Plea - S.o.s., in essence

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  • Plea - Letter on P
  • 1 - st. word P
  • 2 - st. word L
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word A

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Plea - 'not guilty,' e.g Plea - Emotional request Plea - Tell it to the judge Plea - Entreaty Plea - A prisoner may enter one Plea - It may be entered in a court Plea - Request Plea - 'save me!,' e.g Plea - Nolo contendere, e.g Plea - Defendant's entry Plea - 'guilty,' e.g Plea - 'don't hurt me!,' for one Plea - Fund-raising letter, e.g Plea - Defendant's part of the bargain? Plea - Type of bargain Plea - One's pretext Plea - Kind of bargain Plea - Request for help Plea - Defendant's request Plea - Arraignment offering Plea - "not guilty," e.g Plea - Court action Plea - Topic of bargaining Plea - Earnest entreaty Plea - "no contest," e.g Plea - 'let me go!' e.g Plea - Supplication Plea - Answer to a charge Plea - Courtroom entry Plea - "remember the less fortunate," e.g Plea - Response to a charge Plea - "remember the neediest," e.g Plea - Not guilty by reason of insanity, e.g Plea - Something copped Plea - It's bargained before the bench Plea - 'do it just for me,' e.g Plea - "not guilty," for example Plea - It's entered in court Plea - Defendant's statement Plea - Bargain type Plea - Petition Plea - 'nolo,' for instance Plea - 'guilty' or 'not guilty' Plea - Guilty can be one Plea - You might cop one? Plea - Court response Plea - It is subject to bargaining Plea - Bit of begging Plea - Nolo, for example Plea - Courtroom statement Plea - Court offering Plea - Defendant's response Plea - One is often copped Plea - "marry me!" e.g Plea - Accused's answer Plea - Go nolo contendere Plea - Answer to a judge Plea - "can i? huh?" for one Plea - 'give me another chance,' e.g Plea - Statement to a judge Plea - Court statement Plea - It may be copped Plea - Bargaining factor Plea - 'can i? huh?' for one Plea - Not guilty, for one Plea - Many a prayer Plea - S o s, basically Plea - "not guilty," for one Plea - Legal move Plea - 'put me in, coach!,' e.g Plea - 'spare me!,' e.g Plea - "no contest," for one Plea - It may be copped by a perp Plea - Earnest request Plea - Nolo condendere, e.g Plea - Insanity, at times Plea - Response to a judge Plea - Defendant's answer Plea - Type of agreement Plea - Court event Plea - Not guilty, e.g Plea - Legal entry Plea - Fund-raising letter, basically Plea - Arraignment part Plea - Something to cop Plea - Appeal Plea - Innocent, for one Plea - Court motion Plea - Result of some bargaining Plea - 'not guilty,' for one Plea - 'don't hurt me!,' e.g Plea - "not guilty" is one Plea - S.o.s., in essence Plea - "let my people go," e.g Plea - Arraignment follower Plea - Nolo contendere, for one Plea - See 7-across Plea - Video from a kidnappee's family, e.g Plea - Self-defense, e.g Plea - 'not guilty by reason of mental defect,' e.g Plea - One may be copped Plea - Nolo, e.g. (m) Plea - Statement of guilt or innocence Plea - Bargaining topic Plea - One may be entered in court Plea - Court activity Plea - Defendant's declaration Plea - __ bargain: court deal Plea - Humble request Plea - Urgent request Plea - Arraignment response Plea - Guilty, in court Plea - 'help!,' e.g Plea - It may be copped in court Plea - It might be copped by a perp Plea - S o s, e.g Plea - "put me in, coach," e.g Plea - "do it just for me," e.g Plea - Not guilty, for example Plea - Subject of some bargaining Plea - Judge's hearing Plea - Courtroom bargain Plea - Courtroom response Plea - Guilty, e.g Plea - ___ bargain (legal stratagem) Plea - Fervent request Plea - It's entered in a courtroom Plea - Subject of a court bargain Plea - Defensive maneuver Plea - Defense statement Plea - Court entry Plea - Answer in court Plea - 's o s,' e.g Plea - __ bargaining Plea - Formal courtroom statement Plea - Court declaration Plea - Defendant statement Plea - Result of some court bargaining Plea - ___ bargain Plea - ___ bargain (court deal) Plea - -- -bargain Plea - Thing entered in court Plea - That sure would be nice, coming from counsel Plea - The joke is that you get to santry after this request Plea - Formal statement of guilty or not guilty Plea - No contest, for one Plea - Petition or supplication Plea - This request sure would be a delight Plea - Nice to remark this at santry for a request Plea - __ bargain Plea - "can i? can i? can i?" e.g Plea - Courtroom declaration Plea - Earnest appeal Plea - Guilty or not guilty Plea - Lawsuit provides uncertain gratification Plea - Gratification uncertain with this excuse Plea - Copperfield may be guilty Plea - Appeal of mountain climbing in the east Plea - Appeal - with bargaining? Plea - Excuse - appeal Plea - Request - appeal Plea - Appeal - excuse