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Butler - Middle name of 7-across

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Butler - Middle name of 7-across Butler - He did it in whodunits Butler - Popular suspect Butler - Poet samuel who wrote 'hudibras' Butler - He did it in whodunits? Butler - Lurch or jeeves, e.g Butler - Classic whodunit suspect Butler - Estate door answerer Butler - Who often 'did it' in a whodunit Butler - Servant of a sort Butler - Well-mannered manor man Butler - Role in a drawing-room mystery Butler - Culprit in a trite whodunit Butler - Alfred, at wayne manor Butler - Chief male household servant Butler - Male servant Butler - Might pan try work for one there? Butler - Pan try where one is to be found? Butler - Chief male servant Butler - Lofty head servant - what did he see? Butler - Chief manservant of posh household Butler - Top manservant of a posh household Butler - Gielgud's "arthur" role Butler - Chief man-servant of posh household Butler - A manservant Butler - Head servant of posh household Butler - Head manservant of posh household Butler - Top servant in posh household Butler - Head male servant Butler - 'gwtw' hero Butler - Non-pm (cons) - a suspect in murder fiction Butler - Reporter on 6, perhaps, who saw what he shouldn't? Butler - See 9 Butler - Household servant Butler - Estate-door answerer Butler - See 16-across Butler - Whodunit cliché Butler - In spite of that, the french resistance saying he is to blame Butler - British novelist in charge of port? Butler - House servant Butler - Samuel -, author of erewhon Butler - Chief manservant Butler - Manservant Butler - He wrote nowhere in a way Butler - Steward's killer left for church Butler - Usual suspect? Butler - Manor minder Butler - Manservant however with the french redhead Butler - However, tragic king won't need a servant Butler - Valet Butler - Servant still left attending queen Butler - Head of a household? Butler - Murder mystery staple Butler - Gable part Butler - Domestic servant Butler - In spite of that, the french resistance is saying he did it Butler - Downton abbey employee Butler - Head servant of a household Butler - Male domestic servant Butler - Head servant Butler - Jeeves, for one Butler - Manor worker Butler - Manservant nevertheless left queen