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Orate - Take to the stump

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Orate - Take to the stump Orate - Filibuster, in a way Orate - Magniloquize Orate - Spiel Orate - Declaim Orate - Emulate webster Orate - Be bryanesque Orate - Speechify Orate - Emulate cicero Orate - Hold the floor Orate - Take to the soapbox Orate - Hold forth Orate - Electioneer Orate - Do some campaign work Orate - Speak Orate - Provide an address Orate - Give one's address Orate - Give a speech Orate - Wax eloquent Orate - Sound off Orate - Use a soapbox Orate - Talk pompously Orate - Emulate demosthenes Orate - Spout rhetoric Orate - Take the stump Orate - Captivate the crowd, maybe Orate - Address an audience Orate - Make the keynote address Orate - Address the hall Orate - Pontificate Orate - Speak bombastically Orate - Spout off Orate - Supply an address Orate - Harangue Orate - Play to a c-span camera Orate - Speak from the stump Orate - Speak from a soapbox Orate - Speak in public Orate - Be on a soapbox Orate - Spout for an audience Orate - Deliver from a dais Orate - Preach Orate - Captivate a crowd, perhaps Orate - Be the elocutionist Orate - Address a crowd Orate - Be bombastic Orate - Make an allocution Orate - Make a toast, say Orate - Speak, in a way Orate - Deliver a speech Orate - Recite rhetoric Orate - State your address? Orate - Emulate a valedictorian Orate - Give a valedictory, e.g Orate - Speak to the masses Orate - Get on a soapbox Orate - Speak at length Orate - Sound off, perhaps Orate - Harangue the crowd Orate - Sermonize Orate - Deliver a declamation Orate - Deliver an impassioned presentation Orate - Go on at length Orate - Use the soapbox Orate - Discourse Orate - Get on one's soapbox Orate - Take to the pulpit Orate - Make a speech Orate - Stand up and speak Orate - Stand and deliver? Orate - Valedictorians do it Orate - Elocute Orate - Give a sermon Orate - Deliver a keynote, say Orate - Give an address Orate - Spout from the soapbox Orate - Address the hall, e.g Orate - Speak pompously Orate - Stand up to speak Orate - Deliver a keynote Orate - Speak formally Orate - Speak pompously, e.g Orate - Make a delivery Orate - Give a commencement address, say Orate - Be eloquent, in a way Orate - Use a soapbox, e.g Orate - Speak from the rostrum Orate - Give a keynote, say Orate - Go campaigning, in part Orate - Employ a silver tongue Orate - Deliver a valedictory Orate - Give a keynote Orate - Give a stemwinder Orate - Give a lecture Orate - Mount the soapbox Orate - Deliver an address Orate - Expound Orate - Give one's address? Orate - Get on the soapbox Orate - Make an impressive delivery Orate - Enter a soapbox derby? Orate - Address grandly Orate - Address the convention Orate - Do like demosthenes Orate - Deliver a stemwinder Orate - Avail oneself of a rostrum Orate - Make big speeches Orate - Stand and deliver Orate - Make a delivery? Orate - Speak before throngs Orate - Expound at length Orate - Talk bombastically Orate - Speak like a senator Orate - Speak for the congressional record, say Orate - Provide an address? Orate - Speak grandiloquently Orate - Speak on the stump Orate - Speak at a podium Orate - Address congress, e.g Orate - Hold court Orate - Use the bully pulpit Orate - Speak from a stump Orate - Emote Orate - Address congress Orate - Make like cicero Orate - Wax grandiloquent Orate - Give a 1 across Orate - Give a grand speech Orate - Overcome glossophobia Orate - Speak theatrically Orate - Deliver a formal speech Orate - Be grandiloquent Orate - Speak to one's countrymen Orate - Be ciceronian Orate - Speak in the senate Orate - Spout speeches Orate - Go on the stump Orate - Make a grand speech Orate - Make a delivery, in a way Orate - Talk from the soapbox Orate - Pronounce from a podium Orate - Speak above the crowd? Orate - Speak on c-span, say Orate - Address the crowd Orate - Speak for everyone in the room Orate - Take the podium Orate - Lecture, e.g Orate - Speak in hyde park Orate - Make addresses Orate - Emulate clay Orate - Make speeches Orate - Give addresses Orate - Take to a soapbox Orate - Speak from the soapbox Orate - Preach, maybe Orate - Preach, e.g Orate - How one might make a speech or swallowed it Orate - Make a flowery speech Orate - That's no sort of speed, in a manner of speaking Orate - Make a speech or had a meal Orate - Declaim or rant Orate - Expect to be the living spit of this, in a manner of speaking Orate - No speed for this, in a manner of speaking Orate - Round that way of speed to make a speech Orate - Climb up on a soapbox Orate - Speak from the podium Orate - Speak in a pompous manner Orate - Speak with style Orate - Spout forth Orate - Be bombastic, perhaps Orate - Speak for everyone in the room? Orate - Address the throng Orate - Give out one's address? Orate - Stump the crowd? Orate - Communicate like a cicero or a lawrence Orate - In search for a teapot spout Orate - Gold blend tea in spout Orate - Give an address or a note Orate - Declaim about vat on bread? Orate - Jack turns up during old english lecture Orate - Flowery, but not new, talk Orate - Speak for a team selection Orate - Harangue, giving actor