Flu - Tough bug

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  • Flu - Letter on F
  • 1 - st. word F
  • 2 - st. word L
  • 3 - st. word U

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Flu - Winter bug Flu - Winter woe Flu - Bug Flu - Asian ___ Flu - Kind of shot Flu - Kind of bug Flu - Grippe Flu - Winter ailment Flu - Shot target Flu - Reason for a shot in the arm? Flu - Short winter illness Flu - It might give you chills Flu - Sneeze's cause, perhaps Flu - Blue ___ (cops' sickout) Flu - Runny nose cause Flu - Certain strain Flu - Winter worry Flu - Cold-weather ailment Flu - Winter bane Flu - Sore throat producer Flu - Viral affliction Flu - Winter malady Flu - Type of vaccine Flu - (the) bug Flu - Some people are shot because of it Flu - Avian ___ Flu - Why you need a shot in the arm? Flu - Avian menace Flu - Bird ___ Flu - One cause of absence Flu - Viral trouble Flu - Scourge of 1918 Flu - More than a cold Flu - It may be going around Flu - Vaccine target Flu - Winter health woe Flu - Asian or hong kong illness Flu - 1918-19 scourge Flu - "asian" bug Flu - Cause of chills Flu - Winter scourge Flu - Achy affliction Flu - Kind of season Flu - Cold kin Flu - Tough bug Flu - Possible work force reducer Flu - Major wwi killer Flu - Cause of many a sick day Flu - Reason to stay in bed Flu - Reason for a shot Flu - Reason to take a sick day Flu - Sick-day cause Flu - It may be avian Flu - Pandemic disease of 1918 Flu - Yuppie ___ (chronic fatigue syndrome) Flu - Bug with its own season Flu - Pandemic of 1918 Flu - Bug that leaves you weak Flu - Bug with two homonyms Flu - Seasonal affliction Flu - Debilitating bug Flu - Target of some shots Flu - H1n1, e.g Flu - Swine ___ Flu - It might be going around Flu - __ shot Flu - What some shots prevent Flu - It may be prevented with a shot Flu - Swine __ Flu - World health organization concern Flu - Viral illness Flu - H1n1 virus, e.g Flu - W.h.o. concern Flu - Word after blue or bird Flu - Bug with its own season? Flu - Who concern Flu - Cold's kin Flu - Common viral infection Flu - Cause of chills and fever Flu - Seasonal illness Flu - Seasonal malady Flu - Fever cause Flu - Winter woe ... Flu - Viral ailment Flu - Not just a sniffle Flu - Winter affliction Flu - Sick-day excuse Flu - Wintertime woe Flu - Wintertime ailment Flu - H1n1, for example Flu - H1n1 ailment Flu - Fever source Flu - Shot's target? Flu - Type of shot Flu - Influenza, in short Flu - Winter disease, awfully avian Flu - A bad winter bug Flu - In brief, winter illness Flu - Common winter bug Flu - 'an epidemic was flying around, by the sound of it (3)' Flu - 14 down on the wing, by the sound of it Flu - It might make you go 'achoo!' Flu - Workforce reducer Flu - Ague Flu - Winter sickness Flu - ___ symptoms Flu - Viral malady Flu - Affliction formerly called the grippe Flu - Viral infection Flu - Unwelcome asian export Flu - Seasonal strain Flu - It's worse than a cold Flu - Blue __: certain strike action Flu - Bird __ Flu - It might keep you in bed Flu - Viral misery Flu - Winter illness Flu - Cold and ___ season Flu - Seasonal bug Flu - Swine or bird -- Flu - Viral disease Flu - Pandemic during world war i Flu - Common winter illness Flu - Debilitating winter ailment Flu - Something you might get shot for? Flu - The grippe, now Flu - Epidemic brought back from the gulf Flu - ___ shot Flu - H1n1, for instance Flu - Midwinter malady Flu - Type of shot taken in winter Flu - Ailment with a "season" Flu - Sick-day reason Flu - No mere cold Flu - December danger Flu - Blue ___ (cops' sick-out) Flu - Viral infection (colloq.) Flu - Influenza Flu - Disease didn't travel via ostrich, they say Flu - Mild infection Flu - Common ailment Flu - Common infection Flu - Infection passed on quickly, they say Flu - Swine -; gastric - Flu - Disease Flu - Feel extremely unwell in the head with this? Flu - Bird or asian Flu - Wintertime bug Flu - Shortened word for a viral cold Flu - An infection Flu - ___ season Flu - Cold-weather bug Flu - It goes around in winter Flu - Annual winter outbreak Flu - Infection reduced and passed quickly, from what we hear Flu - Some superfluous complaint Flu - Contagious disease Flu - Blue or yuppie follower Flu - Common reason for absence Flu - Cold cousin Flu - Bug that thrives in winter Flu - ___ bug Flu - Asian __ Flu - Nasty bug Flu - Cdc concern Flu - Target of fall shots Flu - School attendance drop-off cause Flu - Cause of chills, perhaps Flu - Wintertime vaccine target Flu - Virus that can be passed through kissing!!! watch out Flu - Concern of a global who program Flu - Bug that's not hard to catch Flu - Common cause for sick days Flu - Word before shot or season Flu - Source of unwelcome strains Flu - Annual vaccine target Flu - It might give you the chills Flu - Winter weakener Flu - Seasonal ailment Flu - Certain bug Flu - Seasonal shot's enemy Flu - Focus of a yearly shot Flu - Bug that thrives in the winter Flu - Cold-weather illness Flu - 1918 worldwide health threat Flu - Common disease Flu - Reason for a yearly shot Flu - Target of annual shots Flu - Illness worst than a cold Flu - Cold weather ailment Flu - Something bad to come down with Flu - Fever-causing illness Flu - Seasonal woe Flu - Minor ailment Flu - Frequent winter ailment Flu - "24-hour" ailment Flu - Rushed from auditory complaint Flu - Viral cold Flu - Cause of fever
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Tough bug (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - tough bug. word on "F". 1 - st. letter F. 2 - st. letter L. 3 - st. letter U.

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