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Attendant - Cupbearer, for one

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Attendant - Cupbearer, for one Attendant - Helper, aide Attendant - If there's a fellow with `er, one such as this may be needed Attendant - Will that serve to get a nondrinker to kill the insect? Attendant - This served to make a teetotaller insecticidal Attendant - This will serve to make a teetotaller insecticidal Attendant - One will serve for a race to finish an insect Attendant - One may be waiting to be a teetotaller and be insecticidal Attendant - One who waits upon Attendant - Person present as companion or servant Attendant - Come ten o'clock, this is the one to bring daniel a little tea Attendant - One will serve not to drink but to kill the insect Attendant - Company employed at 10 by non-english poet Attendant - A page in the register of marriages? Attendant - One in waiting for worker supporting a dry purpose Attendant - Accompanying - custodian Attendant - Servant Attendant - Turn up with a six-footer as escort Attendant - Aide Attendant - The waiter, a sober worker, receiving a tip Attendant - One present to guide, help Attendant - Waiter brought a dry, and to finish, a new tokay at first Attendant - Turn up with a six-footer escort Attendant - Servant; accompanying Attendant - Prufrock felt he was such a lord Attendant - Assistant Attendant - Accompanying; servant Attendant - A gent finally meets nurse, worker becoming escort Attendant - Page in book brought into shelter at first Attendant - A nurse after time with worker and follower Attendant - Page Attendant - Servant of turandot ends in andante movement Attendant - Lady-in-waiting Attendant - Servant, a sober worker, receives tip Attendant - Page, e.g Attendant - Escort nurse pinched by workers, the leader being nameless Attendant - Waiter quite slowly cut drinks off the booze tab Attendant - Escort coming in at 10 (danish time)