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Navy - Business suit shade

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Navy - - blue Navy - 54 down group Navy - A dark blue; service Navy - A dark shade of blue Navy - A nation's marine service Navy - Admiral's employer Navy - Admiral's service Navy - Against wearing any exotic shade Navy - All at sea? no, only about five of them Navy - Alma mater of football great roger staubach Navy - Almost black Navy - Annapolis alum's employer Navy - Annapolis athletes Navy - Armada Navy - Armed forces option Navy - Armed service Navy - Army foe Navy - Army opponent Navy - Army rival Navy - Army's football rival Navy - Bean that's white, oddly Navy - Blue Navy - Blue - service Navy - Blue - ships and seamen Navy - Blue angels service branch Navy - Blue color Navy - Blue delivery vehicle reversing towards edge of walkway Navy - Blue front wheels an unknown quantity Navy - Blue hue Navy - Blue shade Navy - Business suit shade Navy - By yard reversing vehicle for service Navy - Coast guard ally Navy - Colour of the fleet Navy - Commodore's branch of service Navy - Dark blue Navy - Dark blue shade Navy - Dark blue; service Navy - Dark shade Navy - Dark shade of blue Navy - Deep blue Navy - Defense arm Navy - Disheartened labourer in the shade Navy - Enlistee's choice Navy - Fleet Navy - Fleet - blue Navy - Fleet folks Navy - Fleet of ships Navy - Fleet runner Navy - Fleet vehicle returning at end of day Navy - Force based on waves? Navy - Full of velocity, or rather fleet Navy - In the ---- (village people) Navy - It's blue Navy - It's darker than royal blue Navy - Its mascot is a goat Navy - Labourer loses heart, becoming blue Navy - Like many blazers Navy - Lots of warships? no, about five Navy - Marine force Navy - Maritime force Navy - Maritime military force Navy - Military branch Navy - Nation's warships Navy - Negative response about competing against dark blue Navy - Negative response about very limited service Navy - No holding five sailors Navy - No, about five it leaves wash behind Navy - Old ___ Navy - Oldest british service branch Navy - Pearl harbor presence Navy - Petty officer's employer Navy - Refusal to include verse in a service Navy - Sailor's employer Navy - Sailor's employer, perhaps Navy - Sailor's org Navy - Sailor's outfit Navy - Sailors certainly not travelling round venice originally Navy - School whose 1910 football team went undefeated and unscored upon Navy - Sea power Navy - Sea-blue, describing church body might you say? Navy - Seagoing fighting force Navy - Seagoing force Navy - Seagoing military force Navy - Seals' branch Navy - Seals' military branch Navy - See no captured ships Navy - Service is dire coming out of vineyard Navy - Shade of blue Navy - Shade of the marine forces Navy - Shipping department? Navy - Ships - blue! Navy - Ships-of-war Navy - Skaters' objective in a midsummer night's dream Navy - Sox cap hue option Navy - Sub group Navy - Team with a goat mascot Navy - The blue of many blazers Navy - The midshipmen Navy - The village people were "in" this Navy - This has cut smoking Navy - Tone reflects section of the lady vanishes Navy - Vehicle returned before end of warranty for service Navy - Vehicle returns with last of many sailors Navy - Very bereft labourer's blue Navy - Village people "in the ___" Navy - Where the village people served? Navy - With 36-down, like some service uniforms Navy - With 65-across, military specialist Navy - Word with blue or bean Navy - Yard vehicle withdrawn from fleet Navy - [military force] Navy - ___ bean soup