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Terse - Not windy

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Terse - Antisesquipedalian Terse - Elliptical Terse - Brusque Terse - To the point Terse - Clipped Terse - Pauciloquent Terse - Not windy Terse - Like headlines Terse - Hardly prolix Terse - Pithy Terse - In a nutshell Terse - Not going on Terse - As in a nutshell Terse - Far from verbose Terse - Short and sweet Terse - Like coolidge's utterances Terse - Succinct Terse - Not wordy Terse - Curt Terse - Not long-winded Terse - Hardly windy Terse - Not at all windy Terse - By no means long-winded Terse - Right to the point Terse - Short-spoken Terse - Of few words Terse - Laconic Terse - Concise Terse - Far from prolix Terse - In headlinese, say Terse - Brief in speech Terse - To-the-point Terse - Not wandering Terse - Hardly verbose Terse - Short and maybe sweet Terse - Hardly wordy Terse - Hardly loquacious Terse - Hardly sesquipedalian Terse - Short and to the point Terse - Abrupt Terse - Not saying much Terse - Hardly talkative Terse - Not inclined to go on Terse - Low on word count Terse - Short and maybe not sweet Terse - Breviloquent Terse - Short and to-the-point Terse - Brief and to the point Terse - Short Terse - Far from windy Terse - Briefly stated Terse - Hardly gabby Terse - Far from flowery Terse - Not garrulous Terse - Wasting no words Terse - Clipped, in a way Terse - Far from wordy Terse - Using few words Terse - Brief Terse - Unpadded Terse - Not roundabout Terse - Brief and pithy Terse - Compendious Terse - Epigrammatic Terse - Short and sweet, as speeches go Terse - Short and snappy Terse - Certainly not verbose Terse - Short and often not sweet Terse - Short-winded Terse - Shortwinded Terse - Not chatty Terse - Hardly long-winded Terse - No-nonsense Terse - Not rambling Terse - Not at all garrulous Terse - Without wasting words Terse - Without elaboration Terse - Succinctly worded Terse - Not drawn out Terse - Verbally sparing Terse - Effectively concise Terse - Hardly chatty Terse - Like the review 'hated it,' e.g Terse - Quick and to the point Terse - Unlike filibusters Terse - Short on words Terse - Like coolidge, famously Terse - Not flowery Terse - Not verbose Terse - Without any embroidery Terse - Like hemingway's prose Terse - How the trees get chopped up, in short Terse - In short, trees Terse - Brusque among trees Terse - Trees cut up short, like this Terse - The gaelic comes shortly after tea Terse - How the gaelic comes after tea, in short Terse - Pithy and concise Terse - After tea it's irish, in short Terse - Have, in short, some irish after tea in short Terse - In short, irish after 27 across, in short Terse - They way to make the trees short? Terse - In short in irish at last Terse - You'd never long for this, in a manner of speaking Terse - In short, in irish at last (5) Terse - Succinct about trees Terse - Brusque and curt Terse - Short and succinct Terse - Abrupt, concise Terse - In short, the trees have been chopped up Terse - After tea, in short, the irish makes it all short Terse - In short, in gaelic at last Terse - Short trees, in a manner of speaking Terse - Concise about trees Terse - Curt among trees Terse - Reset to be pithy Terse - Curt, laconic of speech Terse - Of speech, short and pithy Terse - Pithy among trees Terse - Gaelic at last in short Terse - In short, the tree is chopped up around the south Terse - Short for the gaelic after tea, in short Terse - Beheaded, it would be short, in a manner of speaking in gaelic Terse - 'the steer is a gaelic one, in a manner of speaking (5)' Terse - 'how the trees are made short, in a manner of speaking (5)' Terse - Trees in bits that sound short Terse - Short sort of trees Terse - In short, the trees get chopped in bits Terse - Not very wordy Terse - Compact Terse - Far from diffuse Terse - Unwordy Terse - Like telegrams, typically Terse - Short and direct Terse - Part of ulster seemingly not windy Terse - Compact part of battersea Terse - Extract from chapter seen to be concise Terse - Compact found in battersea Terse - Crisp and brief Terse - Short and sharp Terse - Adhering to strunk and white's advice 'omit needless words' Terse - Curtly brief Terse - Without wasted words Terse - Far from talkative Terse - Like tweets, by necessity Terse - Elliptical, in a way Terse - Concise in speech Terse - Succinct in speech Terse - Short and probably not sweet Terse - Hardly rambling Terse - Crisp Terse - Curt - abrupt Terse - Brief accepted by barrister selectively Terse - Extract from letters, extremely brief Terse - Brief; abrupt Terse - Brief leaders in the sunday express about royalty Terse - Sententious Terse - Sparing with words Terse - Barrister sensibly covers brief Terse - Short cuts through battersea Terse - Sparing with words; abrupt Terse - Aphoristic Terse - Using few words from letter selectively Terse - Abrupt aspect of quartermaster sergeant Terse - It's taking minimal time with language Terse - Compact kept in the dresser, oddly Terse - Short stretch of water searched Terse - To the point, language used at conclusion of summit Terse - Short, abrupt Terse - Short time to meet irish Terse - Not at all talkative Terse - Sounds blunt chopping trees Terse - Monosyllabic, perhaps Terse - Like one-word answers Terse - Brief winter season - victory a boy delivered Terse - For easter, not getting a break, in short Terse - 'brief encounter"s eternal embraces Terse - Blunt tory leader's language Terse - Initial time for irish gaelic is short Terse - Sharp tongue on tory leader Terse - The leader from ireland is anything but verbose Terse - Trees (anag.) Terse - During the winter season it's short Terse - Irish following troubles, initially laconic Terse - Tribe's original language using few words Terse - Brusque, certain characters in battersea Terse - Abrupt finish of celt language Terse - Setter disregarding time off in short Terse - Brusque, in sister's estimation Terse - Short peter sellers piece Terse - Barrister secretly concealing brief Terse - 'brief encounter' secretly grips Terse - Short quarter-sections enclosed Terse - Using few words repeatedly included by better setters, etc Terse - Short half of bitter, then two quarters Terse - Short chapter selected shorn of trappings Terse - To be blunt, it's for chopping trees Terse - Not likely to run on Terse - 'brief encounter' -- selected screens Terse - Short in toaster's electrics Terse - Essentially time for parking is short Terse - Not very chatty Terse - Briefly worded Terse - Short time before eating seconds Terse - Sparing of words Terse - Not at all wordy Terse - Like some reprimands Terse - Like newspaper headlines, typically Terse - Like the answer 'no.' Terse - Facetious response to 'describe yourself in three adjectives' Terse - Not overly vocal Terse - Short, but probably not sweet Terse - Very short Terse - Unlike a 17-across Terse - Like tweets Terse - Cy young winner hershiser Terse - Concise in wording Terse - Cover ... or cover ___ Terse - Like calvin coolidge Terse - Hardly garrulous Terse - Far from long-winded Terse - Economical in words Terse - Saying little on purpose Terse - Term often applied to hemingway Terse - Succinctly put Terse - The grasses are oddly clipped Terse - Short of some computer services Terse - Short and not so sweet Terse - Brusque ambassador abandoning the irish language Terse - Gangster seeks to frame brief Terse - Like one-word responses Terse - Briefly worded, like a tweet Terse - Short piece of poetry given new introduction