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Fib - Prevaricate

Word by letter:
  • Fib - Letter on F
  • 1 - st. word F
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word B

All questions by word:
Fib - Piece of disinformation Fib - Taradiddle Fib - Prevaricate Fib - Wee whopper Fib - Do a little stretching? Fib - Whopper junior? Fib - Bit of baloney Fib - Little lie Fib - Little white lie Fib - Cock-and-bull story Fib - Stretching of the truth Fib - Piece of misinformation Fib - Not be entirely truthful Fib - Not so tall a tale Fib - Inconsequential invention Fib - Create fiction? Fib - Tiny untruth Fib - Small tale? Fib - Small tale Fib - Teensy lie Fib - Minor invention Fib - There's no truth to it Fib - Minor misstatement Fib - Take lying down? Fib - Stretch the truth Fib - White lie Fib - Tiny tale Fib - It may be said while crossing the fingers Fib - Embellishment, perhaps Fib - Lie a little Fib - Bend the truth Fib - Small lie Fib - Much less than a whopper Fib - Small stretch Fib - Teeny tale Fib - It's more than a stretch Fib - Trumped-up bit Fib - Bit of fiction Fib - Kid's story Fib - Tell a tall tale Fib - Bs Fib - Trivial lie Fib - Suspect story, maybe Fib - It's not a very big story Fib - "the dog ate my homework," e.g Fib - Whopper Fib - Fiction Fib - Teensy tale Fib - Tell a tale Fib - Not quite a whopper Fib - Mini-whopper Fib - Wee tale Fib - Polygraph detection Fib - Not-so-tall tale Fib - Tell a little lie Fib - A white lie Fib - A harmless white lie Fib - Story Fib - A little white lie Fib - Wee lie Fib - Little untruth Fib - Stuart leaves fruit bats to tell lie Fib - 'i didn't know i was speeding, officer,' e.g Fib - Lie Fib - Small story Fib - Minor falsehood Fib - Trumped-up story Fib - Fudging of fact Fib - Not a very big invention Fib - Story involving g-men slightly edited Fib - One must be 20 to be served in naafi bars Fib - Story gone over in brief, oddly Fib - Book with poem shown up as minor piece of fiction Fib - Tall tale Fib - Tell tales Fib - Truthfully it cannot be told Fib - Fellow in the same place producing pork pie Fib - Embroider, perhaps Fib - Piece of fudge Fib - Whopper jr.? Fib - Casual invention Fib - Small invention Fib - Little white 64-down Fib - Petty falsehood Fib - It's a piece of fiction involving characters in franz josef i biography Fib - No clue Fib - Fudge a fact Fib - It's not a bad lie Fib - Something that might be said with fingers crossed behind the back Fib - Statement made while crossing the fingers, maybe Fib - Fudge the facts