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Andante - Moderately slow, in music

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Andante - Moderately slow, in music Andante - Moderately slow Andante - Moderate in tempo Andante - Livelier than lento Andante - Slow tempo Andante - A little slower than moderato Andante - Not so fast Andante - Sort of slow Andante - With 72-across, moderate tempo * done Andante - Slowly scored? Andante - Moderate, musically Andante - Moderate tempo Andante - Faster than adagio Andante - Slowish, in music Andante - Medium tempo Andante - 15 across becomes rather slow with an insect in her Andante - An italian poet that was a bit on the slow side? Andante - An italian poet was a bit slow Andante - Rather slow before as well Andante - That's enough to make an italian poet go slow Andante - An italian poet that was moderately slow? Andante - Not so fast as 21 down - before it, too Andante - In time it gets to be a bit slow - before, too Andante - Not a fast for an italian poet Andante - Rather slow - before, too Andante - Rather slow, and not before the end Andante - It's a bit slow, by the sound of it - before, too Andante - Moderately slow, musically Andante - A bit slow - a bit before, too Andante - Not so fast and so before Andante - An italian poet - not swift Andante - Musically, in moderately slow time Andante - An italian poet is a bit slow, by the sound of it Andante - An initial bit with that infernal poet could be rather slow, by the sound of it Andante - Too before the tempo's slow Andante - 'play this slowly before it, too (7)' Andante - An italian poet gets rather slow in time Andante - 'like this, play is slow and previous (7)' Andante - The play is slow - previous, too Andante - Moderately slow in music Andante - An italian writer in no hurry Andante - Movement of man in hazard Andante - Joiner takes venture fairly slowly Andante - Not so fast with stake Andante - Smoker's means of identification comes over as being moderately slow Andante - (musically) at a moderate pace Andante - (of tempo) moderately slow Andante - Not so fast with initial stake Andante - Slowish in music Andante - Slow and steady Andante - Not quite 13 together with advance payment Andante - Not as slow as adagio Andante - Article on hell-writer hasn't got a fast tempo Andante - Neat and refined, but rather slow Andante - Movement formed by a poet Andante - Like many sonatas' second movements Andante - Slow speed Andante - It's faster than adagio Andante - Moderately slow in tempo Andante - Leisurely, for an italian poet Andante - Moderately slow musical passage Andante - An italian poet, moving unhurriedly Andante - Man, dreadfully neat on the outside, quite slow Andante - Movement with neat dancing Andante - A driver initially stuck in french town hasn't succeeded in moving steadily Andante - Moderately slow way of scoring in rome Andante - Moderately slow (music) Andante - Musical instruction unfortunately at an end Andante - Moderately slow piece of music Andante - Article by italian writer going fairly slowly Andante - A new poet progressing slowly Andante - Unhurried pace of a new comedy writer? Andante - Scored moderately slowly for an italian player Andante - Moving fairly slowly with mountain to climb Andante - Musical instruction provided by an italian poet Andante - Musical instruction from an eminent florentine Andante - Ace and ten, perhaps, to be deliberately played Andante - Musical instruction sadly at an end Andante - For players, rather slow with advance payment Andante - Fairly slow movement Andante - Moderately slow tempo Andante - Climbing mountain, carrier of information about us moving slowly Andante - Tempo for mozart's so-called 'elvira madigan' music Andante - To be played at a moderately slow tempo Andante - Emerges from grand anteroom slowly Andante - Moderately slowly Andante - Also bet on and it's rather slow Andante - Taking the air in a leisurely way Andante - Moderately slow (mus.) Andante - Judo buff enters before slow movement Andante - Moderately slow movement Andante - Musical instruction at an end, sadly Andante - An italian who wrote slowly Andante - At a moderately slow tempo Andante - Fairly slow (mus.) Andante - Man put in money for bet slowly Andante - Work not to be rushed from a new poet Andante - An italian poet gives notes to be taken slowly Andante - Slow movement of stake gripping desperate character Andante - Article written by poet reasonably slowly Andante - Musical instruction given in article by famous florentine Andante - A new poet's movement Andante - An old poet performed unhurriedly Andante - Desperate fellow put in stake at a steady pace Andante - An italian poet's movement not showing any sign of hurry Andante - Musical term meaning in a moderately slow tempo Andante - An old poet using leisurely pace Andante - Moderately slow passage Andante - A daughter in french port finally off? not so fast! Andante - Unrushed movement Andante - Slowly, on a score Andante - A poet penning new work performed rather slowly Andante - An italian poet that's rather slow Andante - Article on famous italian movement Andante - Play moderately slowly with stake money Andante - Sort of movement created by a new italian poet Andante - Slowish movement