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Met - Caught up with

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Met - "have we __?" Met - "have we ___?" Met - "haven't we __?" Met - "haven't ___ you yet" (michael buble) Met - "i knew i loved you before i ___ you" Met - "i never ___ a man i didn't like" Met - "the" place for opera Met - "we have ___ the enemy . . . " Met - "we have ___ the enemy ..." Met - "when harry ___ sally ..." Met - 'miracle' player of 1969 Met - 'mr.' who has stitches in his face Met - 'the hopes and fears of all the years are ___ in thee tonight' Met - 1969 sports hero Met - 1986 series fenway foe Met - 1986 world series ring wearer Met - 2000 subway series player Met - 49-down, as a rookie Met - Achieved Met - Achieved, as a sales quota Met - Adjoined Met - Agreed to Met - An east coast 27-across Met - Applique Met - Assembled Met - Attained Met - Attained, as a goal Met - Bbc program "well ___ in woolton" Met - Became acquainted with Met - Been introduced Met - Began a relationship Met - Big apple athlete Met - Big apple attraction (with "the") Met - Big apple attraction, with 'the' Met - Big apple cultural attraction, with 'the' Met - Big apple museum, familiarly Met - Big apple museum, with 'the' Met - Big apple opera house Met - Big apple opera house, familiarly Met - Big apple opera lover's destination, with 'the' Met - Brave competitor? Met - Brave opponent Met - Brave rival Met - Brave rival? Met - Bumped into Met - Bumped into, in a way Met - Cam across a four, by the sound of it, in a manner of speaking Met - Came across Met - Came across 'er so you may take it as read Met - Came across - police in london Met - Came across as satisfied Met - Came across me before tea Met - Came across something to do with the weather, in short? (3) Met - Came across this before a four, by the sound of it, in a manner of speaking Met - Came across this from outer space & co Met - Came across this up in 6 down Met - Came face to face with Met - Came into contact with Met - Came together Met - Came together, encountered Met - Came upon Met - Caught up with Met - Certain baseball pro Met - Certain new york athlete Met - Certain new york pro Met - Certain nyc pro Met - Certain pro baseball player Met - Challenged the police in london Met - Chanced upon Met - Citi field athlete Met - Citi field ballplayer Met - Citi field player Met - Citifield player Met - Collected Met - Collided, say Met - Coloratura's home, with 'the' Met - Confronted Met - Congregated Met - Convened Met - Converged Met - Coped effectively with, as a challenge Met - Covered, as expenses Met - Crossed Met - Crossed paths Met - Crossed paths for the first time Met - Crossed paths with Met - Dépose Met - Edwyn collins "never ___ a girl like you before" Met - Encontered leading minimalist entering tate Met - Encountered Met - Encountered by chance or arrangement Met - Encountered for the first time Met - Encountered or touched Met - Encountered pro tem Met - Encountered some turbulent air Met - Encountered, came across Met - Encountered, came into contact Met - Enfonce Met - Engage Met - Exchanged handshakes Met - Faced Met - Faced, as a challenge Met - Famous opera house Met - Famous opera house (with "the") Met - Fate is thus encountered after kay, by the sound of it Met - First got acquainted Met - Fit, as requirements Met - Flanque Met - Force impacted Met - Forgathered Met - Formed a junction Met - Fulfilled Met - Fulfilled, as a deadline Met - Gathered Met - Gathered at one spot Met - Gathered together Met - Get me together with a little 14 down Met - Glisse Met - Got together Met - Got together with Met - Greeted Met - H ought to follow this, or so i should have imagined, if it came together Met - H's added for the spirits and came across it Met - H's following this till all is blue Met - Had a conference Met - Had a meeting Met - Had a powwow Met - Had a rendezvous Met - Had a session Met - Had a sit-down Met - Happened upon Met - He earns his pay at shea Met - Held a conference Met - Held a hearing, say Met - Held a session Met - Home of el greco's 'view of toledo,' familiarly Met - Hooked up with Met - How heavenly if the co. were to have come across this! Met - Huddled Met - Huddled (with) Met - In a way, matched Met - Injured 2009 athlete, likely Met - Interleague yank rival Met - Intersected Met - Introduit Met - Joined Met - K is fated to be encountered like this Met - Kaz or pedro Met - Kept an appointment Met - Kept an appointment with Met - Learned the name of, say Met - Lincoln center landmark Met - Lincoln center landmark, familiarly Met - Lived up to Met - London police (abbr) - new york museum of art (abbr) Met - Made a connection shown in timetable Met - Made good on Met - Made the acquaintance of Met - Mays, in his last game Met - Measured up to Met - Member of a new york nine Met - Might have so come across h's with spirit till all is blue Met - Mike piazza, for one Met - Miracle man? Met - Miracle worker of 1969? Met - Most of the metal came across this Met - Mr. ___ (baseball mascot) Met - Mr. ___ (shea mascot) Met - N.y. museum Met - N.y.c. museum, with 'the' Met - N.y.c. opera house, with 'the' Met - N.y.c. presenter of 8-down, with 'the' Met - National league athlete Met - National league east player Met - National rival? Met - Nelson/haggard "pancho ___ his match, you know" Met - New york athlete Met - New york ballplayer Met - New york baseballer Met - New york city cultural venue, with 'the' Met - New york museum, briefly (with "the") Met - New york pro Met - New york ___ Met - Noah & the whale "just me before we ___" Met - Nolan ryan, e.g., when he started in the major leagues Met - Ny baseball player Met - Nyc landmark Met - Nyc museum that contains the temple of dendur Met - Nyc opera house Met - Nyc opera house (with "the") Met - Nyc opera, with 'the' Met - One of stengel's "amazin's" Met - One who once played at shea Met - Opera company gathered together Met - Opera venue found in this puzzle's four longest answers Met - Outfielder lastings milledge or xavier nady Met - Piazza or valentine Met - Piazza, for one Met - Place for a pavarotti performance Met - Place to hear a 13-across, with 'the' Met - Player at the new citi field Met - Player on a queens bench Met - Powwowed (with) Met - Queens athlete Met - Queens ballplayer Met - Ran across Met - Ran into Met - Ran into a number of characters in madame tussauds Met - Range Met - Reached, as a goal Met - Reached, as a goal Met - Reached, as goals Met - Rendezvoused Met - Sat Met - Sat down with Met - Sat in session Met - Satisfied Met - Satisfied with the police in london Met - Satisfied, as an obligation Met - Satisfied, in a way Met - Satisfied, we gathered Met - Saw face-to-face Met - Shea athlete Met - Shea player Met - Shook hands with Met - Shook hands with, say Met - Shook hands, say Met - Site for 125-across, with 'the' Met - Site of 26-across's new york debut Met - Strawberry was one Met - Strawberry, in the '80s Met - Subway series player Met - Succeeded in Met - Tackled Met - The co came across this in space Met - The skeleton had come across a car pal a bit like this Met - They said it wouldn't rain in the middle of robert emmet's tribute Met - This person, given time, will be satisfied Met - Tom seaver, for most of his career Met - Tom terrific or marvelous marv, e.g Met - Touched Met - Trysted Met - Up with this and encountered it Met - Was introduced to Met - Were introduced Met - What one did for 2 down Met - Wheat "i ___ a girl i'd like to know better but i'm already with someone" Met - Wheat "i ___ a girl" Met - Where pavarotti first performed in 1968, with 'the' Met - Willie mays, in '73 Met - With a 4 following - a sound figure of speech Met - Yankee hater Met - Yankee rival Met - Yankee rival for ink Met - Yankee's big apple rival Met - Yankee's crosstown rival Met - ___life