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Agent - Publicity person

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Agent - Smart or smiley Agent - Mulder of 'the x-files,' for one Agent - Rep Agent - Publicity person Agent - Insurance seller Agent - Insurance worker Agent - Operative Agent - Word with ticket or secret Agent - Ten-percenter Agent - One might get a cut Agent - One getting a cut Agent - Acting ambassador? Agent - Fed Agent - Maxwell smart, for one Agent - See 67-across Agent - Hollywood mover Agent - Contract player? Agent - Word with secret or press Agent - 10% taker Agent - Pawn Agent - Entertainer's representative Agent - Jerry maguire, e.g Agent - Insurance company worker Agent - Ticket seller Agent - Writer's rep Agent - Spy Agent - Powers or smart Agent - 007, for one Agent - Deal maker Agent - Classic tv's 86, for one Agent - Celeb's hiree Agent - Hollywood deal maker Agent - Bond, for one Agent - One who lives on cuts Agent - F.b.i. operative Agent - Insurance guy Agent - Smith, in "the matrix" Agent - Ten percenter Agent - One with a cover story, perhaps Agent - Legman, e.g Agent - One who may make a big deal of it Agent - Star's intermediary Agent - Bond or smart Agent - Home seller's need Agent - Man on a mission? Agent - Star's broker Agent - Cut taker Agent - Actors representative Agent - F.b.i. worker Agent - Deputy Agent - Author's promoter Agent - Broker Agent - One acting on your behalf Agent - He or she may be special Agent - Actor's negotiator Agent - Catalyst Agent - Go-between Agent - Proxy Agent - Bond, for example Agent - Public relations person Agent - Word with free or secret Agent - Secret one Agent - Author's negotiator Agent - Contract bridge? Agent - Talent broker Agent - Insurance broker Agent - Paid go-between Agent - Booker, at times Agent - Bond, e.g Agent - Representative Agent - Insurance promoter Agent - One handling stars Agent - Starlet's hiree Agent - Deal negotiator Agent - One taking cuts Agent - 007, e.g Agent - Word with special or press Agent - Op, so to speak Agent - Many a contract negotiator Agent - Intermediary Agent - Artist's negotiator Agent - Fbi employee Agent - Means Agent - Smart or 99, e.g Agent - Actor's representative Agent - One may be double or free Agent - One with a policy Agent - Hollywood bigwig Agent - Sports negotiator Agent - Maxwell smart's occupation Agent - Ballplayer's rep Agent - Person on a mission Agent - One trying to make a big deal of everything Agent - William morris employee Agent - Professional negotiator Agent - Word with "free" or "press" Agent - Hollywood vip Agent - Cut recipient Agent - Worker at one william morris place Agent - Word with double or free Agent - Hollywood figure Agent - Worker for 15%, say Agent - Instrument Agent - Recipient of an oscar acceptance speech thank-you Agent - 99, e.g Agent - 'entourage' job Agent - Sales rep Agent - "secret ___ man" Agent - Job seeker of a sort Agent - Deal-or-no-deal figure Agent - One may act for an actor Agent - Fbi operative Agent - 99 of 'get smart,' e.g Agent - Provocateur, perhaps Agent - See 11-down Agent - Sales or insurance rep Agent - Irs type Agent - One making the cut? Agent - 15-percenter Agent - Pro's employee Agent - One taking a little off the top? Agent - Chemical ___ Agent - Worker in real estate, e.g Agent - Player's rep Agent - Movie star's rep Agent - One who makes things happen Agent - Gig getter, often Agent - Secret service worker Agent - After 66-across, spy Agent - 86 or 99 Agent - Talent peddler Agent - Counterspy, for one Agent - Actor's business representative Agent - Spy, for one Agent - Secret __ Agent - Actor's rep Agent - One who might help you get the picture Agent - Insurance pusher Agent - "secret ___ man" (johnny rivers hit) Agent - "entourage" character, e.g Agent - Star's rep Agent - Role finder Agent - Contract negotiator Agent - Hollywood type Agent - Hollywood worker Agent - Hollywood sort Agent - Actor's helper Agent - Dealmaker Agent - Actor's aide Agent - Role getter, perhaps Agent - Irs worker Agent - Irs worker Agent - 39-across, e.g Agent - Fbi guy, e.g Agent - G-man, e.g Agent - Athlete's rep Agent - Not the principal one Agent - Person who does business on behalf of another Agent - He or she acts for actors Agent - Word with "free" or "ticket" Agent - Hollywood go-between Agent - Substance that exerts some force or effect Agent - One who acts for another Agent - One paid to be a go-between Agent - He's all right but he's not the principal one Agent - Scully or bond, e.g Agent - See 104-down Agent - Person with a code name, maybe Agent - 7-down, for one Agent - One paid to act as a go-between Agent - Deal go-between Agent - Word with "press" or "double" Agent - Representative for 30-down Agent - *bond, for one Agent - Performer's promoter Agent - See 41-across Agent - Author's representative Agent - Emissary Agent - Business representative for 8-down Agent - Spy has inside information about alternative technology Agent - Get involved with an intermediary Agent - Representative has lifetime with national trust Agent - Tool used time 'n' time again Agent - A fellow advocate Agent - Period with conservationists is a factor Agent - A man's instrument Agent - Vehicle's colour, disregarding extremities Agent - A fellow spy Agent - Get an order for the middleman Agent - Representative - means Agent - One acting on behalf of another Agent - Person acting on behalf of another Agent - Spy - broker Agent - Player's representative Agent - "entourage" job Agent - Ticket counter worker Agent - One does business on behalf of another Agent - Deal sealer Agent - Spy a refined male's mature books Agent - Deal facilitator Agent - Influential sports figure Agent - Word with travel or talent Agent - Athlete's promoter Agent - See 10 