Plea - (and 14) enjoyment - gratification Plea - Defence - excuse - appeal Plea - Answer made by the accused to the charge Plea - Excuse - pretext Plea - "guilty," for one Plea - "give me another chance," e.g Plea - "have mercy on me!" e.g Plea - "don't hurt me!" e.g Plea - Jump over legal term perhaps Plea - Guilty, for example Plea - Court answer Plea - Heartfelt request Plea - Office worker admits foreign article is excuse Plea - "guilty" or "not guilty" Plea - Cry for help Plea - 'no more!,' e.g Plea - It may be a bargain Plea - 'have mercy!,' e.g Plea - Arraignment statement Plea - "don't hurt me!" for one Plea - 20 across, for one Plea - Bargaining focus Plea - Michael portillo's entertaining ex post facto excuse Plea - "guilty," e.g Plea - 'sos!,' e.g Plea - Court position Plea - "have mercy on me," e.g Plea - Court claim Plea - Answer from the accused Plea - Ardent request Plea - 'nolo contendere,' e.g Plea - Call for energy in mountain climb Plea - Self-defense, for one Plea - "nolo contendere," e.g Plea - 'don't shoot!,' e.g Plea - Court appeal Plea - No end of a crease in suit Plea - To provide satisfaction, be sure to put on this suit Plea - Jeremy bentham's was for the constitution Plea - Request fold to be trimmed Plea - Request prelude for piano by field Plea - Joy not certain in prayer Plea - Intercession Plea - Guilty, perhaps, of purloining little, everyday articles, initially Plea - Half-amusing excuse Plea - Statement in court sure lacking in good feeling Plea - Suit a source of joy? not sure Plea - Urgent entreaty Plea - Excuse learner cutting vegetable Plea - Where flock may be following pastor's lead in prayer? Plea - Appeal as crease is not quite made Plea - Guilty perhaps, having eviscerated paul and emma Plea - 's o s!,' e.g Plea - Subject of bargaining Plea - Court proceeding Plea - Defendant's declaration at an arraignment Plea - Entreaty of copperfield? Plea - Request some simple advice Plea - Excuse, entreaty Plea - Leap (anag.) Plea - Excuse Plea - Excuse to raise a hand in the east end? Plea - Request something enjoyable? not sure Plea - Turn pale -- possibly being guilty Plea - Pretext israel propounds for partial retreat Plea - Excuse uncertain pleasure Plea - Turn pale -- guilty perhaps? Plea - Request made by quiet star without director Plea - Appeal, as kent's tail-ender leaves crease Plea - Appeal of quiet meadow Plea - Request quiet, wanting heavy metal curtailed Plea - Some people always can make request Plea - Request that cuts enjoyment by half Plea - Type of deal before a judge Plea - Humble request for help Plea - Nolo contendre, for one Plea - Fold clipped in suit Plea - Desperate request from pale sort Plea - Something urged Plea - Cop a ___ Plea - 'help me, obi-wan kenobi,' e.g Plea - Reply of the accused Plea - "don't hurt me," for one Plea - "not guilty," for instance Plea - Request for help, e.g Plea - Legal action Plea - Intense request Plea - 100-down, for one Plea - "have mercy," e.g Plea - Adjuration Plea - Plenty Plea - Excuse of little creature quiet rather than loud Plea - Formal petition Plea - Urgent request from top leaders or people appointed Plea - Casserole bit ['guilty,' e.g.] Plea - Excuse; petition Plea - Call for help Plea - Lightly char Plea - Like arctic winters Plea - Result of a court bargain Plea - 'no contest,' for one Plea - Arraignment entry Plea - Insanity, in a courtroom Plea - Negotiation between prosecutor and defendant Plea - Urgent call Plea - Sentence shortener, at times Plea - Guilty, for one Plea - Defendant's reply Plea - "spare me!" e.g Plea - Not guilty, often Plea - Regularly applies to be seen with a petition Plea - Suit has short fold Plea - 'guilty,' for example Plea - "don't hurt me," e.g Plea - Risked a ticket Plea - "don't hurt me!" is one Plea - "absolutely not guilty!" e.g Plea - Insanity, in court Plea - 'listen!,' e.g Plea - Prayer Plea - 'not guilty,' often Plea - 'save yourself!,' e.g Plea - Statement from the accused Plea - It may affect a sentence Plea - 'spare me!,' for one Plea - Message from the red cross, maybe Plea - "please let me go!" e.g Plea - Copperfield's taken in two parts -- one could be guilty Plea - Response to a charge, in court Plea - Pressure on regulars in illegal action Plea - Prayer, e.g Plea - Temporary insanity, e.g Plea - Offering to a judge Plea - Excuse; entreaty Plea - Fold in garment cut for suit Plea - Result of bargaining, perhaps Plea - "spare me" or "not guilty" Plea - Part of a bargain, maybe
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S.o.s., in essence (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - s.o.s., in essence. word on "P". 1 - st. letter P. 2 - st. letter L. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter A.

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