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Hre - Charlemagne's realm: abbr

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  • Hre - Letter on H
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Hre - Otto i's realm: abbr Hre - It began in a.d. 800 Hre - Dominion ended by francis ii: abbr Hre - Charles v's domain: abbr Hre - Charlemagne's realm: abbr Hre - Domain of otto i, ii, etc Hre - Charlemagne's domain: abbr Hre - Maximilian i's realm: abbr Hre - Medieval state: abbr Hre - France/hungary separator, once: abbr Hre - It began in a.d. 800: abbr Hre - Maximilian's realm: abbr Hre - Realm of otto i: abbr Hre - Longtime hapsburg domain: abbr Hre - Domain of the hapsburgs, once: abbr Hre - Its spiritual head was the pope: abbr Hre - Realm from 800-1806 a.d Hre - Charlemagne's domain (abbr.) Hre - Hapsburg domain: abbr Hre - Realm destroyed by napoleon: abbr Hre - Realm ruled until 1806, for short Hre - It ended in 1806: abbr Hre - Louis i's realm: abbr Hre - Dominion until 1806: abbr Hre - Realm of otto i (abbr.) Hre - Otto i's realm, briefly Hre - 1,000-plus-year realm: abbr Hre - Land once ruled by the hapsburgs: abbr Hre - Maximilian i's domain, briefly Hre - It ended when francis ii abdicated: abbr Hre - Bygone eur. realm Hre - Realm until the 19th cen Hre - Old eur. domain Hre - Otto i’s realm (abbr.) Hre - Realm until 1806: abbr Hre - Much of central eur., once Hre - It dissolved when francis ii abdicated: abbr Hre - Charlemagne ruled it: abbr Hre - Otto i's domain: abbr Hre - Charlemagne's reign, briefly Hre - Charlemagne's reign: abbr Hre - Otto i's realm (abbr.) Hre - Charlemagne realm: abbr Hre - Otto i was its first leader: abbr Hre - Charlemagne's realm, for short Hre - Charlemagne's domain, for short Hre - Any of four ottos: abbr Hre - Its leader's flag featured a black eagle: abbr Hre - Onetime realm of central eur Hre - Charlemagne's dominion: abbr Hre - Charlemagne's realm (abbr.) Hre - Realm from 800-1806: abbr Hre - 1,000-yr. realm Hre - Old eur. realm Hre - Eur. domain from 800 to 1806 Hre - Charlemagne was its first ruler (abbr.) Hre - Fabled racer Hre - Centuries-long realm dissolved in 1806: abbr Hre - Central eur. power until 1806 Hre - Kind of jet Hre - 1,000-year eur. realm Hre - Domain of charlemagne: abbr Hre - The battle of austerlitz precipitated its end: abbr Hre - Domain of charles v: abbr Hre - Charlemagne domain: abbr Hre - Eur. power until 1806 Hre - Domain cited by ripley as a three-word misnomer: abbr Hre - Domain of louis the pious: abbr Hre - Political org. from 962 to 1806 Hre - Francis ii dissolved it in 1806: abbr Hre - 10th-19th c. confederation Hre - Eur. realm until 1806 Hre - Charles v's realm: abbr