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Stint - Be frugal

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Stint - Work period Stint - Task Stint - Limited work assignment Stint - Time on the job Stint - Restrict Stint - Be frugal Stint - Tour of duty Stint - Pinch pennies Stint - Stretch Stint - Time spent on the job Stint - Be miserly Stint - Stretch of activity Stint - Term of employment Stint - Give ungenerously Stint - Term of employment, e.g Stint - Be sparing Stint - Economize Stint - Time in the service Stint - Assigned period of work Stint - Be parsimonious Stint - Bit of work Stint - Hitch Stint - Piece of work found in this puzzle's longer entries Stint - Twelve-hour shift, e.g Stint - Time on a job Stint - Stretch at work? Stint - Be grudging Stint - Time in the army, say Stint - Period of time served Stint - Time served Stint - Stretch on the job Stint - Stretch in the service Stint - Time in the army, e.g Stint - Army hitch, e.g Stint - Spell Stint - Brief job Stint - Really economize Stint - If one is not alert, one removes the skin from a turn of it Stint - Limitation of effort Stint - A bit of work - just a shade of it at last Stint - A bit of work can get into the street Stint - Restrict to small allowance, be niggardly Stint - Be niggardly with tints Stint - Be niggardly, or fixed amount of work Stint - The shade of the south for a spell Stint - Period of duty Stint - Work assignment Stint - Stretch of time Stint - Be spare bird Stint - Supply inadequately - fixed period of work Stint - Fixed amount - allowance Stint - Unbroken work period Stint - Act miserly Stint - Unbroken period during which you do one thing Stint - Piece of work Stint - What shouldn't follow you? Stint - Be less than generous Stint - Time spent at a job Stint - Spot of work is the way to rake in money Stint - Assignment Stint - Allotted period of work Stint - Be sparing; sandpiper Stint - Allotted period (of work) Stint - Temp job duration Stint - Stretch; be miserly Stint - Economise during tour of duty Stint - Can, in a way, be one�s allotted task Stint - Spare shift? Stint - Be economical Stint - Sandpiper Stint - Brief spell Stint - Small sandpiper Stint - Shift inside just in time to tighten belts Stint - Fixed period of work Stint - Wading bird's singular colour Stint - Work shift Stint - Tour in the service Stint - Period of work Stint - Time spent on duty Stint - Stretch of work