered to be actually written about Stoic - Unflappable type to put in like this? exactly! Stoic - Phlegmatic type taken from inverness to iceland Stoic - Able to endure pain Stoic - There's a lot of staff around old patient Stoic - Repeated passage of tortoise divides as in the original zeno? Stoic - I'll get stuck in the bank endlessly, a long-suffering type Stoic - Impassive type going in bus to ice-rink Stoic - Indifferent to pain Stoic - Indifferent part of dreiser's desire Stoic - ... thus digests book about zeno of citium, perhaps Stoic - Resilient philosopher Stoic - Endure endlessly without love? one can't complain Stoic - Zeno, say, thus digesting books from the east Stoic - A philosopher closed in thus Stoic - Small bed in lift occupied by one patient Stoic - Seneca, for instance, or a dreiser protagonist Stoic - Solemn ceremony Stoic - Cool greek stores with ices reduced by 50% Stoic - Imperturbable one Stoic - Putting on a poker face Stoic - Not at all emotional Stoic - One entertained by short routine - he shouldn't complain Stoic - Disciple or follower of zeno Stoic - One who is indifferent to pain Stoic - Unemotional scot i removed Stoic - Passionless disciple Stoic - Seneca for one played coits Stoic - Philosophical disciple developing its small company Stoic - One involved in unusual cost was philosophical Stoic - Long-suffering saint oswald's first to join leaders in island church Stoic - Uncomplaining in suffering Stoic - Rod, almost entirely without love and showing little emotion Stoic - I'm not complaining on board airbus to iceland Stoic - Zenophile? Stoic - Unflappable Stoic - Not one to complain of daedalus to icarus Stoic - Turns up spaces to sleep in around india for the long-suffering Stoic - Indifferent Stoic - Unmovable Stoic - One in bed's turned over, not easily excited Stoic - Hard to arouse Stoic - Undemonstrative sort Stoic - I invested in fund showing ultimate loss, but i'll bear it Stoic - Impassive, resigned Stoic - Long-suffering saint backing ten hundred Stoic - Indifferent to pain, as one should be Stoic - One accepting of his lot Stoic - With no parking, stay in charge of patient Stoic - Hard to rattle Stoic - Emotion-hiding sort Stoic - Philosopher endlessly banal, one admitted Stoic - Uncomplaining type Stoic - Hardly the emotional type Stoic - Not easily moved Stoic - Someone seemingly indifferent to pleasure or pain Stoic - Poker-faced Stoic - Thus about to be indifferent to pleasure or pain Stoic - Hard-to-read type Stoic - Good man in charge, with love at heart, makes a good bearer Stoic - Philosopher Stoic - One's taken in by mostly routine philosopher Stoic - Not the movable type Stoic - Uncomplaining; philosopher Stoic - Is patient with most of the animals around island Stoic - … thus absorbing to zeno, for one Stoic - Reduced sick wards closed for patient Stoic - Impassive type Stoic - Unemotional one Stoic - Unemotional one