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Asperity - Rigor

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  • Asperity - Letter on A
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Asperity - 'sharpness, harshness (8)' Asperity - A good fortune pro's lost, bringing harshness Asperity - According to targeted child, youth leader shows harshness Asperity - Always accepting worried priest's rough manner Asperity - Bitter coldness Asperity - Bitterness shown by an agent, weary when back inside Asperity - Bitterness, in a manner of speaking, for a pole contacting old ruth ward inside Asperity - Cooking tripe, say, may lead to acrimony Asperity - Corrupt parties on fourth of july with bitter temper Asperity - Harsh mood, according to financial centre dumping leader Asperity - Harsh tone from a professional no longer in thriving condition Asperity - Harshness Asperity - Harshness of a dirty hovel in which fairy is imprisoned Asperity - Harshness of an agent turning weary inside Asperity - Harshness of fairy-like being in a corrupt place Asperity - Harshness of manner Asperity - Harshness of tone Asperity - Harshness of tone or manner Asperity - Harshness or severity of manner Asperity - Harshness, bitter coldness Asperity - How one tries to get the pay with some sharpness Asperity - In a way it repays harshness Asperity - Irritability Asperity - Like queen, consumed by compassion, but a rough manner Asperity - Rigor Asperity - Rigor or hardship Asperity - Rocky repays it with sarcasm Asperity - Roughness of a pyrites compound Asperity - Roughness of a small sort of pyrite Asperity - Roughness of temper Asperity - Roughness, bitterness Asperity - Roughness, harshness or coldness Asperity - Sharpness as each one turned yellow, initially Asperity - Sharpness, harshness Asperity - Stay around the fairy with bad temper Asperity - The peas i try with a bad grace Asperity - When the queen, in sorrow, shows such a harsh quality Asperity - When through with it, start yelling in bitterness