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Inhale - Fill the lungs

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Inhale - '...but i didn't ___' Inhale - Acquire oxygen Inhale - Admit oxygen Inhale - Alien forms gulping hot smoke Inhale - Aspiré Inhale - At home, fit to enjoy cigarette so? Inhale - Breath in Inhale - Breathe Inhale - Breathe in Inhale - Breathe in (gas, smoke) Inhale - Check the cologne Inhale - Checkup request Inhale - Clinton said he didn't do it Inhale - Doctor's directive Inhale - Doctor's request Inhale - Draw a breath Inhale - Draw air into lungs Inhale - Draw breath Inhale - Draw breath if home and healthy Inhale - Draw in air or smoke Inhale - Draw into lungs Inhale - Draw into the lungs Inhale - Draw like a stoner? Inhale - Eat fast, slangily Inhale - Eat quickly, in slang Inhale - Eat quickly, slangily Inhale - Enjoy perfume Inhale - Fill one's lungs Inhale - Fill the alveoli Inhale - Fill the lungs Inhale - Get a lungful Inhale - Get a whiff of Inhale - Get some air Inhale - Get some air? Inhale - Get some oxygen Inhale - Get some oxygen, e.g Inhale - Gobble down Inhale - Gobble quickly Inhale - Gulp Inhale - Gulp down Inhale - Gulp down quickly Inhale - Have an inspiration Inhale - Have an inspiration? Inhale - Have aspirations Inhale - It seems al is there, just for a breath Inhale - It's fashionable for henry english to test breathing apparatus Inhale - Lung function Inhale - More than puff Inhale - Not just puff Inhale - One way to get inspiration Inhale - Pipe smokers usually don't do it Inhale - Popular? well i never did! (clinton) Inhale - Prepare to blow Inhale - Rapidly down Inhale - Respire Inhale - Sample the air Inhale - Sample the fresh air Inhale - Scarf down Inhale - Smell the coffee, e.g Inhale - Smell the roses Inhale - Smoke seriously in hospital and drink Inhale - Sniff Inhale - Sniff and then some Inhale - Sounds like something the doctor would say in hotel for bar order Inhale - Start to breathe Inhale - Suck it up? Inhale - Take a breath Inhale - Take a deep breath Inhale - Take a drag Inhale - Take a hit Inhale - Take in most of the bar getting hot drink Inhale - Take in popular tipple around hotel Inhale - Take in the air? Inhale - Take in, as air Inhale - Take inspiration at greater manchester village Inhale - Take it all in at home with hot drink Inhale - Take one drag that contains nitrogen Inhale - Take smoke into the lungs Inhale - Take some air Inhale - Take the air in greater manchester town Inhale - Take the air? Inhale - Toke Inhale - Use ones lungs Inhale - Where cheshire people breathe in? Inhale - Wolf down Inhale - Yoga class directive Inhale - Yoga instructor's direction Inhale - Yoga instructor's order