Agent - Entertainer's advocate Agent - Singer's advocate Agent - What a star probably has Agent - Spy, perhaps, engaged in gathering information Agent - Dance version of a record, often Agent - One getting cuts Agent - Word with "press," "double" or "free" Agent - One taking a cut Agent - Fifth columnist in bloody battle not taking sides Agent - One juggling stars Agent - One getting a share Agent - Sports pro's rep Agent - Spy discovered hidden in copenhagen telegraph Agent - Sports star's rep Agent - Owner-player go-between Agent - Mole Agent - Free __ Agent - Hollywood rep Agent - Secret __ (spy) Agent - Jerry maguire, notably Agent - Hollywood deal-maker Agent - Commission collector Agent - Fbi worker Agent - One who deals with deals Agent - Athlete's negotiator Agent - Conservationists pursuing time factor Agent - Area officer takes time to identify spy Agent - One's representative Agent - Actor, say, turning up in a book Agent - Delegate has a short time to collect information Agent - Factor, spy Agent - Secret ----- man (johnny rivers/bruce willis) Agent - Traveller finding a nice cove Agent - Spy's information coming in late, after extremists are eradicated Agent - Performer's manager Agent - Negotiator Agent - Double-zero-seven, for example, is a person of breeding Agent - He plays the percentages game Agent - He is in it for the percentages Agent - A well-bred fellow envoy Agent - Instrument needed in a good hospital department Agent - He may have a reputation for being less than a gentleman at the negotiating table Agent - A male factor Agent - A percentages player? Agent - Salesman's deep-red colour, appearing unclothed? Agent - Actors' manager Agent - Rep supplying books on time Agent - Greene's was confidential Agent - Get cracking with an instrument Agent - Conrad's secret Agent - A fellow's instrument Agent - Get an unusually frequent protagonist for len deighton Agent - Business manager runs out of silver Agent - A french dramatist dismissed one english rep Agent - Vehicle that may be secret? Agent - Spy finds a woman's secret testament Agent - Books to get on earlier vehicle Agent - Business person's number of years on the books Agent - One acting for another Agent - Get older kind of contract, a factor in scotland Agent - He could be engaged in collecting information Agent - Hollywood job Agent - Broker discovered in copenhagen tavern Agent - Substance that exerts an effect Agent - Broker uncovered in copenhagen tavern Agent - Secret ___ Agent - Sales pro Agent - One who acts on behalf of another Agent - He's representative of the very best type of man Agent - Mature national trust broker Agent - Middleman Agent - A man who can act? Agent - One representing others Agent - Maturity, not without heart, is a factor Agent - A chap can be a catalyst Agent - Dealer Agent - Spy a good chap Agent - Perhaps fail to get older person acting for another Agent - Rep's time with heritage organisation Agent - Soldier perhaps infiltrated by good english spy Agent - Spy a toff Agent - Get an organising middleman Agent - Decline not in short representative Agent - Ace bloke for being representative Agent - See 22 down Agent - ___ provocateur Agent - F.b.i. employee Agent - Hollywood dealmaker Agent - Talented individual? Agent - Star's go-between Agent - Word after free or press Agent - Insurance or ticket counter employee Agent - Fed, say Agent - Hollywood negotiator Agent - Designated person clearly not an uncouth fellow Agent - Liaison uncovered in copenhagen tavern Agent - Operative finishes off extra mouth-watering ale at nice initial temperature Agent - Owner-player liaison Agent - Ten per cent taker Agent - 'the matrix' bad guy smith who does a really bad job of getting neo auditions Agent - Mi6 member Agent - Mulder of "the x-files" Agent - Representative of answer to half of those in 2 down Agent - Word with "free" or "secret" Agent - Representative given years with bible books Agent - Mole, perhaps Agent - Mature northern actor's third character in rep? Agent - Star seeker? Agent - Secret __: spy Agent - One who helps you find a part? Agent - Spokesperson in contract negotiations, often Agent - Big player on draft day Agent - Baseball's scott boras, notably Agent - Star's dealmaker Agent - G-man or t-man Agent - Contract negotiator, often Agent - Word with "press" or "free" Agent - Government operative Agent - Insurance offerer Agent - 15% taker Agent - Sales department worker Agent - Writer's hiree Agent - Foreigner "___ provocateur" Agent - Foreigner album "___ provocateur" Agent - Johnny rivers "secret ___ man" Agent - Fbi investigator Agent - Représentant Agent - Negotiates musician movie roles Agent - One employed to incite others to commit illegal acts Agent - Dealmaker in hollywood Agent - Insurance rep Agent - Tom cruise role in 'mission: impossible' or 'jerry maguire' Agent - Characters in #hashtag entrance to plant Agent - Gig procurer, often Agent - 'the x-files' extra Agent - "the x-files" extra Agent - Deal negotiator for athletes Agent - Secret service title Agent - Maxwell smart, e.g Agent - Novelist-publisher go-between Agent - 55-across employee Agent - Bond or bonding follower Agent - A set of books taking in extremely gullible representative Agent - Celebrity's go-between Agent - No rain in argentina for plant Agent - Single male representative Agent - Sports go-between Agent - Ticket ___ Agent - Not a female spy Agent - Fifth columnist in argentina dismisses iran Agent - Word after free or double Agent - James bond, e.g Agent - Representative of a fairly hard-working type Agent - A male delegate? Agent - Player-owner intermediary Agent - Spy; service provider Agent - Imprésario Agent - Star's representative Agent - Delegate takes a long time with books Agent - Delegate takes a long time with books