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Damp - Extinguish

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Damp - Extinguish Damp - Dewy Damp - Still drying Damp - Like many a cellar Damp - Not all wet? Damp - Like towel-dried hair Damp - In need of dehumidification Damp - Nearing the dew point Damp - Steamy Damp - Humid Damp - Drizzly Damp - Somewhat moist Damp - Not all wet Damp - Somewhat wet Damp - Clammy Damp - Requiring more time in the dryer Damp - Moist Damp - Lessen in force Damp - Like some basements Damp - Wettish Damp - Soggy Damp - Bedewed Damp - Slightly wet Damp - Slightly moist Damp - Moisture Damp - Like many basements Damp - A little wet Damp - Subject to mildew, perhaps Damp - Not quite dry Damp - Stop from vibrating, as a piano string Damp - Not quite drenched Damp - Deaden, in acoustics Damp - Reduce the vibration of Damp - A bit wet Damp - Affected by drizzling Damp - Slightly soggy Damp - Not fully dry Damp - Deaden by wrapping Damp - A bit moist Damp - Favorable for mildew Damp - Needing more time in the dryer Damp - Deaden acoustically Damp - Not dry Damp - Like some cellars Damp - Like a wrung-out dishrag Damp - Somewhat soggy Damp - Like freshly washed hair Damp - A little bit wet Damp - To get your old man into the house, just add a little water Damp - Father is a bit of a wet in the house Damp - 500 ampere, with the aid of a little water Damp - A 500 ampere way with a little water Damp - See 22 Damp - (slightly) wet Damp - In need of a dehumidifier Damp - Like morning grass, typically Damp - A little wet in current flowing from delta Damp - Stifle Damp - Not quite soaked Damp - Stop flow before 9 becomes wet Damp - Rising -, tv sitcom Damp - Sawdust-ordering conditions? Damp - Conditions to encourage the quickies Damp - Sawdust conditions? Damp - Unenthusiastic Damp - Rather moist Damp - Like many caves Damp - Moderately moist Damp - Wet to the touch Damp - A bit wet, is soft on mother Damp - Discouraging when it isn't completely dry Damp - Moist air Damp - Wet politician behind prosecutor Damp - Drizzly day before noon, beginning to pour later Damp - Start doubting a parliamentarian is wet Damp - Extremely enthusiastic about power or unenthusiastic Damp - Discourage current measure supporting source of debt Damp - Have calming effect on power-crazed uprising Damp - Moisture uncovered in amsterdam palace Damp - Deaden, as a piano string Damp - Rivers cuomo "cold and ___" Damp - Like humid fest Damp - In need of more air time? Damp - Shy of dry Damp - Kinda wet Damp - Not ready to come out of the dryer, say Damp - Notice rising politician, moderate Damp - Not soaked yet Damp - Calm down introduction to dialogue by speaker Damp - Slighty wet Damp - Like cellars, typically Damp - Cracked up over power affected by bad weather? Damp - Notice retiring politician's a bit wet