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Lapdog - Pomeranian, for one

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Lapdog - 8-down, for one Lapdog - A coin cast in gold recollected favourite animal Lapdog - A small pampered canine Lapdog - A small pet canine Lapdog - American cops off with females leaving german poodle Lapdog - Being above all a friend to take around a little pet Lapdog - Compact canine Lapdog - Convict retains power to deceive pom, for one Lapdog - Cuddly companion Lapdog - Devoted figure backing hero after drink Lapdog - Divine companion upset coddled creature Lapdog - Docile devoted person Lapdog - Does this pet fall when you rise? Lapdog - Drink before party with good person tagging along Lapdog - Eg pekinese Lapdog - Faithful type with deity buddy up Lapdog - Friend back with pet - a pampered one Lapdog - Friend climbing cairn, perhaps one that's walked all over? Lapdog - Friend gets up to chase pet Lapdog - Friend is back with pet -- a pampered one Lapdog - Friend turning to follow pet Lapdog - Get a full circuit ahead of a greyhound! Lapdog - Great dane it's not Lapdog - Greyhound is a pampered pet Lapdog - Have a drink, little pet Lapdog - Household pet Lapdog - How to encourage the spoilt little pet to drink? Lapdog - How to encourage your pet pooch to drink Lapdog - Infatuated by another boxer to beat from the start Lapdog - Infatuated person - small docile pet Lapdog - Little pampered pet Lapdog - Maltese, e.g Lapdog - Man's friend rejected one of man's more diminutive best friends Lapdog - Much petted pet Lapdog - Once around with pup in someone else¿s pocket Lapdog - One readily submitting overambitious encouragement to greyhound? Lapdog - Paid nothing to feed prisoner's best friend? Lapdog - Pampered pet Lapdog - Pampered pet - sycophantic sidekick Lapdog - Peke or pom Lapdog - Peke or pug Lapdog - Peke or yorkie Lapdog - Peke, e.g Lapdog - Pekingese or chihuahua Lapdog - Pekingese or shih tzu Lapdog - Pet -- one worshipped friend, jumping up Lapdog - Pet greyhound? Lapdog - Pet to lick tail? Lapdog - Pomeranian or pekinese Lapdog - Pomeranian, e.g Lapdog - Pomeranian, for one Lapdog - Pooch that perches Lapdog - Poodle (but it isn't) turning up as heavenly friend? Lapdog - Porta-pooch? Lapdog - Scoundrel after drink for pet Lapdog - Servile follower Lapdog - Servile person; pet Lapdog - Setback for ambition to engage paid lackey Lapdog - Shameless yes-man Lapdog - Shih tzu, e.g Lapdog - Single-circuit track? pet covers it Lapdog - Small canine Lapdog - Small canine -- greyhound perhaps? Lapdog - Small pampered pet Lapdog - Small pampered pooch Lapdog - Small pet Lapdog - Small pet - sycophant Lapdog - Small pet canine Lapdog - Small pet-canine Lapdog - Small pooch Lapdog - Small, docile pet Lapdog - Stuck in cat-flap, do grannies notice pet? Lapdog - Submissive type, paid nothing, taken in by con Lapdog - Sycophant Lapdog - Sycophant backing ally's party - good Lapdog - Sycophant like small canine Lapdog - The 28 down that one encourages to have a drink Lapdog - The way to encourage the spoilt little thing to drink? Lapdog - Toady Lapdog - Toady given a small coin in wrought gold Lapdog - Toy, perhaps Lapdog - Very small canine pet Lapdog - What 46-down totally isn't Lapdog - Yes-man's kin Lapdog - Yorkie, for example