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Fatcat - Big shot

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Fatcat - Contributor of big bucks Fatcat - Big shot Fatcat - Nabob Fatcat - Major contributor Fatcat - Rich dude Fatcat - War chest contributor Fatcat - Fund-raiser's target Fatcat - High roller Fatcat - Pol backer Fatcat - $1,000-a-plate-dinner attendee Fatcat - Wealthy contributor Fatcat - Moneybags Fatcat - Wealth wielder Fatcat - Wealthy sort, slangily Fatcat - Prosperous one Fatcat - Rich contributor Fatcat - One with megabucks Fatcat - Campaign fund feeder Fatcat - Cigar-smoker, stereotypically Fatcat - Influential moneybags Fatcat - Campaign supporter Fatcat - Influential one Fatcat - Plutocratic backer Fatcat - Garfield of cartoons, literally Fatcat - Campaign bankroller Fatcat - Person of influence Fatcat - One of the haves Fatcat - Big backer Fatcat - Influential person Fatcat - Fundraiser's target Fatcat - Deep-pocketed type Fatcat - Cigar smoker, stereotypically Fatcat - Campaign funder Fatcat - Campaign contributor Fatcat - Campaign backer Fatcat - Rich backer Fatcat - Wealthy backer Fatcat - Wealthy vip Fatcat - Wealthy bigwig Fatcat - Biz bigwig Fatcat - One has done so well in a largely feline fashion Fatcat - Rich person or obese feline Fatcat - Wealthy person like obese feline Fatcat - Obese feline for wealthy person Fatcat - Obese feline for rich person Fatcat - Derogatory term for wealthy person Fatcat - Wealthy person like obese beline Fatcat - Obese feline as wealthy person Fatcat - Rich person Fatcat - Wealthy person as obese feline Fatcat - Portly pet - one getting too much bread? Fatcat - Gutless fsa must ultimately tackle wealthy banker, for example Fatcat - Very wealthy person, especially an industrialist Fatcat - Wealthy industrialist Fatcat - Someone (undeservedly?) rich in business Fatcat - Excessively wealthy person Fatcat - Super pac benefactor Fatcat - Tycoon, informally Fatcat - Big shot with the bucks Fatcat - Wealthy one, in slang Fatcat - Powerful businessman from greece reportedly secures jaguar Fatcat - Wealthy man of business, proud owner of a large corporation? Fatcat - Wealthy and powerful person (informal) Fatcat - One wealthy, overpaid Fatcat - Rich man's pampered pet Fatcat - Wealthy businessman Fatcat - Overpaid industrialist Fatcat - Tycoon turning in benevolent act - a first! Fatcat - Magnate looking up contact, after ships Fatcat - Plump jazz fan, he�s very wealthy Fatcat - Overpaid executive given some grief at cathedral Fatcat - Excessively well-rewarded football club leading at double Fatcat - Portly pet -- one getting too much bread? Fatcat - Big cheese Fatcat - Influential politician, note, has rejected diplomacy Fatcat - One with money to burn Fatcat - Powerful businessman from greece told to let it out of the bag Fatcat - Captain of industry Fatcat - Top businessman's overfed pet? Fatcat - Bigwig with big bucks Fatcat - Wealthy campaign donor Fatcat - Moneybags? Fatcat - Big cheese intact after rolling around bags Fatcat - Wealthy political backer Fatcat - Wealthy sort, informally Fatcat - Tycoon's overweight pet?