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Leapt - Went airborne briefly

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Leapt - Sprang Leapt - Went airborne briefly Leapt - Vaulted Leapt - Sprung Leapt - Vaulted over Leapt - Jumped over Leapt - Was a bounder? Leapt - Took the plunge? Leapt - Took off Leapt - Did a jete Leapt - Bounded Leapt - Skyrocketed Leapt - Bailed out Leapt - Jumped Leapt - Expressed uncontained joy Leapt - Acted impulsively Leapt - Eagerly accepted, with "at" Leapt - Reacted with joy Leapt - Took a giant step Leapt - Got off the ground Leapt - Did an axel, e.g Leapt - Pounced (on) Leapt - Took a daring plunge Leapt - Made like a frog Leapt - Hurdled Leapt - Left the ground, in a way Leapt - Made a vault Leapt - Skipped over Leapt - Jumped on plate Leapt - Jumped forward Leapt - Was a bounder Leapt - Jumped from ale, oddly enough, to port Leapt - Moved quickly in field exercise Leapt - Made like a kangaroo Leapt - Left the ground for a moment Leapt - Performed a jeté Leapt - Performed an entrechat Leapt - Proceeded precipitately Leapt - Did an entrechat Leapt - Went for a rebound, say Leapt - Made spring in meadow extremely pleasant Leapt - Father, taken aback in interruption to service, jumped Leapt - Jumped for exercise at the field Leapt - Jumped, sprang Leapt - Jumped a long way Leapt - Was a jumper that's extremely loose suitable? Leapt - Did spring exercises alongside field Leapt - Made spring time to follow such a year Leapt - Bounded where ends of line meet Leapt - Jumped and broke plate Leapt - Jumped in meadow, a form of training Leapt - Bounded, jumped or sprang Leapt - The parisian fitting jumper acted so? Leapt - Spring, in the past, transformed petal Leapt - Flea, half fit, jumped Leapt - Suddenly rose petal gets crushed Leapt - Moved like a kangaroo Leapt - Cleared a hurdle Leapt - Pressure in watercourse jumped Leapt - Didn't reach logically, with "to" Leapt - Sprang into the air Leapt - Hopped Leapt - Bounded, sprang Leapt - Bound to find car momentarily left the ground Leapt - Moved like a frog Leapt - Jumped (var.) Leapt - Left the ground for a bit Leapt - Rose suddenly turned pale and finally wept Leapt - Jumped for joy (var.) Leapt - Jumped for joy (var.)