a terrible part Orate - No fixed charge for spout? Orate - Hold forth of the cost of a ring? Orate - Speak pompously at length Orate - Make a formal speech Orate - Speak pompously and at length Orate - Speak like cicero? Orate - Fancy losing new address! Orate - Make grand statements Orate - Spout off on a soapbox Orate - Address congress, say Orate - What the priest does is nothing at this rate Orate - Speak publicly Orate - Make a big speech Orate - Practice public speaking Orate - Grandstand, say Orate - Speak grandly Orate - Speak to the senate, say Orate - Like birds of prey Orate - Even board members, having dined, give a speech Orate - Spout from the dais Orate - Give a big speech Orate - Speak eloquently Orate - Preach, say Orate - Spout Orate - Make a pompous speech Orate - 1968 beatles hit Orate - Speak to the people? Orate - Supply one's moving address? Orate - Give a valedictory Orate - Speak with pomp Orate - Address the assembly Orate - Wax bombastic Orate - Mount a soap box Orate - Sound off in the senate, e.g Orate - Make speech from floor at egm Orate - Speak out for alternative tea-break Orate - Speak in florid style, using no note Orate - Stain finally removed from flowery spout Orate - Charge nothing at first to make a speech Orate - Make speech in part of actor at elsinore Orate - Give speech Orate - Speak in florid style, ignoring note Orate - Give a formal address Orate - Make speech about traitor in old english Orate - How cicero would speak (at zero speed) Orate - Make a speech that's florid but not new Orate - No charge, presumably, so to speak Orate - Speaker may appeal to class Orate - There's nothing left to tax but talk ! Orate - Lecture means nothing to class Orate - Speak at length, having nothing to consider Orate - Start, after getting shot of one drink, to talk at length Orate - Auden wrote of those who do Orate - Soldiers worried to speak out Orate - Furnish an address Orate - Order judge to make a pompous speech Orate - What 7 down will do in debate Orate - Preach, perhaps Orate - Talk formally Orate - Make speech, and spit? expect not Orate - Speak of nothing with class Orate - Talk or alternatively, eat Orate - Love speed, and so speak out Orate - Hold forth - previous definition's not new Orate - Hold forth gold blend tea Orate - Charge nothing up front to make a speech Orate - Harangue makes men fed up Orate - Talk of having a roundabout at the inside Orate - Erato (anag.) Orate - Speak of love and class Orate - Make a speech on zero tax Orate - Harangue from old judge Orate - Spout issues yellow tea possibly Orate - Talk of love with tear being shed Orate - Declaim goddess swapping characters left and right Orate - Talk from rector at easter Orate - Note lost in overwritten lecture Orate - Speak out over speed Orate - Old judge to make a speech Orate - Speak for traitor held in empty office Orate - Lecture excited 27 Orate - Make a lengthy speech Orate - Love to put a value on talk Orate - Speak, though angry, having love for italy Orate - Old judge to make a pompous speech Orate - Emulate pericles Orate - Speak at zero speed Orate - Give a keynote address Orate - Speak with bombast Orate - Deliver an impassioned speech Orate - Give a mighty speech Orate - Harangue over tax Orate - Offer addresses Orate - Emulate isocrates Orate - Lecture free of charge, some might think? Orate - Highly decorated knight taken away to make a speech Orate - Give a keynote, e.g Orate - Give a formal speech Orate - Make speech Orate - Take the floor Orate - Deliver a speech from the floor at eleven Orate - Speak to a large crowd Orate - Deliver addresses Orate - Offer an address Orate - Captivate a crowd with words Orate - Turned up tips for the best toheroa: "souper" so to speak Orate - Deliver a stump speech Orate - Spread wisdom as people should let me do more often Orate - Captivate the crowd with words Orate - Speak from a podium Orate - Speak out for zero taxation? Orate - Give a long-winded talk Orate - Emulate lincoln Orate - Word from the latin for "pray" Orate - A bundle picked up and taken away from detailed talk Orate - Use a lectern Orate - Interminable vocal tirade's empty harangue Orate - Speak like clay or bryan Orate - Lecture delivered by mayor at election Orate - Old judge to say a few words Orate - Make use of speakers' corner, say Orate - Publicly hold forth Orate - Address a convention Orate - Speak like cicero Orate - Get a banquet going, perhaps Orate - Give a loud speech to many Orate - One might do it from a soapbox Orate - Give a valedictory, say Orate - Give the keynote address Orate - Speak from a lectern Orate - Speak to a crowd Orate - Stump the audience? Orate - Stand and deliver, perhaps Orate - Make a delivery to the masses Orate - Keynote, e.g Orate - Make a speech about sailor in old english Orate - Talk while stationary Orate - Give a windy speech Orate - Appeal to the masses? Orate - Talk with style Orate - Give address that's fancy, not new Orate - Men scoffed after harangue Orate - Campaign, in part Orate - Present an address Orate - Speak publicly about zero tax Orate - Wax lyrically to old judge Orate - Love and admire discourse Orate - Give a keynote address, e.g