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Ladida - 'well, ___!' ('ain't you hot stuff!')

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  • Ladida - Letter on L
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Ladida - 'well, ___!' ('ain't you somethin'!') Ladida - Foppish Ladida - 'well, ___!' ('ain't you hot stuff!') Ladida - Hoity-toity Ladida - Oh-so-genteel Ladida - Pretentious Ladida - Nonchalant syllables Ladida - Highfalutin Ladida - Highfalutin' Ladida - Pretentious one Ladida - 'well, aren't you fancy!' Ladida - Too-too Ladida - Pretentious syllables Ladida - 'well, ___!' Ladida - Pretentiously refined Ladida - 'well, look at you!' Ladida - "ain't you somethin'!" Ladida - "well, ___!" ("how pretentious!") Ladida - Affectedly refined Ladida - Is that the way the boy tries to lord it over the girl? Ladida - So genteel is the boy that he is able to get over the princess of savoy Ladida - Informally, having affected manner of pronunciation Ladida - Affectedly genteel Ladida - I'd a lad with affected manner or pronunciation Ladida - Having an affected manner Ladida - Annie hall trademark phrase Ladida - Pretentious young man, the one with father Ladida - Affected foreign aid from the french department Ladida - I'd return in a cheap car, pretentiously polished Ladida - Snobbish boy and girl Ladida - Boy and girl becoming pretentious Ladida - Gala did appear somewhat pretentious Ladida - Fancy-schmancy Ladida - 'well, aren't you the fancy one?' Ladida - "well, aren't you the fancy one?" Ladida - Detective in russian car is pretentious in a manner of speaking Ladida - "well, ___!" ("ain't you somethin'!") Ladida - Stuck-up Ladida - Boy and girl being pretentious Ladida - Pretentious boy touching girl Ladida - Pretentious fellow meeting princess Ladida - Pretentious young man meets princess Ladida - Hoity-toity guy at opera, with top off Ladida - Pretentious boy and girl Ladida - Pretentious daughter getting into 'opera on line' Ladida - Pretentious, snobbish Ladida - Pretentious woman attached to young fellow Ladida - Pretentious piece of marketing in top area Ladida - Pretentious young man thought to lack energy Ladida - Line suited those who'd be dry without becoming pretentious Ladida - Posh boy and girl Ladida - Behaving in a way that is affectedly upper-class Ladida - Affectedly superior or elegant Ladida - Affectedly elegant or superior Ladida - Hifalutin young boy leads girl Ladida - Posh boy pursued by princess Ladida - Affectedly pretentious young man and woman Ladida - Posh car without documents Ladida - Pretentious boy kissing girl Ladida - Affectedly superior boy and girl Ladida - Artsy-fartsy, say Ladida - 'well, aren't you something!' Ladida - Detective in car is pretentious in a manner of speaking Ladida - "well, ___!" ("aren't you something!")